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  1. No worries, it's all good. Probably read more harshly than intended. It's odd when these "personal situations" arise and the reason doesn't get stated from the jump (or enough to quell rumors). The speculation out there tends to be way, way out there vs what it typically ends up being. If the guy is having mental health issues, his mom is ill, or whatever people will understand.
  2. Wow. There's speculation and then there's what you posted above. That's, well, a lot of 1+1=3 type logic. There are three categories of fake football information: Category 1 - things we know. This is the category to largely base your decisions on. Teams show their hand during the NFL draft, contracts, with playing time, etc. Category 2 - things we don't know. This is the category to largely NOT base your decisions on. Teams do NOT show their hand with coach/player interviews, injury designations other than "out", via their on-line platforms, etc. What you posted above is Category 3. Wild speculation to be largely ignored. It's not helpful and seems much more likely to lead to incorrect conclusions than to be accurate. This is what some fans will consume watching hot take shows or while trolling Twitter for the real info. I don't post this to bash you or anyone else that posts their opinion on this, or any other, football topic. Those type of posts can sometimes make the message board here at FBGs great. I just felt your conclusions here go way too far astray to be helpful. Just my 2 cents. Hope Will Fuller all the best with whatever is going on.
  3. CMC on pace for: 1,666 rushing yards/1,513 receiving yards (153 catches) 😄
  4. Link "Facebook maintains a secret program to exempt athletes, politicians, and other high-profile users from its typical moderation process, according to The Wall Street Journal. The program is reportedly meant to stop “PR fires,” or bad press caused by pulling down photos, posts, and other content from high-profile users that should have been allowed to stay up. In reality, the program just lets these users break the rules in ways that would have gotten most people into trouble, according to the report. The program is known as XCheck, or “cross check,” and it’s ostensibly meant to provide additional quality control around moderation when it comes to high-profile users, according to the Journal. Posts from users flagged for XCheck are supposed to be routed to a set of better-trained moderators to ensure Facebook’s rules are properly enforced. But the program reportedly protected 5.8 million people as of 2020, and just 10 percent of posts that hit XCheck actually get reviewed, according to a document seen by the Journal." ... Yet another example of the social media site being ####ty.
  5. Postgame Burnes said he had to fight just to go in for the 8th. Brew Crew 1st no-hitter thrown by Nieves: Last out w/Yount
  6. I find him incredibly compelling. At LSU he was an absolute shooting/offensive force in the Davidson Steph Curry mold. He could handle the rock and shoot the lights out. He was automatic at the line and was explosive enough to later be in the NBA slam dunk contest. That said, the most compelling stories with Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf may be off the court. 25 years ago he had the same stance as Colin Kaepernick regarding the flag in the USA. The controversy would have been even bigger now, but even then it was all over and he had to deal with a lot. There were plenty of protests, he was suspended, some knuckleheads in Denver went into a mosque and played the star Spangled Banner, years later the family house he was building was burned down, etc. Great, great shooter that is a historically underrated player because he played prior to the data driven changes in game strategy taking hold. I also remember he had obvious facial tics due to Tourettes (to me at the time this seemed impossible for an elite athlete to overcome). Today he'd be a starting 1 playing alongside another defensive guard that could also share the ballhandling duties. Back then too many people just didn't know what to make of an athlete like Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and that probably hurt his NBA career as much as anything. If he came around now the game on the court would definitely be to his benefit, but would it be different off the court? I'd like to believe so, but I'm not entirely sure.
  7. Haven't watched Ted Lasso yet myself, but one of my friends (with solid movie/book/tv taste) loves the show. He said season 2 isn't nearly as good as season 1, so I asked if he was going to keep watching. He said, "Yup. I almost stopped watching The Wire after season 2. (Ted Lasso) gets the same leeway." I didn't mind S2 of The Wire as much as some, but I get what he's saying. Just the fact he even brought up a show in any reference to The Wire tells me I probably should check Ted Lasso out. Season 1 at least. 😋
  8. Not constructive GG123. It's not a matter of intelligence, it's a matter of motivated reasoning and/or confirmation bias. Plenty of intelligent people rationalize all kinds of decisions they make. Myself included. At a certain point you just have to let adults make their own decisions and let them live with the consequences. Ideally those decisions wouldn't potentially have adverse effects (like passing Covid along to others) but what else can you do? Influence those close to you when possible, keep discussions factual, and be empathetic. Almost everything else is counterproductive.
  9. For those of you that would still enjoy hearing Petty played live, "Southern Accents" is really, really good cover band. From Nashville but they play the Midwest a lot. Not a big fan of cover bands, but they are legit. Great collection. Big, big fan of Dominic Fike and his cover of "King of Venus" is exceptional. I'm still bummed he had to cancel Lollapalooza...was going to see his show the day before at House of Blues in Chicago. Very excited for his second record. The song 'Serotonin" fits your description perfectly. Not my thing, but that song is catchy as hell. Greta is much better as a listen. Then I saw them on SNL and I just can't shake the visual. It's music, so who cares, right? I'd agree, but I just can't shake the way they look when they play. :shiver: Banger by Modest Mouse. Great chorus. "Kiss my ###. 'Cause your girlfriend still loves me!!!" :blues god: Love me some RL Burnside (& JSBX)! :raises hand:. Pinkerton is still my favorite Weezer record. Agree with you on skits, they usually are horrible. However, I did think the ones in the Savage Mode 2 release (w/ Morgan Freeman) were really good and added something.
  10. In coaching, you teach the behavior or you allow it to continue. The 76ers organization isn't getting the job done and must take their share of the blame here. For years their medical staff was among the very worst, their former GM was fired for burner accounts (and whatever other stupid decisions he was making behind the scenes), and the organization failed to hold their players to an acceptable level of accountability for years. Etc, etc, etc. Last year with the addition of Morey and Doc the team appeared to make some strides toward being a good organization, but that's one season in Simmons career. The damage had already been done and what we're seeing now is just the end game of previous mistakes.
  11. People are more likely to laugh at the (below average) act on stage if the previous comic just bombed.
  12. Disappointed Al Cahawlik couldn't make it. Must have been at a different meeting.
  13. The Jags appear to be doing a year 1 Productive Struggle. 😁
  14. This, unfortunately. Stinky bait. Glad to read you are now pro-empathy though.
  15. On the above, we wholeheartedly agree. Sadly, I'm not sure facts are especially motivating though. Seeing negative impacts first hand may be the sole motivating factor for some that are dug in on the issue. This may be as severe as seeing a loved one in the hospital or as simple as not being able to attend an event without proof of vaccination. To your health perspective, I'm one of those extremely healthy individuals in my mid-40s. As much as anything, I'm realistic that "by doing the right things" I put myself in a better position to fight off illness/disease/negative effects of covid should I get it/etc, but it's all a crapshoot to a certain extent. A healthy, 30 year-old jogger can suffer a heart attack while the chain-smoking 90 year-old keeps puffing along. Of course the odds are against that unhealthier person, but simply showing healthy people fighting Covid off and then showing unhealthy people suffering dire consequences won't substantially improve vaccination rates. Just like it hasn't greatly improved people's food choices or levels of physical activity for a very long time now. People know the basic facts of calories in vs calories out and they do what they do. With Covid and vaccination efforts...we'd be wise to avoid that model of motivation because we already know it doesn't materially impact those that need to be motivated most. At this point I'm entirely unsure what will motivate more people to get vaccinated, but I hope someone does. I'm glad more people are like you trying to come up with something, anything, that will do so. Continued luck MOP, keep your chin up.
  16. Nobody is bulletproof here, even if it's mainly the risk of them passing it on to others. If the only ones not getting vaccinated were the healthiest 10% (or some similar cohort) we'd be in much better shape. Instead we are where we are...hoping a large enough percentage of people do the right thing to help minimize the risks to us all. It's just risk mitigation. For you, for those you come in contact with, and for those they come into contact with, etc. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin Franklin was on to something there. The Covid vaccine is prevention, not cure.
  17. It is political, dispute what you may desire. Bait and switches ultimately backfire. This would only confuse the issue more, therefore making the situation worse for us all.
  18. This same argument was out there after the Knicks made their slew of offseason signings this year. Having matching salaries can certainly help a GM make the move for a name player/larger salary. However, bad contracts are bad contracts and would require even more draft assets to offset their damage if a deal is out there to be had. Unless a team has three huge contracts and sheds almost everything else but mins and low vets, they can figure it out if a superstar wants to get there via trade. Explaining to fans why overpayments for non-star players makes sense because of potential future trades seems like a real stretch.
  19. Agreed, at the draft I was higher on Moody than Kuminga as a potential game 1 contributor this season, but watching Summer League it appears the Warriors hit on both selections. Moody looks to be an Ariza-style player that knows what he's doing and should be able to play well alongside the established Warriors stars. Kuminga flashed that high upside potential and looks like a steal. GSW fans may not like this, but he reminds me of Harrison Barnes, but with a young Melo level of physicality. Just can't see Kuminga being inserted as a starter ahead of Wiggins. It's tough not to get excited about him as a prospect, but Wiggins fits better as a starter to mix and match with Steph/Klay/Draymond/Wiseman(?). I'd prefer to see Kuminga enter the game mid/late 1st when the first non-big gets their first breather. Will be interesting to see how Kerr elects to work in Moody as well. With Poole, Porter Jr, JTA, Looney, Bjelica, and Iggy's return the Warriors look to have some incredible depth this season.
  20. The number of "parenting groups" going after school boards is the latest rage. We're seeing it locally and there's a video from Franklin, Tennessee making the rounds today. link The amount of misinformation out there is wild.
  21. Even worse, some of these groups forward their agenda to lawmakers...who are so lazy that the same agenda typos can later be found in law proposals. We get what we vote for.
  22. We must have different magic 8 balls than each other good buddy. Yours appears to rely a bit much on a zero sum game style future. Humans rarely "consume less because they have too" and more often move toward different types of consumption or other solutions. People didn't just use less whale blubber for their lamps and slowly suffer a less illuminated world...they improvised, discovered, and invented their way out of the impending problem. The same will occur with copper alternatives, various rare earth elements, etc. As climate change continues, more and more people/companies/governments will eventually put in their time, energy, and resources into solving the problems. It doesn't mean the solutions will be easy (see vaccines and masks of late) but eventually humans will find ways to adapt. If we've "reached peak Earth for the next 100 years" and "1-2 billion people die" that would seem to be in the bottom 1% of outcomes to me. Paradigm shifts, advancements in technology, and an acceptance of facts can occur much more quickly when the problems become too big to ignore. Are we there yet with climate change? Not sure, but more and more seem to be noticing real problems now. It's getting difficult to ignore.
  23. The invisible hand will only move the exact amount it has to in order to maximize profits and stay within a relatively safe legal zone. Any other goal is so far removed from consideration it almost doesn't exist. An outright ban seems counterproductive at this point. Something has to change though. Thankfully (based on Culdeus' post above) industries will largely move without being compelled to do so with self improvements to protect us all. Like when cigarette companies added labels and restricted advertising, car companies willingly increased safety standards, lead was removed from gasoline by petroleum companies, etc etc etc. The magic of corporations doing the right thing without being forced to through legislative acts...awesome!!
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