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  1. Not sure what your pre-game looks like, but I wake up about 1.5-2 hours earlier than I normally would so I can avoid this issue.
  2. Better than the 200+ I ran in this morning. Was completely drenched in sweat before I even went out the door.
  3. I've been wanting to grab a pair for a while now. Maybe we can split the cost and each use one boot.
  4. Yeah, made that 11 with 7 at tempo my ##### on January 19th.
  5. Probably the toughest run of my entire plan tomorrow. 18 with 14 at MP. For the MP runs, I've been locking in a little below 7:00 min pace. However, I'm not sure that pace is realistic to hold for 26.2 miles. I'm thinking somewhere around 7:15 would probably be a better goal. Should I run tomorrow like I've been doing my other MP runs and try to go sub 7 for 14 miles? Or should I try and simulate the marathon and kind of cruise at the 7:15 mark for 14 miles?
  6. As far as I know, Fox seems to be the only station that broadcasts 4K football games. Pretty sure the game is CBS this year. Wonder why the Masters is in 4K every year. I’m pretty sure that’s CBS as well.
  7. 34 degrees here tomorrow morning. I am just like the rest of you. Struggling with these temps. I know exactly what you all are dealing with.
  8. Yo, @MAC_32, at least 50 miles per week the last 4. At least 40 in 9 of the last 12, with an average of 42.5 for the last 12 weeks. Trying to pump up the volume.
  9. Love sitting in my ice. Put on some meditation music and recover.
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