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  1. You know cancel culture has gone full circle when people start including celebrities who defend rapists.
  2. But neither Barack nor Bill, served, right? Did you not read the original post that you responded to, which mentioned that neither of Trump's grandparents served their country, after which you said "Now do barack obama and bill clinton!!!"? Do you have a macro on your keyboard that just randomly posts whataboutisms?
  3. Bill Clinton’s dad served in the Army. Obama's maternal grandfather served in the US Army in WWII, and his paternal grandfather served in the British Colonial Forces in WWI.
  4. Have you read the indictment? You could not bring these charges against 99% of companies in the US. If ever there was justification for replying with a single emoji.....
  5. A person who has to "always correct himself when he's wrong" probably shouldn't have a nightly TV show. I mean, I understand that mistakes sometimes happen. But if it's something that happens so often that you have to defend it by saying "Oh, I always correct myself" -- to the point where your viewers have the excuse in their back pocket anytime his errors are brought up -- then it's got to be a sign of either A) incompetence or B) intent.
  6. If a liberal had typed this sentence, a certain segment of this forum would have accused the poster of playing the race card.
  7. Sounds like a deliberate lie to me. What Cuomo did is plenty bad without having to stretch the meanings of words.
  8. This is delusional. Um, I agree that it's delusional? Poll: 49% of Republicans think Joe Biden should be prevented from being sworn in as President
  9. Words really don't mean anything anymore anyway.
  10. Pretty sure she asked for it to be public. Otherwise all the hearings would have been closed door completely. "She asked for it" is not appropriate justification when it comes to mentally ill people.
  11. I think it's weird to have public conversations about legal proceedings involving the mentally ill.
  12. Still don't wear a seatbelt! Still never been in a car accident
  13. Payne Stewart? He wore the same kind of hat.
  14. Some fan just ran onto the course with a golf club and some balls and started hitting shots.
  15. Why don't the TV networks move their cameras when a putt has a chance of passing in front of another player?
  16. My only issue with the quote is that he says "homeless men" when he should have said "homeless men and women".
  17. I think he's got a shot but it's antibody's guess.
  19. Is that all he said or is there more to his reasoning? Seems specious, but these days the media tends to cut, manipulate, and shade one direction to make the red team look bad. He said more in a press release, including some fairly manipulative parts that were clearly intended to make the blue team look bad. Nonetheless, I agree with him in principle, and I don't think we should have federal holidays that don't treat everyone equally. And I'm sure that any day now, Rep. Rosendale will be making similar statements in opposition to Christmas...
  20. "Since I believe in treating everyone equally, regardless of race...I will vote no.” - Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) (Ummm....doesn't this holiday celebrate the start of treating everyone equally, regardless of race?)
  21. Basic policework would say to start with the last person(s) who had access to the ballots.
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