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  1. Great #####ing posting.This is where I differ with SSOG. I would rather have the Green Ahern side. I think it is highly likely that the best statistical season of both Victor Cruz and Gronk have already occurred. Past point production of players produces past championships. I think AJ Green and Ahern can both take another step forward. How much longer will Brady play? Will Dalton further develop? Does Welker depart and if so does Ahern profit the most from that event? Does Cruz's dropsies continue and Eli loses trust in him? To look at past PPG differential means little to me. I would take the future upside and age differences into account as well. I also feel that AJ Green is more likely to remain an elite option for a longer time frame due to position as opposed to Gronk. Elite WR is a safe fantasy asset. Having elite WR's on your team allows you more roster flexibility to concentrate on taking flyers on RB's that could emerge.
  2. You think that Rice's limit in usage came from Cam and not the organization? All we heard all offseason was about how the organization wanted to give the ball to Flacco more. You think an OC who has historically used his RBs like crazy suddenly just decided not to do it this year?For fantasy running backs, Cam is just about the best thing that can happen to them. He's had a 2000 yard RB in 6 of his 10 seasons (7 if you consider that Ronnie Brown was well on his way when he got hurt in his only year with Cam) and a top 5 fantasy RB in every season but two. Every running back he's called plays for has almost instantly become a top 3 dynasty asset. His system completely revolves around the running back. One year away from that with pressure from up above and suddenly everyone forgets that.Nothing else needs to be said here. Cam is great for utilizing a RB in an offense period.
  3. In my main two QB leagueBrady for Cobb and a 1st
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