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  1. You’re one brave dude. Booster alone took me out of commission for a good 12-18 hours. Couldn’t imagine being bold enough to mix and match.
  2. I understand the thought of putting the time in and not wanting to throw in the towel, but I really don’t think you should run. The time you put in before you got sick clearly built a good fitness foundation. I think you can get back to that 56 VO2Max real quick. Why not look for another marathon a few weeks or a month out. Continue to put in some work to get back to where you were. More experienced people can agree or disagree with me, but you don’t want your first marathon to be a terrible experience. I’m pulling for you either way!
  3. Sorry to hear that. I’m actually dealing with the same thing right now. Broke up a fight at work and must have landed on my ribs. Had no pain when it happened or that day. I woke up and it felt like I was in a car crash. It feels like I have about 6 broken ribs. Tried to run this morning but only managed a mile.
  4. @tri-man 47 is wise beyond his years (and he’s got a lot of years under his belt). Glad you joined, @Zigg because there is no better place to find solid running advice/info within the matter of minutes. Welcome!
  5. @SteelCurtainand @MAC_32, the shoes shipped out today. I can’t guarantee the shoes will make it to you based on the employee at UPS. Guy was pretty clueless, and I didn’t have the shoes boxed up. I sent a specific color way to each of you. Hoping they actually make it to you, please report back what color you received, so I know if he messed up like I suspect. Hope you guys enjoy the shoes. @MAC_32, I completed forgot your real name while in the store. So, when the guy asked for your first name, I said “Mac.” Last name, “32.”
  6. I have a few pairs of Alphaflys if anyone wants to try them out. They are used and size 12.
  7. This is the ticket! Run slow to get fast. Plus, running slow means your body is using fat stores as fuel.
  8. I agree, the difference is ridiculous. You probably went out this morning without gloves! No clue how you train in that everyday.
  9. What would you fellas say is the simplest and most secure way to invest a decent amount of money in the crypto world? Have about 30K from selling a vehicle I’d like to invest. I currently have Coinbase but was wondering if there was something better out there. I’d like to be able to invest the money immediately upon depositing if possible. Any recommendations?
  10. This is funny. I actually run by my job every morning shirtless. Even though it’s pitch black, there are a few early-birds that are at the school while I’m running. I often pass people as they’re pulling in. I always wonder if it’s not appropriate (me being an administrator and all).
  11. 🎶 I’d do anything for 67, but I won’t do….🎶
  12. Take a cold shower, and you will not sweat after. In my case, I hop in the ice bath after my morning runs. Quick shower after and my body temp stays low for a while.
  13. Early morning running is always the way to go.
  14. Was hoping this video of me would make it on here without me linking it! It only took one take, too!
  15. I say run it as a true training run. Just a nice, slow, easy stroll through the streets of Boston.
  16. In the process of refinancing mine for 2.2% for a 15 year.
  17. Obviously a lot we don't know about the situation. If your child has special needs, I am assuming there is an IEP in place. Again, not knowing the current situation whether your child is in the general education setting or a special class plays a role as well. As someone said in here, the biggest failure was not understanding how the student was getting home. Most 5th grade students are expected to head to the proper dismissal area. I'm sorry for what your family went through. As a current administrator, we try our very best to get everything right, but sometimes we fall short for whatever reason. Again, a lot goes into this and I'm not taking sides, but I will say schools and staff are dealing with more than people can imagine right now. You have every right to be upset and voice your frustrations. If you need any help or want to talk, feel free to PM me. I hope everything gets corrected for you, your son, and your family.
  18. We all do. Unfortunately, my 50-degree mornings will be coming a lot later than the rest; I’m talking like mid-December if I'm lucky. My VO2Max continues to fluctuate from 58-59. This is down from my highest of 62. I'm thinking if I keep this consistent 30-40 mpw up for a couple more, I will see a boost with better weather. 100 and something more days to go!
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