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  1. Fuller is a very nice, consistent player. Probably your safest choice. I tent to avoid Tartt... he has a low tackle floor, lack big plays, and (unfortunately) has a long enough injury history for me to shy away from him. Nothing wrong with starting him if you feel differently though. The only downside to Fuller and Averett this week is their opponents tend to spread the ball around and play at a slow pace of play (Packers & Bengals). This certainly isn't a huge deal but will probably cap the number of snaps they'll see. I kind of like Bouye this week if you're feeling frisky. All that said, these corner matchups can be as bad as picking kickers. Just make your best guess and be cool with your most well reasoned choices being completely wrong. Check to see if TEN CB Elijah Molden or LAR CB Robert Rochell are available...I'd lean them over everyone (except Fuller?). Good luck.
  2. It's the same methodology he's used with his bullpen management over the years.
  3. The plausibility is exactly why he and his team went with this strategy next. Something tells me his issues would clear up the second he was traded. As someone else noted above, Ben Simmons is going to end up being the worst ambassador for better mental health in the NBA. That's what happens when someone misrepresents themselves so clearly as Ben Simmons and his people are. My default is almost always empathy for the players and their families for what they have to endure to be a high-level professional athlete. This is a rare example so aggressious to be insulting. Insulting because national media and those in the game will, at minimum, have to take it somewhat serious or risk being called out (unlike a random poster on a message board), but it's even more insulting to fellow players, coaches, and staff that make their living in a highly competitive and pressure-soaked environment. Especially those that really do have to deal with mental health issues as a result...not those driven by a continued strategy to force their way out of town and/or a desire to get paid until they are successful.
  4. We've come a long way with respecting mental health concerns. I'm glad this is occurring. That said, nobody ####### believes Ben Simmons and this bull####. His showing up unannounced on a game day to report and his subsequent act in practice told us all we needed to know.
  5. Voted 2 - let the great American diet begin. We could use it. Joking aside, this is what happens when JIT inventory, and profit margins over every other consideration, get taken to their logical conclusions. Works great when the ripples in the water are relatively small.
  6. Sounds like you've come up with a way to potentially scalp a scalper. Interesting. If it works, the person got what they had coming. No guilt on your end.
  7. Sounds like it, Davis is worth a pickup if you need someone. CJ Mosley got banged up two weeks ago but coming off the bye he doesn't sound like a guarantee to play (we'll find out today I'd guess), so there's still hope for Quincy Williams. Even if Mosley & Davis both start this weekend I'm holding Williams in most leagues because it seems unlikely both Mosley & Davis will stay healthy in front of him.
  8. The headlines typically ensnare players, coaches, and sometimes the GM. However, true long-term disfunction in the relatively small world of NFL franchises always goes back to the owners. There's a reason the Jets have sucked on the field for a very long time...Woody Johnson is kind of an idiot when it comes to overseeing his football team. The same could be said for a handful of other organizations listed as option in the thread's poll. I'd also add Las Vegas, Arizona, and Miami as "next up" on this list.
  9. Controversies of the week come and go, but Daniel Snyder takes the cake here as long as he owns WFT. Until that changes, the answer to the question of most dysfunctional franchise starts at #2.
  10. A few tidbits before week 7: DE HOU DE Jonathan Greenard has been a beast of late and is/was available in several of my leagues. Big play potential and growing playing time is a decent combo. I’d snatch him up if a spot is available. GB DE Whitney Mercilus was mentioned in this thread a recently, now he’s signed with the Packers. With Za’Darius Smith out (for the year?) and Preston Smith dinged up, he could be in for some immediate playing time. Decent upside in big-play leagues. LB Mentioned CLE and DEN situations and options, Tonight we get the first results. Based on those, any players that spike tonight may be the big pick-ups next week if not already scooped up. Or they could be shopped if you already snapped one up. BAL LB Patrick Queen hasn’t been playing well. Now he’s starting to lose more snaps. Chuck Clark already wears the green dot, so there’s nothing keeping Queen’s snaps from dropping even more. Just last week Josh Bynes took quite a few of those snaps and played well. He could be in line for even more work. He’s 32, so we’re not talking long-term, but is a decent dice roll this season. The Eagles linebackers have been all over the place this season. Inconsistent production, odd snap totals, and weird numbers vs. those snap totals. May be nothing but I preemptively picked-up PHI LB Davion Taylor in one large roster league hoping he steals a bigger role sometime soon. Worth a watch at least. DB ARI DB Budda Baker is a personal fav, but he had a really poor point total last week. Looking into it, seems like nothing. He played 100% of the snaps, but the game wasn’t competitive and the lower than average opportunity totals went elsewhere. Just one odd week (I hope). Nothing to see there. DAL S Jayron Kearse has been remarkably consistent, notching a minimum of 3 tackles and an assist in every game (never just 3 and 1). The big plays haven’t been there, but if you need a high floor safety he’s available in a decent number of leagues. The ride may be over for KC DB Daniel Sorensen. He was exposed two weeks ago against the Bills (I started him that week and was cringing watching him). Of course, you don’t have to be a great DB to be productive in fake football, but Sorensen pushed that too far and has now lost reps to Juan Thornhill. The younger Thornhill may be worth starting if bye weeks are an issue. Sorensen is a cut. TEN CB Kristian Fulton and LAR CB Darious Williams have been placed on IR. TEN CB Elijah Molden could be a nice pick-up while LAR CB Robert Rochell is now the target starting across from Jalen Ramsey. Great short-term players to snag. As always, looking for homer input on any of these situations that you may have the local info on. As always, appreciate the confirmation or wild speculation regarding any of these situations.
  11. Bad QB, bad offense, or both would be my only concern. Juju seems like a decent talent, but he does need to land in an average or above average situation to be a difference maker. Not sure you could put him in Detroit and expect anything more than 30 other wideouts can provide. Does anyone recall the other organizations that showed interest in him last offseason?
  12. Entering 2022, Ju-Ju's team situation is up in the air, but it would seem his role would be relatively the same wherever he lands. Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I'm buying right now. Where would you rank Ju-Ju in dynasty? Other long-term thoughts/projections?
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