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  1. Phillip Lindsay was the running back on the first team rep of Denver's training camp.

    This both confirmation Lindsay is back to full health, as coach Vic Fangio said on Wednesday, and he remains atop the depth chart. Of course, that could change if Royce Freeman has a strong training camp, and early indications are there will be more of a timeshare moving forward. Still, a healthy Lindsay is the favorite for work in Denver's backfield.


  2. I need 25 points from this guy tonight.

    You just need him to catch all 6 of his targets, and hope at least a couple are in the RZ. They won't throw to him more than that. :grumble:

    Which is exactly why I'm not too confident. My guess is he'll end up with 18 points after they don't target him the entire 1st half and they finally start after they're down 20+ points in the 3rd quarter.

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