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  1. That is interesting, although not terribly surprising. They are both punishing runners who shed arm tackles with ease and routinely power through defenders. A slimmed-down Stevenson looks a bit similar to Javonte Williams, yet he is likely to be available much later. Stevenson does not have quite the burst or contact balance, and he has not shown the receiving chops, but he might be considered "Javonte Williams lite", if you can describe anything about Rhamondre Stevenson as 'light'!
  2. If Wentz wants it, let's see how much he will pay for it. Wentz makes considerably more than Pittman, so he should be willing to throw some schillings Pittman's way for #11.
  3. This will remain a good debate for awhile. Rondale Moore cannot seem to remain on the field for long, and while I think he is the most impressive of this group of wideouts vying for WR4, his size and injury history have to be considered marks against him. Rashod Bateman lacks the exciting qualities of Moore, but he has a more well-rounded game. The only other rookie receiver I am really considering for WR4, at this early stage, is Terrace Marshall. Marshall has the size (6-3, 200) teams are seeking, good hands and route running, and he has the speed to beat defenders deep.
  4. Not every fantasy starter can be the very elite, unless you are playing in an 8-team league. You have to back-fill your roster with players to cover bye weeks and injuries, and even as weekly starters. All of these players have offered some fantasy value or future potential, and they were left off your list. They are rosterable in most leagues (and I am sure I have left some off). 2018: Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Rashaad Penny, Nyhein Hines, Christian Kirk, MVS, Keke Coutee, Tre'Quan Smith, Dallas Goedert, Mark Andrews, Mike Gesicki, Hayden Hurst, Dalt
  5. I agree that you are probably not going to get a true stud RB or WR after that point, as they all have some warts; however, I also think there is very good depth in this class. Much will depend on where they wind up, but there is certainly some talent to pursue in the third round and later of dynasty rookie drafts. Obviously, these rankings are very tentative, but I have Trey Sermon as my RB8. After that, there are still a number of intriguing backs: Khalil Herbert, Rhamondre Stevenson, Jaret Patterson, Kylin Hill, Larry Rountree III, Elijah Mitchell, Demetric Felton, Javian Hawkin
  6. If there is any chance Wentz can turn it around, I feel like he landed in the exact right situation for success, with Frank Reich, a strong running game and quality receiving options. Wentz will not be asked to carry the team, and if injuries have not robbed him of the abilities we saw earlier in his career, there is good reason to be excited about Wentz's future. The mechanical issues can be fixed. Not long ago, Wentz was seen as a top 10 QB in the league, and it is not unthinkable that he could return to that kind of prominence. The dynasty buy-low window on Wentz may be closing, and of
  7. Rondale Moore did opt back in, but he played in just three games before succumbing, once again, to injury. He played in only 7 games over the past two seasons, raising some serious durability questions. Rondale Moore is one of the most exciting prospects in this draft class, but if he cannot stay on the field, he can't help you much.
  8. Those rumors are likely coming out of New York, Miami and Atlanta. (Nice try, guys!) They are not coming out of Jacksonville.
  9. I just checked out the June Jones interview: Mac Jones #1? He must be a nephew or something! I agree with you. It would not shock me if Wilson was ultimately the better QB, but it would shock me if Wilson is selected ahead of Lawrence.
  10. Thanks @Faust Great work, as always! These are some excellent write-ups on some less-heralded prospects. (BTW: I think Vavae Malepeai is returning to USC for 2021.)
  11. Is this really even a debate? I could see debating Fields vs. Wilson vs. Lance, but Lawrence is pretty clearly heads and shoulders above the rest of this really good class of QBs.
  12. Nicely done @Faust So many great profiles!
  13. Interesting. I actually suspected most would be on the Wentz side of this following his trade to Indy. I have Hurts (and no Wentz) on my dynasty roster, and I agree with what seems to be the prevailing thought on this board, that Hurts, with his running ability, has the higher ceiling, but he is less secure in his role until we see how free agency and the draft shake out.
  14. If you had your choice in Dynasty, I am guessing most would choose Wentz over Hurts. However, if you had posed that same question back in December, the results may have been much different. Is this strictly because Wentz now has a clear path to a starting gig in what projects as a better offense, or has Hurts' value taken a hit since December, despite Wentz's departure?
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