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  1. In 2079 will Los Angeles still be counting titles won in Minneapolis? If so, let the battles wage on. As you should be. Long-term, Embiid's health has to be a concern and Ben's inability to shoot becomes a bigger issue as the games become more important. When did this happen? The Hornets are now an entertaining league pass team, but they have to do more than make the correct pick at 1.03 to become a legit organization. BTW - I find myself wanting to see the following line-up more than I should: Bridges/Monk/Ball/Rozier/Graham....because that puts the uniform numbers 0,
  2. Video reviews are out of control. I'd prefer they get rid of it altogether. Totally ruins the end of close games now. ...and, let's go to the Elam ending while we're fixing the ends of basketball games.
  3. They should want more than that. The 1/30th each franchise makes off the expansion fees, they then 'only' get 1/32 in future tv revenue, etc down the line. By expanding they really end up (in essence) taking out a no-interest loan with some long-term downside. Not sure I'd want to do that as one of those 32 governors unless the franchise fee was higher. Those tv deals are going to shoot up in a few years.
  4. That was the most pathetic ending to a game in the most pathetic season of football. The NFL needs some new leadership.
  5. @Doug Bwas easily the FBG of the year 2020. His knowledge, accurate information, and consistency were amazing. As important, the tone of posts were spot on to keep conversations going where people felt heard and respected. Major props to Doug B.
  6. Congratulations to all the GMs with Alvin Kamara in their title game starting lineup. Championship!!!!
  7. At least the Warriors were an NBA dynasty. The Sixers lost a lot of games intentionally and since then they've consistently been in the news for the wrong reasons. Substance > Drama
  8. Get rid of the conference championship games and make this happen. If some of the big programs are worried about the number of games played, they can get rid of one of those early season directional school beat downs.
  9. Congrats on the win Charger fans. After all the last minute losses, that had to feel good against the Raiders. Some new head coach is going to get a heck of a quarterback and a really talented team to lead next season.
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