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  1. I understand your point, but typically, you only have one pick per round, so I am not really taking into consideration where that pick is (it could be anywhere). Does it make a difference if the four best players that round are from the 2020 class? Sure, it matters. Do I believe the 2020 top 15 was markedly better than the 2021 top 15? No, not really. Keep in mind, these are 2020 post-draft rankings vs. 2021 pre-draft rankings. Ultimately, it is all subjective. My point was not really to show a player-by-player comparison, although I realize that is essentially what I did. I was me
  2. I should start keeping my earlier rankings. I often find I want to look back on them. Back in the old days, I kept a 3-ring binder. Not long ago, I came across my rankings the year we switched from redraft to dynasty, and it was a fun stroll down memory lane. I loaded up at QB with Dan Marino and Randall Cunningham! lol
  3. To give up 3 first round picks in March, the Niners must have had a definite plan that included at least the top 3 QBs. We know what the the price to move up From Pick #12 to Pick #6 was, and it would have saved them a future first round pick. Unless the Niners had some information that another team or teams were targeting Mac Jones in the top 5 (or at least a reasonable suspicion), it does not make a lot of sense that they are drafting Jones. By all accounts, it is simply not necessary to move all the way up to #3 to get Mac Jones. Admittedly, I am not a scout, I have never played one
  4. Pitts and Chase are almost locks to go in the top 12, but I agree with you that the WR supply is very deep. It would not shock me if Waddle and Smith both go that high, but I think we could see one or both slip out of the first 12 picks.
  5. Good article, but Michael Carter RB from Duke? Wrong Michael Carter. Does anyone actually proofread these? lol
  6. Yes, TE5 (see the original post). I only included the top 4 Tight Ends in the projected Draft Board, but I could easily see Tommy Tremble as a late-round dynasty pick.
  7. It is not a combined ranking, but here is the 2020 vs. 2021 Rookie Dynasty Picks head-to-head (just for some fun). (I highlighted in red the player I gave the "superior grade", and green where the difference was nominal): 1.01 Jonathan Taylor (RB1) ----------------------------- Najee Harris (RB1) 1.02 D’Andre Swift (RB2) ------------------------------- JaMarr Chase (WR1) 1.03 C. Edwards-Helaire (RB3) ----------------------- Travis Etienne (RB2) 1.04 J.K. Dobbins (RB4) -------------------------------- Javonte Williams (RB3) 1.05 CeeDee Lamb (WR1) ---
  8. Hmmmmm . . . CJ Verdell in his list of top 2021 RB draft prospects?
  9. I was about to be shocked at the 6-4 height, but over 6-0 is still fine
  10. Because COVID gave us all superpowers!
  11. Gainwell weighed in over 200 and ran a 4.42 at Memphis' Pro Day. Gainwell arguably has the best hands in the class, good vision and excellent burst. He has a lean frame, and that may limit him from being a workhorse back, but I rank him as my top back once the triumvirate of Harris, Etienne and Williams are off the board.
  12. I agree, this is probably the only way to compare classes, aside from getting hold of a copy of Gray's Sports Almanac from the future! I have most of my draft boards going back many seasons, but they are my adjusted rankings, usually through Week #3 of the preseason, since I typically have rookie drafts in August. Still, I will go back and compare. Like you, I find myself cringing as I look back on my abysmal ignorance! lol 2020 DRAFT RANKINGS (for comparison) 1.01 Jonathan Taylor RB1 Wisconsin IND 1.02 D’Andre Swift RB2 Georgia DET 1.03 C. Ed
  13. Fair enough. I am willing to consider that my view may be distorted by rookie lenses. I don't think it is fair to grade the 2020 class based on a single season, but yes, the 2020 WR class "arguably failed to live up to its tremendous hype". That is not to say it was not very good, but I think it is fair to say that half of the 2020 "elite" receiver prospects, Jeudy (52 rec, 856 yards, 3 TDs), Ruggs (26-452-2) and Reagor (31-396-1) largely disappointed, compared to the expectations they came into the league with. It is still early, and perhaps the 2020 class will ultimately join the
  14. Agreed. I have been guilty of over-analysis at times, and I am open to the idea that I have been blinded by rookie excitement with the "fake numbers" of Pro Day workouts. I made my argument for the depth of this class in the other post, so I won't repeat it all here. The 2020 class was one of the deeper classes in recent memory, and I think this class stacks up well against it, but it is too early to really tell, and it is not usually a fair comparison, since, like you say, we see past classes with the knowledge of actual NFL performance (or non-performance). Looking back beyond the 2
  15. I get what you are saying, and it is easy to get blinded by the excitement this time of the year. It is still early. I will make my best argument for this class, however . . . This 2021 draft class has what many are calling a "generational talent" at QB (Trevor Lawrence), a "generational talent" at TE (Kyle Pitts), and an elite talent at WR (Ja'Marr Chase). Yes, the term "generational talent" is used a bit too frequently, but let's at least agree, all three of these are elite prospects for their positions (all superior to their 2020 counterparts). While this 2021 RB class is not q
  16. Vaughn probably falls into this category. He was overrated by much of the fantasy community, especially in early drafts, last year. Now, he may be underrated in some dynasty leagues for the same reason he was overrated post-draft 2020: opportunity. His opportunities may come, but things also change fast in the NFL. Sometimes, our roster deficiencies push us to bypass better players at other positions, especially when the talent pool at that position is scarce relative to other positions. That is not always a bad strategy, depending on the gap in talent. If you are going to reach
  17. Agreed! We see fantasy GMs do it every season, and you just have to shake your head. I have no problem with reaching a little for a player based in part on being drafted to a favorable situation, and certainly within tiers, draft destination may determine order (it may even bump a player up or down a tier), but when there are much higher-rated players still on the board, it is nonsensical to reach for a player based on a favorable draft situation. Opportunity matters, but it does not trump talent.
  18. Excellently point. Draft destination is going to factor heavily in the value of the rookies. So much of a RB's value occurs during the initial 5 years, so RB value, perhaps more than any other position, relies upon being drafted to a favorable situation.
  19. Well done! I have never played in a Super Flex league, but it will be interesting to see how high Wilson/Fields/Lance/Jones go. This is such an exciting class, and with the extra emphasis on QB, that means some fantastic values will be had in the second round of SF drafts, I would think.
  20. Agreed. With the influx of a deep rookie class, something has to give. Either a lot more of the rookies than expected flush out of the league quickly or they surpass and replace a greater share of fringe veterans as teams bolster their rosters with youth.
  21. You can hardly go wrong with so many picks, whether you draft with them all or trade one or two.
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