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  1. Breece Hall the #6 RB? Chris Olave the #1 WR? Hmmm it was at least an entertaining read, and I am always open to contrary opinions, but I do not agree with these rankings. Time will tell.
  2. Since the question is limited to Week #1, I went with Rodgers. If I had to guess which one of these two is more likely to ever throw a pass for their current franchise, I might lean toward Watson. I suspect Watson will find himself on the Commissioner's exempt list to begin the season, however, so I doubt he is throwing a pass on any NFL field Week #1. Once Watson's situation is resolved and any suspension served, he may return to the Houston Texans. His leverage to demand a trade has diminished. Aaron Rodgers seems pretty adamant about not playing for the Packers, and the te
  3. Excellent questions! 1. I think the path to a bellcow role for Harris is more obvious, and I believe he is a better receiver than Etienne. Etienne still needs to contend with James Robinson. However, I think any of the top 3 are good candidates for 1.01. My preference is Harris, but I would be pleased with Etienne or Chase. Harris comes with some concerns. The Steelers O-Line is being rebuilt, and it is a liability right now, and the future at QB is uncertain. 2. Schwartz definitely has blazing speed, but he was never especially productive at Auburn. I do like the potential o
  4. I was hopeful Kerryon might sign somewhere he could compete for an immediate role, but this seems like one of the worst places he could have signed. Disappointing. I would have loved to have seen Kerryon with the Chargers or Dolphins or Jets.
  5. My early Post-Draft Draft Board (Dynasty PPR): 1.01 Najee Harris RB1 (Tier 1) 6-2 229 Pittsburgh Steelers (Round 1, Pick 24) Harris retains the top spot in rookie dynasty drafts. The Steelers have long been a blue collar team which takes pride in a rugged ground game. However, the Pittsburgh O-line has struggled recently, and we will see a lot of new faces up front this season. How quickly this line comes together will be the key to success for Harris. 1.02 JaMarr Chase WR1 (Tier 1) 6-0 207 Cincinnati Bengals (Round 1, Pick 5) Teaming Chase up with his former
  6. There was no Combine, but at Michigan's Pro Day, Nico Collins impressed with a 4.43-40. Collins is big and fast, and he absolutely bullies defensive backs. Houston had a void at wideout, and especially for a big, physical receiver. However, the uncertainty of who will be tossing him the rock in Houston raises some concern. Still, Collins is a player who moves up.
  7. Yeah, New England is where RBs go to die a slow death. It is the ultimate RBBC system. Stevenson may find a role, but he is unlikely to have any reliable fantasy value, especially as long as Cam Newton takes a significant share of the goal line carries.
  8. The Chiefs have carried veteran backup RBs LeSean McCoy and LeVeon Bell in recent seasons, so it would not be surprising to see McKinnon make the roster, but I am not sure there is much left in the tank. Darrel Williams may be that veteran presence now.
  9. Absolutely. I would put Miami in that group as well.
  10. Giovani Bernard could be Tom Brady's James White this season. Gio has always had some PPR value, and that could continue this season in Tampa.
  11. I understand your point, but typically, you only have one pick per round, so I am not really taking into consideration where that pick is (it could be anywhere). Does it make a difference if the four best players that round are from the 2020 class? Sure, it matters. Do I believe the 2020 top 15 was markedly better than the 2021 top 15? No, not really. Keep in mind, these are 2020 post-draft rankings vs. 2021 pre-draft rankings. Ultimately, it is all subjective. My point was not really to show a player-by-player comparison, although I realize that is essentially what I did. I was me
  12. I should start keeping my earlier rankings. I often find I want to look back on them. Back in the old days, I kept a 3-ring binder. Not long ago, I came across my rankings the year we switched from redraft to dynasty, and it was a fun stroll down memory lane. I loaded up at QB with Dan Marino and Randall Cunningham! lol
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