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  1. This thing with Cilic and his racket stringing issues is bizarre and something I've never seen before. Just weird.
  2. He has one, US Open. He, like many of this generation, are talented enough to have won more imo, except that Federer happened to them.
  3. If I could have any shot in the history of tennis, serve or groundstroke, it would be Federer's backhand. It's a thing of beauty and my favorite groundstroke to watch since Kafelnikov's backhand (favorite serve to watch is/was obviously Pete's to this day). I could never hit a backhand and have always admired those who could.
  4. I watched the Wozniacki match early on when she saved some match points, great comeback. So far Chung and his blisters from hell have put up more of a fight than Cilic vs. Federer through 1. #20 incoming it appears, Fed is just on another level.
  5. I was wrong, Chung is looking like a walkover after 1 set. It was a decent run though.
  6. I've watched each of Chung's matches since the 3rd round. Djokovic was hurting but it was also no fluke that this kid beat him, he's got game. I don't think he'll beat Federer but also didn't think he'd beat Djokovic. It's going to be a fun semi.
  7. but not everybody's penis is as big as yours
  8. Anyone see that Roddick threw away nearly all his trophies? (kept the US Open cup) I did the same thing after HS, threw away a couple state titles and all the rest. No regrets.
  9. I was there snapping selfies of the 3 of us right after the delivery when the nurse shouted at me "put the phone down and help!" (with the clean up and stuff I guess?) Is that normal?
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