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  1. I am not familiar with this tool. Thanks. There are those times when, you're right, it comes down to a coin flip, and a consensus comparison might be beneficial.
  2. Experts are going to make wrong predictions. For me, it is less about the accuracy and more about the analysis behind the prediction. I tend to gravitate back to those experts who "show their work" and consistently apply sound reasoning. With so many "experts" out there, I usually try to avoid those who are routinely chasing the shock factor. Also, I never follow any expert's rankings blindly. I digest the advice of various experts, then I filter it through my own experience and analysis.
  3. I agree with you on Parham. He is in a great situation, and his ceiling is very high. Tremble could see his role expand, and perhaps overtake his team's lead TE spot this season as well. While Tremble does not have the crazy height and wingspan of Parham, he is incredibly athletic and versatile. I have Parham rated slightly higher for Dynasty rankings, but it is very close for me. I would happily roster either.
  4. Who is the better dynasty stash at TE, Parham or Tremble? I rank them very close.
  5. Interesting discussion. The punt was clearly blocked and landed behind the line of scrimmage. I would contend that should qualify as a blocked punt. If a team intercepts the ball then subsequently fumbles it back to the offense, does it still count as a turnover for fantasy points? I thought the punter made a brilliant move. Even if the punt had been brought back, penalized ten yards and they had to replay fourth down, the result was going to be far better than turning it over on downs.
  6. Great list and analysis. Jaret Patterson, Alex Collins, JJ Taylor and Jake Funk are perhaps my favorites from this list for short-term fantasy value. Here is my quick take on each . . . Justin Jackson/Larry Rountree/Joshua Kelley: There is certainly fantasy value to be mined behind Ekeler, but I am not sure any Chargers' reserve RB has distinguished himself yet as a clear-cut handcuff. This feels a bit too much like backup RB roulette. I fear it could be a RBBC attack in the event of an Ekeler injury. JaMycal Hasty (IR): Hasty will now have to work his way back from injury, plus there is still the Shanahan factor to contend with. Jerick McKinnon: CEH ran hard Sunday to get 100 yards, and Andy Reid showed confidence in him despite the fumbles. Still, CEH has not been the back the Chiefs had hoped for. As it stands now, McKinnon would likely split duties with Darrel Williams as injury replacements for CEH, and neither has much stand-alone value. Jaret Patterson: McKissick would maintain his passing back role if Gibson fell, but Patterson could command a sizeable role. Patterson is among my favorite handcuffs to own. Jermar Jefferson: Swift has shown toughness, playing well through injury, and Jamaal Williams has proven he could step in and deliver. Jefferson is an intriguing dynasty investment, but it seems unlikely we are going to see any significant value from him this season. Chris Evans: There was some thought that Evans might step into the Gio role for the Bengals. He has shown some receiving chops, and his role could expand, but Evans is clearly the third option behind Mixon and Perine for carries. In most dynasty formats, I agree Evans should likely be rostered, but his short-term value may be minimal. Kylin Hill: AJ Dillon is the immediate handcuff to own behind Aaron Jones, but Kylin Hill fits the Aaron Jones role better, and he would likely push Dillon for touches. Khalil Herbert: David Montgomery is going to face stacked fronts if the Bears turn to Fields at QB, adding to the punishment Montgomery already absorbs. Damien Williams projects as the handcuff, but Khalil Herbert would undoubtedly push him for touches. Herbert is an exciting and versatile runner, but without injuries to both Montgomery and Williams, Herbert is likely to see limited opportunities in the short term. Alex Collins: Collins might be the handcuff to Chris Carson in Seattle, but Rashaad Penny would likely factor in as well (for a week or two, when Penny would once again succumb to injury himself). With his running style, Carson is a definite candidate to miss time, so getting his replacement is a priority. JJ Taylor: James White could miss some time, and Taylor profiles as a similar player who could step into that role. This is, however, the Patriots, and trusting Bill Belichick has rarely led to fantasy RB success. Grab him, but prepare to be frustrated. If there is one plus, it is the Patriots' history deploying versatile receiving backs. Jeff Wilson: It is hard to get terribly excited about a Shanahan RB who is still weeks away from returning. I am probably going to try to avoid SF runners altogether. Jordan Wilkins: With the news that Marlon Mack could be on the move, Wilkins gets a bit of a boost. Nyheim Hines has a role in this offense alongside Jonathan Taylor, and that role would likely expand if Taylor were to miss time; however, Hines does not project as a workhorse-type back. Wilkins would likely see a significant increase in carries. Wilkins' value is likely limited to an injury handcuff, but he is an intriguing handcuff. Eno Benjamin: Benjamin is buried on the Cardinals' depth chart. Fantasy managers appear to value him more than the Cardinals. Keep him on your watch list, but other than in deep dynasty leagues, Benjamin may not be worth a roster spot yet. Darrynton Evans: Evans should be returning soon from Injured Reserve, but he has struggled to stay on the field. Evans was generating some excitement in training camp, and he could carve out a role in the Tennessee offense, although he will likely never have more than a limited role. Jake Funk: Funk's role is set to expand. Sony Michel should lead this backfield, but he has never been a picture of durability himself. (It should be noted that Funk has had his own injury concerns.) Funk isn't going to wow you with speed, but he does many of the small things really well. He could quickly endear himself to the Rams and carve out a role, but Henderson and Michel will limit Funk's fantasy value.
  7. Tentatively starting Cooks over Aiyuk, E. Moore, M. Calloway, Osborn and Cephus.
  8. Interesting bids. Mitchell was already owned in all of my leagues (Dynasty). However, despite the excellent Week #1 output, I would tap the brakes on going all in with my FAAB dollars on Mitchell in redraft. Mitchell will have a role, perhaps even a lead role, in SF, but this is likely a dreaded RBBC situation. Personally, I would not invest more than 35-40% of my FAAB budget to acquire Mitchell, if I was desperate for a RB. I think the better strategy (as others have stated above) is to bid 20-25% max, be willing to walk away empty handed, and invest elsewhere. Mitchell ran hard, and he fits well within the 49ers' scheme, but despite his week #1 absence, Trey Sermon figures to be a factor in the run game. Personally, I might prefer Ty'Son Williams, if both are available. I find my best acquisitions in free agency, however, are often other teams' castoffs. If you do invest heavily in Mitchell, be willing to strongly consider trading him away and capitalizing on his perceived value, especially if he continues to be featured this week. Never trust a Shanahan or Belichick RB for long.
  9. Murray looked dreadfully slow, but he is a reliable vet. It appeared the Ravens trusted Murray over Williams in the second half. Williams and Jackson had a couple awkward exchanges that nearly led to fumbles, and perhaps that factored into the decision to feature Murray late in the game, but Williams has a lot more juice in his legs. It is noteworthy that Williams was in the game in OT and missed a key block which resulted in Jackson losing the ball. Williams brings more excitement to the running game, but he needs to clean up a couple of things before he earns his team's trust. Eventually, he could dominate RB touches, but he is not there yet.
  10. From what I have read, this was neither injury related nor punishment. However, Moss did miss some time during camp, and I have to believe the Bills are just easing him back in. Breida just has not shown much since departing SF. Singletary has looked solid, however. I like the idea of adding Moss for real cheap, if you can, but unless Singletary is sidelined, Moss is no more than a bye week flex type with some red zone usage upside.
  11. I don't think Murray's release from the Saints means he sucks, but it appears to have come down to economics, more than anything. Murray does not appear to have much burst, but he is a savvy veteran who knows how to finish runs, he is reliable in pass protection and he takes care of the football. I will be surprised if Murray does not command a decent-sized role with the Ravens. Is Murray starter material? No, not really, but this Ravens' backfield is not set in stone. Ty'Son Williams should get the first crack at the lead job, but beating out Justice Hill to be the RB3 for Baltimore isn't exactly a ringing endorsement that Williams is ready to be a feature back.
  12. Compared to Murray, in this preseason, Jones looked quick and athletic. I realize these were just preseason exhibitions, but Murray looked old and slow.
  13. But for a couple of missed field goals and a missed PAT, the Cowboys win this game. I thought they looked just fine. (Zeke, however, is done. Stick a fork in him. The Tampa D is trash, and Zeke couldn't generate any yards against them! Out of the generosity of my kind ol' heart, I will offer up a mid-tier player for him just so you can get out of this mess. That's just the kinda guy I am!) 🤪
  14. Meh. Brown is younger, but that is about it. They are both plodding backs who are reliable in pass pro. They are dependable short-yardage backs who don't turn the ball over, but neither offers much more that that, imo. Edit to add: I think Murray adds more value as a handcuff, as he has shown he can be a primary ball carrier.
  15. Sherfield is an interesting inclusion. It was surprising to me that the Cardinals allowed Sherfield to get away. I would love to see him breakout, but I suspect he will be featured more as a special teamer than as a receiver. Are you hearing otherwise?
  16. Am I showing my age if I add St. Louis Cardinals? This is just blatant fraud. I will be curious to see what sentences they receive. I hope it is much more than just a slap on the wrist.
  17. Agreed. I would look to either Gore or Peterson before Gurley or Bell. At least you know what you are getting.
  18. I am Commissioner in a dynasty league that has been active for over 30 years now. In the old days, that entailed manually scoring each game from newspaper box scores, checking my answering machine when I got home from Church on Sundays for lineups (I had one league member who would leave a message at kickoff of the early games just to "time stamp" the lineup deadline), type up weekly results for everyone, manually handle free agent bids (we bid real money in the early days), etc . . . Nowadays, there is not much to being Commissioner, in comparison. I don't mind it. The most effort I have to go to is during our off-season free agency, which is unique but interesting. In season, the league website manages most everything.
  19. It was either the mildest high ankle sprain in the history of the NFL or the Bucs have Mr. Miyagi in their training room!
  20. Fair point, but Fournette was RB33 in my PPR league last season. I suspect he will be about the same this season. He is a RB3-RB4 for a fantasy team, with some weekly spot value. I feel like Fournette's dynasty value is just on life support, however. If Gio is out . . . if Ronald Jones suffers an injury . . . Honestly, I feel better just washing my hands of Fournette. It always pains me to carry players I don't even want to root for, so if I can get comparable point production out of someone off the waiver wire, it makes sense to move on. In this case, I grabbed Jermar Jefferson. He is no world beater, but I would rather take a chance on a young player who is hungry than a ho-hum vet just cashing a check, and that is what Fournette strikes me as.
  21. I dropped Fournette from my Dynasty squad, and it feels good. In fairness, I only picked him up reluctantly in free agency this offseason, and I figured I would wait until a starter was named. Still, I kept looking at that roster spot as being wasted. Next up: AJ Green!
  22. Whoa, slow down. There are some pretty good prospects in these two classes, but that will be a pretty tall order. I think P. Mahomes, J. Allen, K. Murray and L. Jackson might factor into those Pro Bowl selections. That does not even account for R. Wilson, A. Rodgers, M. Stafford, D. Prescott, B. Mayfield . . .
  23. A couple Practice Squad signings of note: TB: Darwin Thompson RB Ind: Keke Coutee WR Who else you got?
  24. That is a curious move, but they are very different receivers. Tyron has shown glimpses of being a dynamic downfield receiver. I cannot understand why the Chargers let him go. I have to believe the Jags were looking for a speedier option to stretch the field for Trevor Lawrence.
  25. If not for the fact they just drafted Rondale Moore, Arizona would make a nice home for Coutee. Kansas City might be able to use another speedy receiver.
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