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  1. Wanted to check in on the Christmas Day NBA Unders. Wasn’t that a thing?
  2. Terrible Saturday leads to Chase Sunday. Here's what you've been missing: NE/Mia U48.5 Boys -5 Steelers -4 Cards +13 Titans -3 Bangles PK Rams -120 Pack -2.5 Teased: Lions +7.5 Giants +8 Texans -2 Chiefs -1 Broncos +8 Falcons +7.5 Browns -1/2 All. Against Each other. Because I hate money evidently. Go team.
  3. Hilarious lol. He’s a piece of work but he knows his CBB. Way better than I know CFB evidently
  4. 3M matchups: M. Hughes O Laird (-125) Niemann O DeChambeau (+140) Also put .4U on Niemann to win the Open at +15000
  5. It’s summer time. Too busy golfing and sucking at betting baseball to post much 💁‍♂️
  6. Clemson makes playoffs -300 to win 2U Steelers win AFC North +175
  7. Playoff hockey 3P overs are now 22-6 I believe. I’ve been playing them all for 2U
  8. It's been 10 days or so, time to jump in. If you're tailing, tread lightly, still a lot of unknowns. That being said: Twins(+119), Nats (-124), Cubs/Brew O9 (-115), Stros/A's F5 U4.5 (EV), Pads TT O4.5 (+105), Rangers F5 TT O2.5 (+105), Red Sox (-116) GLTA
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