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  1. Room for one more in the 90's Sijan Club? Sunday beer league for me.
  2. Unless there is other info provided that is not in that sentence, you cannot know why the other 22 people were at the doctor, let alone definitively say the are vaccinated covid patients
  3. Well, if America's greatest hero is on board, I guess I am too.
  4. Apparently, spontaneous protests require a minimum of two months planning.
  5. Saw that thread Friday, but since I am mainly a lurker here, waited a couple days to see if anyone else would post it. Decided to go ahead this morning and sniped you by 5 minutes. Sorry bout that
  6. Interesting thread with a 5 part analysis of the movements and actions of the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers on Jan 6. Coming to the conclusion that this was a military-style plan to breach the building at multiple locations, using the larger mob as cover for their movements, and as mass to divide and distract the defenders. (The links in the original thread are to PDF's, the ones provided below are the same content as blog posts.) Or, maybe these were just tourists, just doing tourist-y things
  7. My solution for watching Brewer games: Find a friend or relative with cable who will let you use their login & password. Then stream on the FoxSportsGo app.
  8. Not sure how you can make the jump from "there is not a (singular) gay gene" to "there is no born this way" From the study:
  9. Has anyone mentioned that the stage shape resembles a Norse rune co-opted by the SS?
  10. Couple things on Hulu I don't think have been mentioned yet: "Staged" , 6 episode BBC show, essentially made via Zoom calls. The back and forth between David Tennant and Michael Sheen is quite funny. "In and of Itself", hard to describe. A 90 minute show filmed in a small NYC theater, a one-man monologue with elements of magic.
  11. Well, 40 dozen is "dozens", so he is technically correct, the best kind of correct.
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