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  1. Have you tried Beyond meat burgers and sausages? They are amazing when tossed in an air fryer. Just set it and grab in 15 minutes. Also, Impossible foods just started making their Impossible burger patties available in grocery stores. I think both are 20 times better than Boca burgers. As far as imitation meat being healthy, people will argue back and forth about it. I like them because they’re simple, taste good, and have a decent amount of protein in them. Nuts, salads with Olive oil and avocados are great meals too! I even throw some imitation chicken and cheese in there for protein. Just t
  2. I’m afraid to say, I’m that guy. I wouldn’t consider myself a bro, though.
  3. Revisit this statement mid June early July. Nothing easy about training for a summer marathon. You’re still my guy.
  4. Everything @gianmarco said is great. I would listen carefully to the point about race day being different. Assuming this is your first marathon, my advice would be to start out slow. Whatever you GMP is, add 20-30 seconds for the first 3-5 miles. Ease into your GMP. Don’t worry about leaving time on the course. I don’t think that’s possible in a marathon. Like @gianmarco, I am no where near as knowledgeable or experienced as some in here. You are so talented, I’m excited to see what you can do.
  5. I always run on Saturdays. Some friend you are too! Jeez! Just knocked out 13 with 8 at marathon pace (6:54). That was a struggle.
  6. Where were you with this quote when I shot for sub 3 hours for my first marathon!?!? Some friend you are.
  7. I understand what he and @tri-man 47 are saying, but are there certain exercises to help increase stride length? Or is this just purely being conscious of what he described and correcting the running form?
  8. After watching this video, I am somewhat relieved because of the runner behind him with the obvious heel-strike. I am curious, and this may be a question best suited for @MAC_32. How does one increase his stride length without a major change to running form? Does this come by strengthening, which in turn produces more power, or is there some other trick to it? As I said before, my cadence is great. I stay around the magic number of 180 at a slower pace and am closer to 200-210 at faster paces. I believe my issue is stride length.
  9. I think it goes down huge on Saturday just like the Doge Day thing. Doing the same thing, building up until the day only to fall like a rock.
  10. So I put 3,000 into Doge in January because my little brother mentioned it to me. I wanted to do some penny stocks and decided why not roll the dice with Doge. My 3,000 dollars got me about 119,000 coins with an avg price of about 2 cents. After continuously debating on when to sell and how much, I sold some today. My account was around 70K from the 3,000 dollar investment 😂🤣😂🤣😂. I sold 19,000 coins for 10K just in case this thing ever crashes. Now I'll be riding my remaining 100K shares of Doge priced at 2 pennies to the moon! Crazy day today!
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