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  1. 1 Qb 6pt td , Ppr . What is Jackson worth ? What should I offer
  2. I have Derrick Henry is the 1.01 and Lamar Jackson fair value ?
  3. I can acquire Hunt with the 1.07. I am the Nick Chubb Owner and I am the guy in the previous post that gave up the 1.05 for Amari Cooper I’m not sure I’m making the right choices but my question is what’s worth more the 1.07 or Kareem Hunt and should I do it? I also currently have the 1.03 and a couple of 2nd round picks.
  4. I love the insight thankyou it’s hard not to pick rookies early
  5. I’m not sure I am an Ekeler guy in dynasty he’s been in the league a little bit. I like Sanders and I’m a huge fan of Michael Warren and I know he’s udfa but if you look at this kids tape he’s worth stashing. Love the wrs and qb but isn’t it weird all the podcasts and mocks are drafting metcalf, Ridley . I guarantee these guys will be drafted ahead of the adp .
  6. Thanks for the feedback I love me some CEH and Johnathan Taylor but if I go one with them do I go both and pass on a Kittle. I feel like Kittle might give me that upside advantage for a startup dynasty I’m not sold on it .
  7. I would like some insight on how I should approach this strategy wise with the new picks I acquired. So I’m in an Interesting position in this Startup. I will bullet all the factors and assets I have attained through trades. *** I was in the 3 rd spot on the draft board for a snake format. Throughout the draft I have that 3rd draft position but I decided to move picks. I was offered the 1.13 for my 2nd and 5 th rd picks which I took. Then I moved back from the 1.03 to the 1.07 for a 3 rd rounder. I then sold the 1.07 for a 2nd, 4th and a 2021 1st. So I am currently sitting with :
  8. 8 year league . Never won made it to playoffs 6 out of 8 years. Sorry I didn’t update you. It’s a ppr league but tes get 1.5 a reception. 4 we/te spots 2 rb two wr/rb/te flex spots and 1 qb spot. 4pt passing td. My roster is : Qb: Newton, Goff, Lock Rb: Jordan Howard, Derek Henry, Nick Chubb, Jk. Dobbins, Zach Moss, Micheal Warren,Reggie Bonnafon Wr: Tyler Boyd, Cole Beasley, Sammy Watkins, Chris Conley, Antonio Golden Gandy, Mecole Hardman, Allen Lazard, Van Jefferson, Collin Johnson, Denzel Mims, James Proche, Courtland Sutton, Jonnu Smith, CJ Uzomah, Albert Okwuegb
  9. Is chase Claypool and AJ Dillon worth a 2021 1st rounder? Projected middle of the round leaning to back end. Thanks for help
  10. Who won this trade? Team A: gave MIKE Evans +3rd 2021 Team B: gave TYLER BOYD + Zach moss+ 1st 2021. I was TEAM A and got Boyd,moss and 1st Im having traders remorse or something like that lol please let me know
  11. Is there a thread where I can check dynasty startup draft results ? thanks in advance
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