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  1. I that statue They should let people tape $$ on it like the Virgin Mary at festivals LOL
  2. You proclaimed that Sicknick's death wasn't caused by the riot. It's a direct contradiction of law enforcement statements. Cloaking the attack in media criticism doesn't change that.
  3. Who was the Democrat that said he had put together the biggest voter fraud organization in history? They should get together and hang out. Probably have. If you have to use a slip of the tongue to make your case, it's usually a sign that the case wasn't very strong and that you should gracefully bow out of the discussion. I mean, you may as well have said Who was the Democrat who claimed there were 57 states?
  4. Who are we doxing? A public official that put out false information that caused more unrest in the public. From what I understand, that's an impeachable offense according to you. Well, you're kind of proving my point here. You want to go after cops because you feel that "unrest" was caused? That's really dangerous rhetoric. Who gets to decide what "unrest" is, anyway? If one guy claims he feels unrest, but another guy claims he doesn't, do they cancel each other out? What if we dox a cop and that leads to even more unrest? Nonetheless, I do agree that the media has an obligation
  5. When it's shown that a source lied, then they no longer need to be anonymous. "Law enforcement officials" also don't need to be anonymous when reporting a public incident. Who's identity are we hiding here? There are many legitimate reasons for "law enforcement officials" to justifiably remain anonymous when sourcing information. The very fact that keyboard warriors think it's no big deal to dox sources is one of them.
  6. Republicans were fine with voting on Sundays for years. Then they lost 2 Senate seats. Now suddenly they don't want to allow voting on Sundays anymore. And they've offered no rationale or data showing that Sunday voting is somehow less secure than voting on other days.
  7. The issue, IMO, is that people are not just questioning the NYT; they're calling the police liars. And they're hiding behind the tired "bash the mainstream media" trope to do it.
  8. It's hilarious how the initial absurd statement "the riot killed him" is based on a lie and has no evidence to back it up but continues to be defended as if it was true. You're jumping to conclusions here, in addition to conflating two different aspects of the story. The initial statement was that Sicknick was injured while engaging with protesters at the Capitol, and subsequently died of his injuries. That statement did not mention a fire extinguisher. A subsequent story in the NY Times stated that the circumstances surrounding Sicknick's death were not immediately clear,
  9. I was going to make a joke about this story appearing on the next edition of "Hannity", but upon further reflection......it seems more like a Tucker Carlson-type of topic.
  10. It's premature to assume that increased suicides are solely due to home-schooling and not due to other factors related to the pandemic. The suicide rate has increased in several states, not just the ones with lockdowns.
  11. Is this a sizeable number? It's almost impossible to accurately calculate Trump's non-Republican support, just as it would be almost impossible to accurately calculate Biden's non-Democrat support. Party affiliation is a fickle thing. Gallup has been polling voters for years (see here), and the number of people who admit to being in a specific party can fluctuate significantly from month to month. So, on the one hand, you could dismiss claims of a Republican civil war by saying "Oh, that poll doesn't count because it includes all the independents and Democrats who voted for Trum
  12. My bank requires me to make 10 debit transactions a month, so I use my debit card for random Dollar Store purchases and such. Otherwise I use whichever credit card pays the most cashback per category.
  13. Uh, no. The federal statute doesn't say "during the commission of a felony" -- it says "effect the death of any human being". (see here). And it doesn't just apply to felonies; it can also apply to something as basic as a burglary. Now, that doesn't mean that any of the rioters will be charged with murder. There are several legal obstacles that make such a case difficult to prosecute (there's a good article on it here if you're interested).
  14. This is the problem when media lies. People that buy wholeheartedly into the lie can't accept that it's wrong despite the obvious staring them in the face. "She said, ‘He wasn’t hit on the head no. We think he had a stroke, but we don’t know anything for sure. ‘We’d love to know what happened.'" That sure sounds like he wasn't hit with anything. Especially when she states she thinks it was a stroke. Please stop fabricating claims, or at least mention the fact that you are embellishing someone's quote with your own interpretation of what they meant.
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