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  1. I think he’d be a great pick for the franchise and for the development of Tua. He wouldn’t be a popular pick cause he’s not the flashy position player but he’d be great for the overall well being of the offense in my opinion
  2. This is unbelievable (and a lot of fun to look at this early in the offseason
  3. Same here. I’m dreading being faced with that decision
  4. It doesn’t seem like he’s grasping the value of AJB very well
  5. It seems like he’s gotten faster the last few years if it’s even possible
  6. Mine is always late August for the past 33 years
  7. I have a sneaking suspicion that Shenault will be much sought after next year at this time after a year with Lawrence
  8. I’m in the same boat and it’ll probably come down to the SF game time before I make my decision. I’m a four point underdog so It’s a tough one to figure out
  9. Animal last week. Non existent this week. 🤷‍♂️
  10. I was looking for the Deebo Samuel thread last night and nothing came up so I’m in the same boat
  11. I hope you guys are right as I have Goedert on three teams as my starter
  12. As a guy who’s the same exact age this news is just horrible to hear. RIP MP...
  13. I’m not so sure about this. I understand where you’re coming from as I’ve been waiting for Goedert to supplant Ertz at tight end for philly for a couple of years now but Ertz is Wentz’s buddy and I think if he has anything left to give to the team Wentz will feed him the ball until he proves otherwise just my two cents
  14. He has the tools and skills to be a really good player but he just doesn’t seem to have that “my ball” killer instinct in him to thrive the way he should
  15. I heard or read somewhere early last season that he is too nice of a guy and doesn’t have that killer or “my ball” attitude that would allow him to dominate defensive backs even tho he could physically and the Titans were working with him to change that. It didn’t seem to have worked last year. He could end up being one of those guys the Titans and us fantasy guys always expect more out of but never receive
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