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  1. Get back in here and don't make me tell you again! lol

    How's everything been?  Where you posting at these days?

    1. ShaHBucks


      What's up! No posting, but I'm all good. 

      How's thing?

    2. Bigboy10182000


      Damn dude I thought something bad happened to you. Good to hear you're still alive. 

  2. Carry a big stick

  3. Smith is 38-16-1(69% win rate) over the past 4 seasons with a 92.8 QB rating. Smh
  4. We claim every horrible performing QB needs more weapons, but when it comes to a guy that actually started winning and performing we say?? No Avery bashing or criticism of D. Bowe of recent years. No consistency at all. Maybe there's a reason Smith only started to throw to Kelce and Charles. This is a fine landing spot behind the attention giving to Maclin and Charles if Conley will ever produce in the NFL.
  5. Style < Substance

  6. Maybe now he gets his #### together. He's going for a bag of beans now. Worth a gamble for the price
  7. Good post. You covered almost everything.I can look past some of the off-field stuff like taunting and the autograph(I don't personally), but when he missed the Manning camp meeting that was just careless. Wilson and Brees are short. They are also built from what I can see. JF looks like Allen Iverson. He is not Russell Wilson as a passer. Wilson passed the ball like a pro in college by dissecting defenses all over the field. I just went through some A&M games and JF looks more like a gimmick throwing bubble screens and quick slants all game. I'm not saying he doesn't have NFL talent. It j
  8. It was all good just a week ago

  9. I got Minn +2.5 earlier this week vs Det. I put a chunk of the house on the line :)

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