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  1. Silver Lining - it will take some of the media attention/pressure away from Trevor Lawrence. :dunno:
  2. Headache? Meaning they could, maybe, win a 1st round 4/5 series in the East? Then sure. IF the Knicks beat the Hawks in round 1 we'll see how much of a headache they are. ICE!!! It's the replay reviews and last three minutes that are an insulting mess of non-sense. I'd prefer to get rid of replay review entirely. Then the coaches hoard their final two timeouts for under 2 minutes and feel the need to use a third just before the 2 minute mark because they don't want to lose it. If NBA games were just the final 2-5 minutes, nobody would watch. It sucks...and it should be the
  3. In post-draft interviews Micah Parsons talked about a 3-4 base being the Cowboys new defensive scheme. A little surprising considering new DC Dan Quinn ran a 4-3 in Atlanta for years. Sounds like they're going to try Parsons inside to start. Unsure what the vision to best utilize Smith, VanderEsch, and Neal is though. In Green Bay Mike McCarthy started as HC with a 4-3 but transitioned to the 3-4 in 2009. It was a known swap though when the team brought in Dom Capers and the team then used multiple 1st round picks specifically to make the scheme work (NT BJ Raji at #9 and trade
  4. What's not to love? There's a huge improvement in the quality of games we're seeing after the All-Star break. Even this season with a tighter schedule, pandemic crowds, etc. There are so many more teams with something to play for and it's shows on the court. Plus we'll get six 'March Madness' style games. I'm hoping the NBA eventually allows the #1 seed in each conference to also choose their opponent as well. This seems to ebb and flow based on health more than anything. Ja Morant has that Derrick Rose quick twitch/putting his body at risk injury concern. He's a nightly highlig
  5. Memphis - Love Ja Morant's ability to control an offense and his willingness to give the ball up. He needs to improve that shot from 3 and commit a bit more on defense. He has 'it' but needs to show a big jump in some skill each off-season. Not sure we're getting that yet. Love JJJs shot blocking and outside shot, but he's never been a great rebounder and hasn't been the type of all-NBA defender I thought he could be coming out of Mich St. Biggest frustration watching the Grizzlies is Dillon Brooks. He plays hard on defense but he's all over the place sometimes. The real problem is
  6. I'll have one of them on to unmute when the player highlight package and info is given, but some stream online will be the main watch/listen. Same with NBA Draft now for years. I don't want Olympic/reality tv like off-the-field profile pieces, endless commerical breaks, or even player interviews (where they inevitably will show us their shoes or the lining of their jacket). With three options, couldn't they at least give us one where it's just hardcore football without the fluff that commentators like Howard, Herbstreit, and McFarland "add"? One where they just announce the picks, show
  7. I'm fine with whatever. Typically my wife will buy some when they are on discount. Lately she's found some good deals on Yankee Candle. There's no way I'd pay retail for them (which may be true of most items really? 😄), but they're good quality.
  8. He was ####### busy. Highly recommend 'In and of Itself'. Fantastic. These laugh tracks are on most of the Nickelodeon shows the kids will have on. It makes the horrible shows even worse. Cringe worthy. In an attempt to steer them away from that crap (when covid hit a year ago we would watch an episode a day during lunch), we started with "Last Airbender" and now we're on "Wonder Years". Both very good for you and kids (7 and 10 year olds). He's so funny. Same with Norm McDonald for me. Enjoy both but get why some would hate them with a passion. Classic Norm
  9. Prefer candles myself. That may not be practical for those with young kids, rambunctious animals, etc. though. Also use Lysol, Febreez, or a similar product that can do more than just cover up the problem.
  10. Tobias Harris looks like the Weeknd. Steven Adams looks like Jason Mamoa. It's not just him. The constant ref-whining is one of the items the league needs to clean up this offseason. Not saying we need Joey Crawford back to T everyone up, but they have to legislate it out a bit somehow. Same with the Euro foul that eliminates fast break opportunities, slows the game down, and takes away some of the most entertaining play possibilities. Make that a free throw plus the ball and eliminate the current incentive by the defenders to simply foul in those situations. This needs to
  11. Long-time GM in Zealots looking to expand knowledge, take on new fantasy football challenge. Please PM if the following league fit has a manager opening: uses 2 copies of each player Superflex IDP Would prefer TE premium or start 2 and a league that uses LeagueSafe (or similar product for $ guarantee) but not a deal-breaker Thanks.
  12. If that one thing is stupid, then yes, it's only one thing. 😉 Heard on a podcast (NYT's The Daily?) that some employers are requiring their employees go to the clinic, even if it's simply to opt out (to receive a written opt out). Many that are required to go to the clinic to opt out end up just getting the vaccine because they're already there, pressure of opting out when other co-workers are getting it, etc. That's such a small hurdle to jump. Hopefully other leaders find ways to incentivize getting the vaccine. Like the NFL requiring less daily/weekly covid related hurdles once
  13. There are plenty of options available to make a room smell nice, so why support some pseudo-science type product (as you alluded to with the "some people are into more" reference)? Plus, these things are ridiculously expensive. The second I saw my sister-in-law had one...I knew it was only a matter of time at our house. Thankfully it didn't catch on over here. Just say no. 😉
  14. 😄 Team Trader Jake won the regular season title, but couldn't sustain the momentum in the BIS or Pantheon. I now know how Dirk Nowitzki felt in 2007. 🤕
  15. Great draft overall, and I'll echo others giving props to Yo Mama - excellent idea, execution, and administration. We all know it wasn't easy, but you made it look that way. Thank you very much for keeping this thing on the rails throughout. Thanks!
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