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  1. I like how the outraged workers basically lived up to the stereotype that he described in his book.
  2. Scoop: Joel Greenberg to reveal that Matt Gaetz snorted cocaine with paid escort who was one of 15+ women Gaetz paid for sex
  3. I hadn't really considered this parallel before, and I don't think I agree with it. Goldwater was a highly ideological candidate, but he was well within the bounds of what's normal in American politics. Reagan was basically Goldwater 2.0, and if the GOP was still friendly to Goldwaterism I might be more closely aligned with that party. Instead, the GOP is just a personality cult built around Trump, and Trump is one of the more un-ideological political figures to come along in recent memory. Also, Nixon is not a good parallel to Trump. They both got impeached, of cour
  4. The thoughtful conservatives are still going to (mostly) vote R, though. Just like they did in '68 after the Goldwater thing. They have nowhere else to go.
  5. You should read the piece posted by @rockaction above. The reports of the Republican Party's demise are greatly exaggerated.
  6. 140 officers injured. There was a time when Republicans felt outrage when 140 police officers were injured.
  7. I think you're giving too much credit to Trump and not enough "credit" to the people who support him. (And before you MAGA guys reach for the Like button, that's not a compliment!)
  8. faxzero.com fax.plus gotfreefax.com myfax.com faxburner.com All offer free fax services. Beware of the free trial period, though. That's where they get ya.
  9. Fair enough. To illustrate my point in a different way... From 1991-2015, Republicans staunchly led the way in terms of defending the various Iraq & Afghanistan wars. Then Trump comes along and waves his hand, and suddenly it's OK for Republicans to admit that maybe there was no yellowcake after all. Speaking of which, remember when Republicans never criticized veterans? John McCain says Hi. And remember Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment? Liz Cheney and a hundred of her colleagues say Hi. As for the church, it's true that Trump rode the evangelical wave to power and
  10. I suggest The Southwick Jog. Any place called a "jog" can't be all bad.
  11. Instead of playing the whataboutism/deflection game, feel free to address the following: Trump has had the magic ability to convince his followers to turn against institutions, people, and beliefs that conservatives used to habitually support -- the police, the military, free trade, fellow Republicans, etc.
  12. He was still riding a bike at 81? Wow. I hope when I'm 81 I can still ride a bike.
  13. "Hangar 18" was one of the classics of my youth. Also, he was Caretaker in the original "Longest Yard".
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