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  1. Where is the tear gas? Now we are worried about excessive force? On the streets we gas people, on the steps of the Capital building its we don't want to hurt anyone.
  2. With a DAL and NE stack you don't have to play any teams other than NYG, NYJ, MIA, WAS, and Buf for the first 7 weeks of the season. If the NYJ defense ends up being competent they have JAC, MIA, NYG, WAS, OAK, CIN, MIA for weeks 8-14. Also NE has CIn and Buf weeks 15,16
  3. I hear you. Some times streaming defenses has you starting some questionable teams. I think CLE has shown enough through the first two games to get some trust. And the match up is good. I’m taking the gamble in one league. The plus side is if they do good this week they have a decent match up next week as well.
  4. I like Cleveland's D this week at home against the Jets. Two good outings this year against two top offences. Now they get a rookie QB at home.
  5. I would normally agree as I'm on the East Coast, but this weekend I'll be in Vegas so I love it. Games from 10 am till 11pm.
  6. Baltimore has been my go to this year so far. Good starting schedule and good defense. I also like NE and you can get them a little later. I want any team that gets to play the AFC East twice and doesn't have to play the Pats.
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