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  1. Hey all, I'm firing up a new dynasty with tiered PPR, superflex, and full IDP with scoring that rivals some of the top offensive players. I tried to set it up to not only balance the value of players on offense, but to increase IDP value as well. Follow link to check out settings, bylaws, and scoring. https://www62.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/60958#0 Fees are $55 per season and I don't hold your future year's entry fee as ransom. However, I require that you pay for the following year's entry fee when you trade your first round pick, and/or multiple draft picks. I've always thought this was a more fair way to approach it, and I haven't been burnt yet in over ten years (knocks on wood ) Hoping to kick off the draft on 5/31 after Memorial Day Weekend but we can start earlier if everyone is on board and ready. PM me for more details. Looking for people who have at least three years experience with IDP dynasty leagues. Also need to be an active owner who is familiar with player values in this format. Sean
  2. Invite sent from Falcons...a few more to fill to backfill guys who didn't pay.
  3. I now have two openings..A couple guys backed out at time of payment. Please drop your email here or DM me if you're interested.
  4. Joe - are you still interested in joining? I had one owner jump out now that payment is due. To others - I still have several not paid so please leave your info, if interested, since there is a chance that there will be more openings. Thanks
  5. Joe - sorry, but we appear to be full. There is always the chance that someone doesn't pay (especially with 32 teams) so I will keep you on speed dial. I booked eight teams yesterday.
  6. my bad - I had several teams join yesterday and I forgot to add you. You got the last spot with the Colts.
  7. awesome--down to 2 spots...FYI I just gave the Raiders away earlier this morning!
  8. yes, starting next Sunday 8/25 3 spots remaining--filled 5 spots today...redraft folks are awake now.
  9. sent you an invite from the Bills franchise but you can swap to any of the other open teams...just let me know which one you would like. Down to eight openings but some owners have said they may have referrals so there may be less. Teams are FCFS and we draft in two weeks.
  10. drafting in less than three weeks...only eight slots left to fill...come and get yours!
  11. bump-drafting in four weeks! Don't wait until the last minute to grab your spot!
  12. Invite sent - I assumed you would want the Panthers.
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