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  1. I’m not familiar with that format but I believe you made the correct decision as I totally respect your takes on this forum. In my dynasty league picks are basically gold and rather than trade one for Ryan for a one week rental I’d rather just punt the position for the week and keep the pick and resign myself to lose that week but my take is totally based on what I’d do in that league and not in your particular situation. You made the right move trading for Ryan I believe
  2. It almost looks like Ryan could be your starter going forward. Next years draft isn’t great so losing the 2nd to me isn’t a big deal but I’d normally not do a trade like that in a normal year I’d just leave the position open and see what happened
  3. I’m wondering if we’ve seen the last of Chris Carson in the nfl… I have a friend who played IHL hockey with the same condition and he’s 45 and basically close to crippled with it. All he does is drive a backhoe and he says that’s agonizing to do in his condition. I can’t imagine Carson playing nfl football is going to be in that much better overall shape than my buddy who played hockey and had to retire as a result.
  4. I’ve conducted my fantasy teams in several sports over the last 30+ years utilizing the idea of “everything comes back to where it should be” which basically means studs are always going to stud and if they aren’t currently they will come around and be the studs they really are. I try to use those opportunities to buy those guys low when I can. Last week in one of my redraft leagues I traded Deebo for Brown straight up. I assume rest of year Brown will average at least evenly per game as Deebo and hypothetically should average more than Samuel. If he doesn’t then no big deal but I can’t see a circumstance where he really wouldn’t based on past years history. Brown is a very good player and now is the time to acquire him and other studs who are underperforming currently if the price is right before he/they have a breakout game which is bound to happen sooner than later in my opinion
  5. I hope you’re right as I have Carson and mixon and need some serious help apparently for several weeks at least
  6. An hour before game time the week he got hurt I traded Deebo for him and even with the injury (it’s a redraft league) I still believe I’ll have the better player once he comes back. Deebo is always an injury waiting to happen and the possible switch at QB to lance and the inevitable Aiyuk working his way back made the decision semi easy for me. I trust my instincts they are more likely than not to be right but this new offense definitely concerns me
  7. I bid him adieu two weeks ago. I don’t think he will have much value until maybe the second half of the year when darnold really settles into the offense
  8. I’m sick about this. My condolences to his family and friends. how does one pass away fully vaccinated at the age of 39 from this it makes no sense
  9. He’s a stud #1 wr they just need to find their offensive identity. We’ll see blips of what he will become but I don’t think he’ll be very valuable this year maybe in spurts. His value will come as Lawrence grows and gets better. If you’re in a dynasty league grab him low soon
  10. Agreed. It’s better to have lost and live to fight another day than lose and never have the opp to fight again. Get down Deebo!
  11. I agree with this take. Play to win and worry about next week next week
  12. .5 PPR redraft Zeke went 1.07 Gibson went 2.02 12 team league he’s offered his Gibson for my zeke. To me Dallas offense will be high scoring all year while Gibson has his backfield basically to himself and seems a little more explosive than Zeke these days. what do you guys think?
  13. Is Zeke and/or Evans a buy low or stay away from this season?
  14. They aren’t out yet this week just so you know
  15. I’m thinking this possibly might not end up as good as you thought
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