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  1. What a gift that book is for Fox News. "Hot damn! We get to talk about Hillary some more!"
  2. Can someone smarter than me explain why the recent hurricanes make tax reform so urgent? Trump keeps making that point, and I'm not seeing the connection? Is God punishing us for not giving the rich more money?
  3. Is she really a "liar"? Her politifact scorecard is basically a carbon copy of Bernie Sanders' who people think is as pure as the driven snow. Yeah, you can find examples of her lying, but it's quite a bit less than most politicians. I feel like the narrative that she's a compulsive liar is more perception than reality. It's especially rich coming from Trump supporters, who clearly don't value the truth whatsoever.
  4. Oh there's no question in my mind he would sign off on that as long as he could repeal Obamacare and put his own name on it. He would sign literally any health care bill they put in front of him as long as he could strike down the signature achievement of that Kenyan muslim guy who teased him at that dinner the one time.
  5. I assume he admitted he was wrong and apologized to his listeners?
  6. Yeah, that's a popular one with my wife and kids too. It's not my favorite, but it's better than playing Monopoly or Yahtzee.
  7. I've been looking for that line he could cross that would cost him a significant chunk of his supporters. I've assumed actually shooting someone on 5th avenue would do it, but we've seen them overlook mocking the disabled, sexually assaulting women and bragging about it, cheating people out of their life savings, stiffing people who did work for him in his buildings, empowering white supremacists, insulting our allies while kissing up to Putin, among, many, many, other things...so maybe not. But maybe THIS is a bridge too far. Actually helping Democrats with their agenda? I wond
  8. Am I understanding this correctly? Ends a successful program, creating extreme anxiety for 800,000 people, the vast majority of them productive tax payers. Then tells Congress to pass legislation to bring it back. Then says if they don't, Trump will rescue those people from that terrible thing that Trump did.
  9. Well, that's part of the issue isn't it? Jealousy that "those people" are doing better than "guys like me". "Oh the way Glenn Miller plaaaayyed"
  10. I guess if he considers real news to be fake news, it stands to reason fake news must be real?
  11. Man, the twitter "highlights" and transcripts don't even do it justice. Actually watching it was even more surreal. if you still support this man, I don't even know what to say...
  12. I keep looking for the hidden cameras. For about the 800th time I feel like someone is playing an elaborate prank on me, like I'm in the Truman show or something. It'd make for an interesting TV show like the West Wing or Spin City, except it's too ridiculous to be believed.
  13. This is why it's so foolish to be in the Trump apologist business for those who know who he really is (Hewitt, Hannity, Lord, etc). He's going to make you look more and more foolish every day. Now they're to the point where if they turn on him the question will be "what took you so long?"
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