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  1. Damn, that’s brutal. I’ve never been through anything like that, but I try to remind myself of this phrase when I am going through something. “Where you are now, isn’t where you’re always going to be.” I’m sure it sucks for everyone involved, but you are all going to come out of this stronger.
  2. Getting impact windows and doors installed within the next month or so. Hoping for a quiet first half of the season here in South Florida. Quiet entire season would be ideal.
  3. You should’ve just sent @gruecd a PM. About the only person in here crazy enough to do something like that.
  4. Out of all the things I’ve purchased for running, the Oofos are probably the best. Can’t say enough about them. Doesn’t matter how much pain you’re in after a run, you slip into those, and you can actually walk pain-free. I think they’ve worked wonders for my lower leg/feet issues.
  5. Just my 2 cents, I think it would be a great thing. Don’t let anything/anyone stop you from something you love doing.
  6. 2-PACK Mr. Nipple Hide & Protect Care (Mens' Nipple Hide & Care System)/50 pair (100 pieces) nipple cover for men https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MS7YAE6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_V4GZ3TEPFB6X061C99B3 These are amazing for when I decide to wear a shirt on a run.
  7. Life in prison. Can’t outrun the law, my friend.
  8. Not taking in any fluids. Probably not the best strategy but that’s what I do.
  9. Not sure what your max HR is, but mine is about 190. If I’m running a 5K, my HR is in the 180s for the last 2 miles and near max for the last mile/half. Get out there and suffer some!
  10. Run slow to build endurance and eventually get faster. 80% of your runs should be at a slow conversational pace. Do this long enough, and you will start to build endurance. The hardest thing is sticking with it.
  11. Not with that attitude you won’t. Get it together!
  12. Beautiful morning to run, @ChiefD!
  13. Have you tried Beyond meat burgers and sausages? They are amazing when tossed in an air fryer. Just set it and grab in 15 minutes. Also, Impossible foods just started making their Impossible burger patties available in grocery stores. I think both are 20 times better than Boca burgers. As far as imitation meat being healthy, people will argue back and forth about it. I like them because they’re simple, taste good, and have a decent amount of protein in them. Nuts, salads with Olive oil and avocados are great meals too! I even throw some imitation chicken and cheese in there for protein. Just t
  14. I’m afraid to say, I’m that guy. I wouldn’t consider myself a bro, though.
  15. Revisit this statement mid June early July. Nothing easy about training for a summer marathon. You’re still my guy.
  16. Everything @gianmarco said is great. I would listen carefully to the point about race day being different. Assuming this is your first marathon, my advice would be to start out slow. Whatever you GMP is, add 20-30 seconds for the first 3-5 miles. Ease into your GMP. Don’t worry about leaving time on the course. I don’t think that’s possible in a marathon. Like @gianmarco, I am no where near as knowledgeable or experienced as some in here. You are so talented, I’m excited to see what you can do.
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