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  1. You already know I wasn't a fan of Chip the GM from the get go. We could've had a dynasty by now if he did absolutely nothing.
  2. It was just an extreme. There are many more relevant recent examples. Last years Super Bowl featured 2 RB committees. Chiefs dropped Hunt, and whoever they plug in looks as good or better. CJA looks like the best back on the Rams fresh off the streets. Zeke dropped a dud when it mattered. Kamara postseason ypc is 3.7. James Conner made the Pro-Bowl and his backup would have done the same. Old ### AP ran for a thousand. This is just off the top of my head. You can find plenty written online on how RB success doesn't correlate to wins as much as you'd think. This line of thinking is as out of date as it gets. What would matter is continuing to rebuild the line and better play calling. I won't get into a back and forth of how great a prospect Josh Adams is, because I know how welcomed foresight is around here. But, I'll message you something eventually.
  3. Most of you guys are outdated by like a decade with your thoughts on RBs in today's NFL. An All-Pro RB hasn't won a Super Bowl since Faulk in 1999 for starters.
  4. One stat that's somewhat being ignored is that since Chip Kelly, Nick Foles has won dam near 80% of his games where he's played most of the snaps as an Eagle. I doubt I get quoted much for this one.
  5. Call it what you want idc. You loaded your response with questions. I don't care to answer all of those questions and don't think it makes your point. I'm good and still stand on my statements. If I disagree on how these factors are weighted then that's called value. WAS is still fiscally tied to Alex Smith and Gruden has a hard for Colt McCoy. He has no ties there aside from being good friends with Alex Smith. WAS barely has Teddy Bridgewater cap space and I don't think Foles is some whore without character chasing money for the umpteenth time. NYG at +1000, hardly worth the commentary. You don't even know the contract first off. He reached numerous incentive bonuses this season. Secondly, the Eagles already had him under contract. Meaning they didn't have to add anything to his deal after he won a SB MVP. The also added a MUTUAL agreement to the deal. That's the exact MUTUAL respect I'm talking about that you could be ignoring. There was also a chance Wentz didn't recover as well, so Howie planned well for that scenario. Had Wentz re-injured his knee or something they would have MADE ROOM to exercised the mutual option or tagged him 100%. I didn't bother refuting because you speak so arrogant, yet clueless, on someone purely speculating(for your rhetorical question).
  6. Your eyes is going to gravitate towards the less productive physical specimen. It just is what it is.
  7. Backtracking and expanding are two different things. Unless Nick Foles is full of ####, I described how he's picked and choose teams since leaving Mich St., aside from getting drafted. This is someone who paid back a portion of his signing bonus to the Rams to be released just to retire from football. He said himself that he was content retired, his family fortunes were even brought up, yet you say it's crazy to think he not entirely motivated by money? If I'm putting money down or making a play in fantasy then I'm using all of the information I have, including some psychological factors and not just 99% economics like you. I can be wrong. That's why I said it's pure speculation before jumping down this rabbit hole. I actually hope he just follows the money and make people look stupid again. I just don't see him going from that presser to standing up for a heated rival with what I know of his character. You can ask 100 more questions to dance around, I'll still stand by what I said and have nothing else to offer on the subject really. Crazy, silly, w/e. It's more likely he doesn't sign in the NFCE than the field according to the odds of MIA, DEN, JAX alone. You misinterpreted the numbers. It's a long-shot outside of WAS, who has some cap and a vacancy.
  8. You would have to comprehend my first two sentence before calling me crazy. The rest is pure speculation from someone who’s been following him for some time and actually just returned his book to the library this week where he wrote on his faith, retiring, returning with the coach that believed in him 1st in KC over other suitors, then choosing his relationships in Phi over other suitors and all of the emotions/experience he has tied to the fans, players, coaches and staff through the Super Bowl run. Here’s a snippet for yourself. Imagine hundreds of pages worth of this https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2018/12/24/nick-foles-emotional-after-victory-what-could-be-his-last-home-game-philadelphia/ Even with all that said, I just posted UNBIASED ODDS on potential landing spots. I’m well aware of the options. The odds, if you’re a betting man, are around 9% to NYG, 14% Phi, 28.5% to Was considering the vacancy. That’s my baseline, not zero percent just because I’m a fanatic. You can put your money on Was and NYG. I just stated why I wouldn’t. Was is, and will always be, just a money grab for FAs. NY has the Shurmur relationship, but are still committed to their SB winning QB(see what I did here). I’ll stand by my reasoning on why he wouldn’t stay with the Eagles. He’s just not a “it’s just business” type of person. I just heard a story how after the Super Bowl he tells Carson “We’re going to get you one next year”. Carson told him “You just won the Super Bowl. Enjoy it.” I wouldn’t underestimate their relationship or Nick’s morals. I think he would have left regardless of what happened this season. If someone hands him a check that includes the lost wages Chip Kelly and Jeff Fisher cost him(I did it again) then I take this all of this back, but I didn’t pull this out of thin air. If we’re in a fantasy land, you must live under a rock. There’s been plenty of speculation on the Eagles sticking with Nick Foles. He almost forced their hand. They could afford him if that’s what they wanted with combinations of getting rid of some replaceable players, Long and Kelce retiring, trading a player like Agholor . That’s why he has a mutual option renegotiated in his contract AFTER the Super Bowl with tons of incentives in the first place. Howie knew what he was doing.
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