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  1. Marquez Valdes-Scantling is having a great camp and fits this criteria, kinda. 5th round pick but in 2018, saw 60+ targets last year but only caught 33 for a league leading 20.9 average. He's apparently going to win the #2 job out of camp and has really dedicated himself to his routes this offseason.
  2. He's had a decent camp but I'm not sure he has broke out. I drafted him in a Keeper last year and couldn't get anything for him at the trade deadline so I dropped him. Someone put a waiver claim in but he was dropped this past weekend when roster cuts were due. I still have an eye on him so would be interested to read what you know.
  3. 51 yrs old, Canadian, 31st yr in my main league (Keeper, TD heavy, no PPR, no Flex). We're dinosaurs I know but we all play in other re-draft, PPR, etc., leagues and we like the history of league records.
  4. Owner had Jeudy, Claypool and Pittman. He had to trade one or risk losing them in the draft. I also gave him a 3rd in '22. Not the WR I would've traded but to each his own.
  5. I agree and that was part of the struggle. MT was an upgrade over DJ but by how much in non-PPR or Performance - throw in the fact that I've giving up a Top 5 RB in all formats and it's clear I'm losing the trade. I posted what I ended up doing above. I'm curious to hear the feedback if any. My team going forward: *Wilson/CMC, Chubb, Mixon, Edwards/McLaurin, Lockett, DJ/Engram. Shultz 3-1st round picks in 2021, one of which will be top 5, the others will be 10-14.
  6. Ended up trading JJ for 2-1st round picks, Cousins and Gus Edwards. Made another deal as well. Traded Gibson and a 3rd in '22 for McLaurin and Mixon. I sacrificed depth this year but in getting Mixon it's a wash and would rather the future picks. I also get McLaurin, who I coveted as much as Thomas.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm having a hard time with this one. MT is such a tough offer to turn down but I should add this is Keeper (QB, RB, RT, WR, WR, TE) and a TD heavy league. No PPR points and minimal for yards. So MT isn't the consensus #1 WR as he would be in most other formats. I like Trade 2 because of the players I have already and the high picks provide great in-season depth. What I'm really struggling with in the MT deal is the fact I would have to drop DJ. I really like what I see in DJ but am not 100% sold on him. I was also just offered McLaurin and Mixon. I could flip Mixon for a decent pick. The struggle is real. Might be the toughest decision I've had in the 30 year history of this league.
  8. Mulling two trades that need to go down this week. Trade 1: Give: Josh Jacobs Get: Mike Thomas Trade 2: Give: Josh Jacobs Get: 1st 2021, 2nd 2022 (2021 will likely be a top 5 pick) Current Roster: Wilson CMC, Chubb, JJ, Gibson Lockett, Diontea Johnson, Slayton, Ruggs, Von Jefferson Engram, Shultz
  9. This might be an Assistant Coach post but I wanted to get an assessment of Diontea Johnson going forward for Keeper/Dynasty from Steelers fans. It's trade week in my Keeper and I need to make a decision on DJ. Is he a #1 or a product of the system, Ben, and rolled coverage from the attention JuJu and Claypool get? Apologies in advance if this is the wrong thread/forum. If so, I'll delete it.
  10. 14 Team Keeper. Looks like the trade will go down. I gave him the option to look at Robinson and Gibson this weekend and we'll make the trade next week if all goes well.
  11. I'm trying to trade Robinson for Darius Slayton to an RB needy team that has Nuk and Hill (keeper league) but the owner is balking. Seems there's another owner making a play for Slayton.
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