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  1. That statement also says they are investigating. Also if the police were so knowledgable about the exact cause of death why werent they out there debunking the gash on the forehead narrative? Wat? The police statement didn't say that they knew his exact cause of death. There's no need to twist words here. It said he was injured while engaging with the rioters, and it said he died from his injuries. If you don't believe that, OK, that's your prerogative. But don't use the NYT as an excuse to impugn the police.
  2. Maybe their routine is to be walked X times per day, and 10 p.m. is one of those times? Or maybe Lady G (in Europe) called to ask the walker to wake the dogs so she could talk to them?
  3. Mr Cruz had his high point about 5 years ago. Megan Kelly of Fox News interviewed him right after Trump insulted the looks of his wife. Good interview complete with his young girls, really nice moment. Not sure if he ever figured out a path from there. I can't imagine how emasculating it must have felt to go on national TV to do a softball interview to establish well-earned status as a victim of Trump's slander.......only to have his own "tribe" turn on him and basically tell him "You'll get nothing and like it." Hmmm...
  4. How do we know any law enforcement said anything. https://www.uscp.gov/media-center/press-releases/loss-uscp-colleague-brian-d-sicknick
  5. I'm not saying they wouldn't have still done it but he was given a memorial in the Capitol and presented as if he was a fallen soldier defending freedom. The lie about him being beaten to death by rioters was used numerous times in the arguments made during the impeachment trial. Do you honestly believe that if impeachment managers had said "He died as a result of being attacked by rioters", that it would have changed a single thing about the outcome of the impeachment? Do you think that the officer wouldn't have been given a memorial??
  6. Because the officers "murder" was pushed as the flag for impeachment and the lynch pin of this being an organized insurgency. To find out that it didnt even happen and that he died of a stroke a day later completely changes the narrative. Just because something didn't happen exactly the way that some media outlets reported it, that doesn't mean that it didn't happen. Also: FBI has pinpointed Officer Sicknick's attacker
  7. Yea we're done discussing things if that's your angle. Questioning the authenticity of a media created story is not undermining law enforcement. You know this but carry on. Do you even realize that you're not just questioning the media-created story, but questioning the official police statement as well?
  8. It's standard playbook for conspiracies. If you can dispute one fact, then you can imply that the rest of the facts must be wrong as well. And once you do that, then you can shift blame away from the Trump supporters.
  9. Law enforcement statements said he was struck by a fire extinguisher, had a gash on his head and later died from his injuries. Turns out he wasn't struck by a fire extinguisher, didn't have a gash on his head but still died a day later. That's a pretty big discrepancy to make. Calling a source BS is not an attack. It's called accountability. Trying to shift the narrative of questioning a source as "attacking the police" is exactly what I would expect from the people who ####ed up the original story and are trying to hide from the consequences. I'm not talking about the NY
  10. He also made a joke about Orlando being warmer than Texas but not as warm as Cancun.
  11. I that statue They should let people tape $$ on it like the Virgin Mary at festivals LOL
  12. You proclaimed that Sicknick's death wasn't caused by the riot. It's a direct contradiction of law enforcement statements. Cloaking the attack in media criticism doesn't change that.
  13. Who was the Democrat that said he had put together the biggest voter fraud organization in history? They should get together and hang out. Probably have. If you have to use a slip of the tongue to make your case, it's usually a sign that the case wasn't very strong and that you should gracefully bow out of the discussion. I mean, you may as well have said Who was the Democrat who claimed there were 57 states?
  14. Who are we doxing? A public official that put out false information that caused more unrest in the public. From what I understand, that's an impeachable offense according to you. Well, you're kind of proving my point here. You want to go after cops because you feel that "unrest" was caused? That's really dangerous rhetoric. Who gets to decide what "unrest" is, anyway? If one guy claims he feels unrest, but another guy claims he doesn't, do they cancel each other out? What if we dox a cop and that leads to even more unrest? Nonetheless, I do agree that the media has an obligation
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