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  1. On 10/29/2020 at 11:59 AM, Double said:

    Washington week 9 vs NYG

    Eagles Week 10 vs NYG

    Miami week 11 vs DEN and 12 vs NYJ

    Seattle week 13 vs NYG and week 14 vs NYJ

    Cleveland week 15 vs NYG and week 16 vs NYJ

    So Seattle and Cleveland week 13 faces NYG and NYJ twice in the playoffs. Yes I’ve thought about this. The only thing is I don’t know how early to burn a roster spot to begin this plan. I’m probably going to grab Miami now since Washington nor the Eagles are available in my league.

    I grabbed Cleveland in both of my leagues 2 weeks ago. If you have a team that's looking like a playoff team, they are grabbing them now.

  2. 1 hour ago, travdogg said:

    Would it? Watson is more than capable of supporting 2 WR's, and the list of better QBs to be tied to going forward can be counted on 1 hand.

    Yes, something about starting two WRs from the same team every week. You usually won't do it. So you're stuck picking the "right" one each week and most of the time you're getting burned. :)

  3. 2 hours ago, -OZ- said:

    Interesting. I'm quite happy to keep my late firsts. I don't know if I'd trade for more, but there are some really good players who will be available later than usual. 

    Yep, the back half of the 1st round is better than it usually is. I'd still say that the top couple picks are pretty good to. I usually draft talent over landing spot but after the top 5 RBs you might have to if you want a RB. Top 6 WRs are a crap shoot. They all could be #1 or busts. Then there are 4 or 5 quality WRs after that. You're going to have a hard time trading up into the top 5. Most teams are RB starved to begin with. If you have a late first, just try to make the best pick you can. Unless you trade for a proven vet, are you going to trade for a 1st next year? Unless you are sure of getting a top 2 pick, will the back half of the 2021 draft be better than this one? I highly doubt it.

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  4. 19 hours ago, Black and Gold said:

    If the Steelers don't take a RB early in the draft, I could see them bringing Freeman in with a 2 year deal. Conner can't stay healthy and every day that goes by, Freeman gets cheaper.


    10 hours ago, pbandy1 said:

    they have Conner, Snell, and Samuels (though he's not really an RB)... figured if they were going to draft/sign someone it would be someone with some speed. Freeman doesn't make sense to me. Maybe McFarland or Darrynton Evans in the later rounds.

    I think Samuels is a cut casualty. He had his opportunity last year and bombed. He was/is considered to be their 3rd down guy. So I'm looking for someone with hands, not necessarily top notch speed. The local writers that I've been listening to think the Steelers first 3 positions to go in the draft will be WR, RB and OL. They have 1 2nd and 2 3rds. Of course they could use the 2nd rounder on a RB and all would be moot but I think they could possibly bring in a guy like Freeman to hedge their bets. I think they do like Snell but he's more or less just a pounder and I don't think they have any confidence that Conner can stay healthy.

  5. On 12/5/2019 at 11:37 AM, Broncobiv said:

    Nobody has faith in Tennessee this week?  They're @ OAK who have been giving up a ton of points to opposing D's the last 3 games (7 turnovers and 2 TD's).  I'm thinking of ditching PHI for them.


    On 12/5/2019 at 12:09 PM, DocHolliday said:

    TN should be a solid choice.  Oakland has no WRs.   Carr is average.  

    With Jacobs possibly out and Tenn rolling towards the playoffs.....this is my pick.

  6. 6 hours ago, Biabreakable said:

    Of course.

    Makes sense. I just think a poor job of player evaluation.

    It's three games. I don't think anyone can evaluate a rookie RB after three games. Especially one that wasn't drafted to start from the start anyways. Darwin is in the same camp as Henderson. Only Henderson has an injured stud in front of him. Darwin has two JAGs.

  7. OK...with Darwin's meteoritic rise up the ranks, wouldn't this be a great time to try and sell in dynasty? See what you can get for him from the D. Williams owner? I mean, I'm a believer in Thompson...I gave up a 2020 2nd during our rookie draft in May to move up and get him in the early 3rd, but...this is getting a little crazy. I'm in no way a believer of Williams and although the Chiefs have had top tier RBs in their stable....the position has mostly been a revolving door in KC. Would you trade him for a 2020 1st? I think I would.

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  8. 5 hours ago, dkp993 said:


    Henderson should have standalone value and he's fills the "pass catching back" that McVay has wanted. If Gurley would to go down with injury, Brown would pick up some of that work but I would imagine that Henderson would also pick up at least 25% of Gurley's touches. Give me Henderson all day over Brown. No way Brown steps in and takes Gurely's full workload.

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