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  1. You are correct. Four years. Sorry, I was allowing for a fifth year option, but Jefferson was a second rounder not a first rounder. Jefferson will turn 28 the summer following his fourth season.
  2. Sure, 25 is not WR old, but Jefferson is already an older second-year player. By the time he finishes his rookie deal, Jefferson will be pushing 29. In dynasty, if you are going to sit on a player, you want to know that the potential window of production will justify your patience and investment. All that said, I still love the idea of getting Jefferson where you can. He is an injury away from a potential significant role in an exciting offense.
  3. Agreed. The problem is, Van Jefferson is already 25. He is an emerging talent, but barring injury to either Woods or Kupp, Jefferson will be relegated to WR3 duty.
  4. In Dynasty, DPJ is worth making a sizable investment. In redraft, a bit less so, but he is still a player to make a move for. His production may be sporadic, but there are reasons to be encouraged. OBJ is struggling with his shoulder, and there are even rumors he could be traded. Jarvis Landry's return should help compensate for the injuries in the Browns' backfield, but with Hunt on IR, and the likelihood that the team will want to limit Chubb's workload, the Browns may also push the ball downfield a bit more. Peoples-Jones is proving his reliability and big-play ability.
  5. The Hurts-Stafford owner is Rookie Rick. Rookie Rick is not only the newcomer to the league, he is new to fantasy football. You were desperate to fill a void, and you’re not really sure how Rick ended up in the league; he’s a league member’s brother-in-law, a former co-worker of a friend of a league member, or, worse, he’s just some dude you found on the internet at 2 am after you’d been on a drinking binge. Nobody’s really certain. Rookie Rick has no idea how to navigate the league website. He spent an hour on the phone with tech support just trying to setup his initial login, and he has had to reset his password twice already. Rick constantly has a barrage of questions, but at least he is setting his lineups. Your dynasty Commissioner has had to intervene twice so far. First, when one of your other leaguemates, Unscrupulous Gus, tried to fleece Rookie Rick on draft day, and more recently when Rookie Rick dropped an injured Christian McCaffrey for Peyton Barber after relying on some DFS rankings. Now Rick is gunshy to make any moves. It’s mid-October, and Rookie Rick still hasn’t fully worked out the scoring scheme. Rick is afraid to make any trades until he gets a better understanding of how the league works. The harder you push, the more nervous Rick becomes. He is a frazzled mess. It may be best to back off on your trade requests. Check back with Rick next season.
  6. Being a keeper, I can kinda understand him being hesitant to trade away Dak for a downgrade at QB and a slight bump in the draft. I guess it depends on what that extra value is. I vaguely recall such an article, but I forget the different personalities. However, they were personalities all too familiar to fantasy footballers. They exist in every league! I will take my best stab at it . . . The guy you are dealing with is Paranoid Paul. His team is perennially stuck at mediocre, but he is afraid that the moment he trades away his WR2, the guy is going to become the next Randy Moss. He has roster paralysis. Paul is destined to finish in the middle of the pack, but he just doesn't want to either (a) finish at the bottom, or worse, (b) watch another team win with the player he traded away. Paranoid Paul is certain other owners are trying to take advantage of him, and he is determined to stymie that effort. Nobody's gonna make Paranoid Paul look like a fool! You want Paul's QB3? "What if my top 2 QBs suffer injuries? Besides, I still have to navigate bye weeks." Nevermind that Paul's top reserve at wideout just went on IR. Paul is convinced that Taylor Heinicke is on his way to becoming the next Dan Marino. You will have to sign over your first born to get Heinicke. And when it comes to keepers, Paranoid Paul is absolutely wed to his players. Don't bother trying to pry one away from him. If you want a player, that alone is enough to set off alarm bells for Paranoid Paul. You must know something, and now that player is untouchable. Paranoid Paul isn't gonna be outsmarted. You gotta get up mighty early to pull one over on Paul! The good news is, Paranoid Paul is no threat to win the title, although he rationalizes he is just a year away. Always a year away. The best advice is to hype one of your own players enough in hopes Paul will make his own offer, but don't hold your breath.
  7. It is not so much related to "who", but with RB injuries piling up and bye week absences looming, I need to add depth at RB. None of the RBs I am considering are especially exciting dynasty prospects, although perhaps a guy like Penny or Felton could offer some long-term value. The more exciting RB prospects available offer no short-term value, unfortunately. My team is loaded with WR prospects similar to Gabriel Davis (longer on potential than immediate production): Donovan Peoples-Jones, Van Jefferson, Rashod Bateman, Brandon Aiyuk, Elijah Moore. That puts me in the position of having to consider holding WRs who are contributing now, Tim Patrick, Marquez Callaway and Christian Kirk, over Gabriel Davis.
  8. I am contemplating dropping him in Dynasty where I need the roster spot. Davis has displayed the talent to succeed, and I would love to have a piece of this offense, but he is buried behind Diggs, Sanders, Beasley and Knox for targets. It is certainly possible that Sanders and/or Beasley do not return next season (Beasley hinted at not playing this season, and Sanders is playing on a one-year deal), but I am not so sure the Bills wouldn't just look to replace them with other veteran receivers. The path to meaningful playing time just isn't there right now, and roster spots are valuable. (For reference, I am deciding between Gabriel Davis and Tim Patrick as a potential release. Patrick is contributing now, but he is not as intriguing long term.)
  9. bobo? I have been a bit critical of Alex Collins, but Collins played well down the stretch Sunday night. Penny is potentially more dynamic, but I agree it will be difficult to trust him as anything more than a desperation play until we see him in a meaningful role. Penny is an intriguing stash, but his injury history is lengthy.
  10. I am not familiar with this tool. Thanks. There are those times when, you're right, it comes down to a coin flip, and a consensus comparison might be beneficial.
  11. Experts are going to make wrong predictions. For me, it is less about the accuracy and more about the analysis behind the prediction. I tend to gravitate back to those experts who "show their work" and consistently apply sound reasoning. With so many "experts" out there, I usually try to avoid those who are routinely chasing the shock factor. Also, I never follow any expert's rankings blindly. I digest the advice of various experts, then I filter it through my own experience and analysis.
  12. I agree with you on Parham. He is in a great situation, and his ceiling is very high. Tremble could see his role expand, and perhaps overtake his team's lead TE spot this season as well. While Tremble does not have the crazy height and wingspan of Parham, he is incredibly athletic and versatile. I have Parham rated slightly higher for Dynasty rankings, but it is very close for me. I would happily roster either.
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