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  1. He's still available in one league - waivers running tonight - running back needy. Thinking of going big with a 61% wager. Anyone have FAAB on this guy?
  2. Let's not include trades form $10 leagues.
  3. It was the Chiefs guys ... relax. I could have ran through untouched for 5 yards every play.
  4. Do you know how easy it is for a broken leg to end a career? Thomas was lucky it was a clean break.
  5. If anyone's wondering why Bell is doing this - look at Earl Thomas yesterday. If Thomas had been traded the day before yesterday, he'd have $25M guaranteed in his bank account. Now he's got nothing but a hope he can return. Brutal.
  6. It's a horribly unbalanced trade so I would veto it just for that purpose. Vetos are supposed to keep the league balanced. Way better for whomever is getting Hunt/diggs.
  7. Thielen is the best receiver on the team. Most complete and can run any route from any position. He's going to get his
  8. Dunno about Hunt but it was pretty consensus that Gordon and Kamara were way better PPR picks.
  9. Rodgers was not the issue that game, for sure. He played phenomenal. There were a dozen penalties, many dropped balls, and several key injuries that doomed the team. He's not the issue.
  10. It doesnt' really matter. This is a 2/3/1/2 ... that's two flex, in PPR. I can start nothing in RB and dominate all year with stud QB/WRs. Done it a million times. Starting 5 stud WR in thsi format is unstoppable.
  11. After the trade: Brees / David Johnson / AJ Green / Hopkins / Cooper / Golladay / Reed / Gio / Carson Yea, I'm doing fine in that league. 2-0 and now have a killer lineup for the playoffs. Conner could be worthless in as little as two weeks.
  12. Traded Conner/Lamar for Hopkins this weekend. Feel pretty good about it as well.
  13. Disagree. Murray looks good and they alluded to using him more to keep Cook fresh off the injury. I do not see Murray getting less than 35% of the team carries rest of season, which is about where he is at right now.
  14. It doesn't make a lot of intuitive sense to miss the full 10 weeks. He won't be able to make up $8M on his new deal. He could make up $3-$4M and save wear on his body by missing the first four games. It's all guesswork but I think he only misses a month then comes back.
  15. What am I doing? Not drafting him in any of 14 leagues because everyone saw this train wreck coming a mile away. Dump him for peanuts while you can.
  16. Did you see the play? It looked really bad. 250 lbs of linebacker came down sideways on his knee. You're not giving him enough credit with comments like this ... he is seriously injured and balled out. Give him credit.
  17. Nah, let people freak out and spread misinformation. Makes my leagues easier.
  18. It sucks because i have him in 3/14 leagues but I also have Yeldon in 8/14 because I fully expected him to miss time because he's always injured. Hopefully everyone was smart enough to handcuff him.
  19. How you are still not getting it? There isn't a team that will trade for him because they can't immediately sign him to a longer contract which means they will have traded for someone that immediately becomes a free agent after the season and can sign for more with someone else. Stop talking about it. Trade is not in the realm of possibility.
  20. Exactly. He's useless in the playoffs no matter how you slice it. Bell is not going to lose an accrued season and they are not sitting their best offensive player. The Steelers will ride him hard and dump him this off-season for the max compensatory pick (they'll get a 3rd for letting him walk). But trading him relies on your own personal expectations. Personally, I expect Bell to report after 3-4 games. Enough to save some wear and tear and keep his overall touches under 300 for the season. But he'll report by October to make those game checks. He can't possibly make up $8M so he won't stay out 10 weeks. But even if he does stay out 10 weeks, trading for an uber stud will help me in the playoffs.
  21. I did accept it but not instantly. Hopkins was on the injury report with a foot injury and Watson has not looked good. And I'm giving up two starting RBs for a WR in a must-start 2 RB league. If Conner is worthless by week 10 as I predict, it's a steal, though. I have a great team outside of this trade so it sets me up for the playoffs nicely.
  22. In case anyone's wondering on Conner value... was just offered Hopkins for Lamar/Conner... strongly considering it. Conner's worthless after week 9 and Lamar is pedestrian ... all for a monster PPR receiver.
  23. Why do people keep saying this? There is also zero chance they trade him. Bell wouldn't play for the new team any more than he would play for the Steelers because he cannot get any more guaranteed money. Bell is NOT ELIGIBLE to sign a long term contract with ANYONE once he signs his franchise tender until the season is over. He could, hypothetically, hold out of the playofffs and negotiate a contract during the playoffs after week 17. But nobody is going to trade for him on that premise, nor will he play on that premise. This is basic logic. He is not going to get traded and he will 100% report by week 10.
  24. That's not really possible. There's zero chance Bell doesn't report before week 10. He wouldn't get his accrued year. So the most we could possibly use Conner is 8 weeks + bye.
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