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  1. Ok. I never read anything about that definitively being the result of a penalty. If so, that is unreasonably harsh. It was obviously just a mistake. As soon as it was identified, the draft should have been paused to allow the mistake to be corrected. What is the benefit of imposing such a harsh penalty? If, on the other hand, it simply went unnoticed for 12 picks, I would propose awarding the affected owner a compensatory second round pick in next year's draft. @JohnnyU, I agree that I would quit a league which imposed unreasonably harsh penalties.
  2. Did nobody notice the error until 12 picks had already passed? I am guessing that must be the case, and at that point, how do you correct it aside from allowing him to designate an alternate pick (among players then-presently available)?
  3. This was already a weak RB class, but these draft destinations did little to help the values. So here we go with a dynasty price check on the rookie runners. Who are you adding to your dynasty rosters?
  4. Let's do a bit of a price check on some of these Rookies now that we know where they will be playing.
  5. We are hearing that Denver is the most likely trade candidate for Aaron Rodgers (if he is indeed traded). Whose value increases the most if Denver can land the future Hall of Famer? Are you making any proactive trade offers to try to acquire a piece of the Denver offense?
  6. Wait? There is a politics forum here as well? Why? This is where I come to escape all of that lol Sorry to hear that happened.
  7. I like all of them, but, personally, I would probably would take Bigsby.
  8. Travis Etienne at 1.10 represents quite a tumble in value, as does DeVonta Smith at 1.08.
  9. Breece Hall the #6 RB? Chris Olave the #1 WR? Hmmm it was at least an entertaining read, and I am always open to contrary opinions, but I do not agree with these rankings. Time will tell.
  10. Since the question is limited to Week #1, I went with Rodgers. If I had to guess which one of these two is more likely to ever throw a pass for their current franchise, I might lean toward Watson. I suspect Watson will find himself on the Commissioner's exempt list to begin the season, however, so I doubt he is throwing a pass on any NFL field Week #1. Once Watson's situation is resolved and any suspension served, he may return to the Houston Texans. His leverage to demand a trade has diminished. Aaron Rodgers seems pretty adamant about not playing for the Packers, and the te
  11. Excellent questions! 1. I think the path to a bellcow role for Harris is more obvious, and I believe he is a better receiver than Etienne. Etienne still needs to contend with James Robinson. However, I think any of the top 3 are good candidates for 1.01. My preference is Harris, but I would be pleased with Etienne or Chase. Harris comes with some concerns. The Steelers O-Line is being rebuilt, and it is a liability right now, and the future at QB is uncertain. 2. Schwartz definitely has blazing speed, but he was never especially productive at Auburn. I do like the potential o
  12. I was hopeful Kerryon might sign somewhere he could compete for an immediate role, but this seems like one of the worst places he could have signed. Disappointing. I would have loved to have seen Kerryon with the Chargers or Dolphins or Jets.
  13. My early Post-Draft Draft Board (Dynasty PPR): 1.01 Najee Harris RB1 (Tier 1) 6-2 229 Pittsburgh Steelers (Round 1, Pick 24) Harris retains the top spot in rookie dynasty drafts. The Steelers have long been a blue collar team which takes pride in a rugged ground game. However, the Pittsburgh O-line has struggled recently, and we will see a lot of new faces up front this season. How quickly this line comes together will be the key to success for Harris. 1.02 JaMarr Chase WR1 (Tier 1) 6-0 207 Cincinnati Bengals (Round 1, Pick 5) Teaming Chase up with his former
  14. There was no Combine, but at Michigan's Pro Day, Nico Collins impressed with a 4.43-40. Collins is big and fast, and he absolutely bullies defensive backs. Houston had a void at wideout, and especially for a big, physical receiver. However, the uncertainty of who will be tossing him the rock in Houston raises some concern. Still, Collins is a player who moves up.
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