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  1. Time to start calling him Galvatron LOL
  2. QB: KC, BAL RB: CMC, Zeke, Barkley, CEH WR: Hill, Thomas, Adams, Godwin, Julio TE: Kelce, Kittle Flex: Andrews PK: Butker, Tucker DST: BAL, SF
  3. 12tm PPR Gave: Barkley, Fournette, Gabriel Got: Tyreek, Gurley, Freeman, '20 2nd (guessing 13-16 range) Not super sure how I feel about it... I have Henderson rostered as well FWIW
  4. 16tm ppr w/ IDP & ret yard scoring 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/2OFlx 1DL/2LB/1DB/2DFlx Gave: 1.10, '20 1st (should be late), 3.13, 5.02 Got: T Hill, Jaylon Smith
  5. 16tm PPR - 1QB 2-4RB 2-4WR 1-3TE 1-3DL 2-4LB 1-3DB Gave: James Washington, 2.02, 2.04, 5.04 Got: 1.03, 3.03
  6. 16tm PPR Gave: Cam, 1.01 (rec'vd in a early-season trade) Received: Mahomes, Hunt
  7. 16tm TE prem w/ IDP Gave: Parker & 3rd (pick in the late 40s) Got: Graham I'm a contender w/ Gronk & AJG He's rebuilding.
  8. 16tm salary cap w/ tiered PPR (0.25/0.5/1.0) Gave: Corey Davis(4yrs), David Njoku(4yrs), McKinnon(1yr), two '19 1sts (mid & late) Got: Alvin Kamara(4yrs), Tarik Cohen(4yrs), '19 3rd (early) I'm trying to make a title run this year. McKinnon can be tagged in our RFA period next offseason. The other owner spent over 50% of his cap on Bell & Hopkins this offseason but it hasn't worked out too well and is now trying to move both as well. My team post trade Mahomes, Carr Gurley, Kamara, Mixon, Cohen, Morris OBJ, Tyreek, Fitzgerald, Baldwin, Gordon, John Brown, Wilson
  9. 12tm PPR. 1/2/3/1 1Flex Gave: Mixon, 1.03 (Guice), Aaron Jones, '19 2nd Got: Hunt, Agholor, Hogan Gave: 2.01 (Anthony Miller), Albert Wilson Received: Larry Fitzgerald, 2.11 The core of my team is now looking like Carr Barkley, Hunt, Fournette JuJu, Fitzgerald, Agholor, Hogan, Ross Howard, Njoku
  10. Team B's roster includes: Ryan, Bell (post trade), Watkins, Decker, Maclin, Olsen w/ picks 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 2.01 (pick 18), 2.12, 2.16. Had to correct my OP. It was the 2.13, not 1.13.
  11. Not involved - 32 teams (2 conferences of 16) PPR 2RB starters required Team A gave: Bell Team B gave: 1.1, 2.13 Team A won the league. Team B is in a major rebuild.
  12. 16tm w/ 1.5PPR for TEs, can start up to 3 Gave: Jack Doyle Got: Greg Olsen I also have Gronk and Walker. Thinking that Olsen could have a greater impact when he's back for the fantasy playoffs compared to Doyle.
  13. http://www.timesonline.com/sports/steelers/martavis-bryant-s-reinstatement-to-steelers-imminent-per-league-source/article_7648441c-14b1-11e7-8fad-ff9708d16979.html
  14. 32tms TE prem (two 16tm conferences w/ double player pool) 1QB 2RB 2WR 2FLX 1DL 2LB 1DB 1DFLX Gave: Abdullah, Enunwa, Hundley, three 2017 1sts (two proj mid, one likely late) Got: Zeke, Edelman, 2017 3rd (likely the 3.01) Team giving up Zeke is in build mode and now owns five 2017 1sts, his will likely be really early My team is a title contender for the next few years with a really strong base of players.
  15. 16tm TE prem PPR w/ IDP Team A (contender) gets: Wilson, Ingram, Hundley Team B (rebuild) gets: Mariota, TWest, Rogers (PIT), Anderson (HOU), 2017 2, 3, 4, 5
  16. 32 teams, 16x2 conferences: 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 2OFLX 1DE 2LB 1DB 1DFLX - TE PPR premium w/ Tackle Heavy scoring for IDPs This trade just went down when the 1.04 was OTC Team A gave up Bryant, Dez DAL WR; Tye, Will NYG TE; Year 2016 Draft Pick 2.08; Year 2016 Draft Pick 2.14 Team B gave up Lacy, Eddie GBP RB; Decker, Eric NYJ WR; Griffen, Everson MIN DE; Year 2016 Draft Pick 1.04; Year 2017 Round 1 Draft Pick from Team B Team A was the league champ Team B is a new owner and the pick will probably be in the top 8 (at worst)
  17. I'd take Hopkins all day every day. Everything from the 2nd on don't hold a lot of weight in this trade for me
  18. Same league Team A gave up Floyd, Michael ARI WR; 3.08 Team C gave up Adams, Davante GBP WR; 1.13; 4.13; (late) 2017 2nd Team A gave up Watt, J.J. HOU DE; (mid?) 2017 1st from Team A; (late?) 2017 1st from Team B; 4.08; 4.13 Team D gave up Eifert, Tyler CIN TE; 1.02; Anthony, Stephone NOS LB; Nelson, J.J. ARI WR; 2.11; 2.15
  19. Not involved 16tm TE prem PPR 1QB 2-4RB 2-4WR 1-3TE 1-2DL 2-3LB 1-2DB (Tackle heavy scoring) Team A gave up Jeffery, Alshon CHI WR; Matthews, Rishard MIA WR; Harvin, Percy BUF WR; Year 2017 Round 4 Draft Pick Team B gave up Year 2016 Draft Pick 1.01; Year 2016 Draft Pick 1.08; Year 2017 Round 1 Draft Pick; Year 2017 Round 2 Draft Pick; Royal, Eddie CHI WR; Casey, Jurrell TEN DE; McPhee, Pernell CHI LB Team A barely missed the playoffs last year, Team B made the playoffs and earned the 1.11
  20. That is awful. Team B also owns the 1.01 No idea why Team A went for the two lower picks
  21. Not involved... 16 teams PPR w/ 1.5PPR for TEs QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 2RB/WR/TE 1DL 2LB 1DB 1DL/LB/DB Team A gave: LeVeon Bell Team B gave: 1.11 & 1.15 Team A earned the 1.05, Team B earned the 1.11 Team A offered the deal
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