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  1. It’s not that I don’t care to argue. It’s that I don’t care enough to argue with you.

  2. My dog realized mine does this and farts in it, then looks up at me and grins.
  3. Weird how everyone who hates it is a Raiders fan. I’m sure that’s a coincidence and there’s nothing to read into that.
  4. I am not. Though I have had many a good Cubano in St. Pete and Tampa.
  5. They also bottle and sell their own habanero hot sauce and I bought a bottle and put some on the first Cubano. Level 11 Cubano achieved.
  6. I don't want to oversell how well things are going for me right now, but I recently found the best Cuban sandwich I've had in years and I bought two today.
  7. There’s a strange issue with houses in my area - every extra bathroom costs an extra $110,000.00 on a house. I often joke that if we decide to sell we’ll convert two of the bedrooms into bathrooms and sell a 1 bedroom, 4 bath at about your price.
  8. Nice. Being a Friday, you’ll have all weekend to get things set up after the 13th.
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