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  1. 12 team. 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX, 1 K, 1 D. FULL PPR 1.01 Chase, Ja'Marr CIN WR (R) 1.02 Harris, Najee PIT RB (R) 1.03 Pitts, Kyle ATL TE (R) 1.04 Waddle, Jaylen MIA WR (R) 1.05 Williams, Javonte DEN RB (R) 1.06 Bateman, Rashod BAL WR (R) 1.07 Lawrence, Trevor JAC QB (R) 1.08 Smith, DeVonta PHI WR (R) 1.09 Sermon, Trey SFO RB (R) 1.10 Etienne, Travis JAC RB (R) 1.11 Lance, Trey SFO QB (R) 1.12 Marshall, Terrace CAR WR (R) 2.01 Moore, Elijah NYJ WR (R) 2.02 Carter, Michael NYJ RB (R) 2.03 Moore, Ronda
  2. Pats have played years with 6th and 7th rounders on the line. You'll be surprised how well the line looks when you have an actual threat in the backfield and an actual dual threat at TE. Good blocker and can catch.
  3. I'd be much more excited with the prospects of Saints or Cowboys. Being a Russ owner for years, it's frustrating to start him for 6 weeks at a time to get QB2 numbers and then about the time you loose faith, he puts up all-time great numbers in a game. That isn't by any doing of his own but by the game plan in Seattle. I think Russ is one of if not the best QB in the game right now but I can see his frustration. If he goes elsewhere, believe me....they'll let Russ cook.
  4. I've learned that you never try to understand the cap. Ben can stretch that 19 million over several years and others can. If they are going to try one more shot with Ben, you'll be surprised what sort of team they have next year. Losing Bush and then Dupree turned that D from "great" to "very good". Do they need JJ? No, but he may come at a discount. They were firing on all cylinders for 10 games. For one reason or another, they quit throwing the ball downfield half way through the season. That is what clogged everything up. They were running the ball effectively for 6 or 7 games this season.
  5. If Ben lowers his salary, they can keep everyone, get JJ, and add through the draft. Remember, this team was 11-0. With that D, they will compete for a title.
  6. I think you're missing how cheap Ben may play for this year. He wants one more ring and knows he's gonna have to cut his salary to do it.
  7. This. The Pats will be back next year. Losing all of the players on Defense and with the low cap numbers, the defense is going to be tops again.
  8. 12 team 1QB, 2RB, 3WR,1FX,1K,1D Team A: A Rodgers, A Jones, Hurst, 3.06 Team B: R Wilson, Ron Jones, Ruggs, 1.08
  9. I'd rather bet on talent. This guys looks legit. Also, he was free in dynasty.
  10. What was Fournette's volume? Granted he was a high draft pick but I seem to remember that he pretty much controlled the piece of the RB pie.
  11. I have Cooks and Fuller. I usually play Fuller but am going Cooks. Not liking the deep game today.
  12. I grabbed Cleveland in both of my leagues 2 weeks ago. If you have a team that's looking like a playoff team, they are grabbing them now.
  13. Not saying it can't work, but I don't like it. It also depends on how deep you are at the position. If you have Kupp, Lockett, JuJu, Fuller and Cooks.....deciding on who to start each week from HOU can be maddening. If you have Julio, Ridley and Lockett and then a bunch of WR3s or less....it makes it easier.
  14. Yes, something about starting two WRs from the same team every week. You usually won't do it. So you're stuck picking the "right" one each week and most of the time you're getting burned.
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