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  1. Yeah. trying to decide between Goedert and Smith right now. As of now, I'm sticking with Goedert. Coin-flip.
  2. MVS is the obvious choice. I'd go with Pittman Jr. outperforming TY though.
  3. I'm assuming that he is sitting. But if he does play, I don't think I'd have the cajones to roll with him unless my other options were complete bottom of the barrel WR4's.
  4. Yup. The rest of my league went LV/MIN. I went from thinking I was gonna win my entire league to being the only one kicked out. Infuriating.
  5. I have SEA, MIN, LV to choose from. I think I'll save SEA for next week and hope LV pulls it out but I'll be nervous. Not trusting MIN v. JAX. Edit: Screw that. This late into the season, I can't look ahead. SEA it is!
  6. I have a Julio v. Chark decision to make. I think Chark has a great game in a potential high scoring/back & forth game but if Julio plays, I can't bring myself to bench him.
  7. Haven't yet and won't bench Moore unless I was in a 10 team league or less with much better options.
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