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  1. So what were the grades on the beers? The Treehouse ones are generally my go to.
  2. Package received, thanks! Great job! Two cans dented, no other injuries, no leaks. All beverages in the fridge for later. The important question now becomes what to cook for dinner to go with this selection. Who knew there were so many breweries out there near you? That Fisher Beer logo reminds me of the old Schaeffer logo. The absolute haul from @The Dreaded Marco: https://imgur.com/4nSDcBX
  3. That estimate assumed no mitigation at all. No masks, no distancing, everyone just continued on like it was 2019. It's entirely reasonable to think 2 million deaths would be possible in such an environment.
  4. The bolded seems extremely unlikely. If there's one demographic that I feel confident will break hard rather than be "in-play", it's the demographic of Donald Trump himself.
  5. Do you have any evidence, even anecdotal, to support the position that she takes her district for granted? For that matter, is your opinion that she takes her district for granted moreso than other representatives? At some level, this is an odd criticism at all. House members, while they ostensibly represent their districts, cannot write or vote for legislation that applies only to their own districts. We criticize them when they add pork that benefits only their district. In a general sense, how would a House member not "take their district for granted"?
  6. I believe most prestamped ballots are not first-class (i.e. a regular stamp), but marked as bulk instead, and could take longer, especially given recent attempts to undermine such delivery.
  7. I'm assuming there will still be wall-to-wall coverage on every station.
  8. Without getting into a whole lot of other stuff, the only new science required for such a 180 would be a reversal of the bolded, not a change in mask science (with regard to effectiveness). If scientists discovered that transmission is mostly via droplets or aerosol, rather than via fomites, that would completely explain a reversal of the mask position.
  9. If she only got those states last year, that may explain the 2016 surprise of her losing!
  10. There are two separate arguments here, and the distinction is important. If someone states, "The WHO and some US medical professionals performed poorly in March," that's a valid statement. If someone states, "if masks are so great, why didn't they tell us that in March" or "I don't wear a mask because the WHO told me not to," that's purely an exercise in trying to excuse Trump's current behavior and the individual's current inclination not to wear a mask.
  11. No, I'm good I'll continue to post my view on things as I see them. Why are you using an alias? This isn't a subjective thing. He literally did not shut down travel. He stopped some Chinese citizens from coming here. Nothing else. You can keep repeating your claim, but it won't make it any more true.
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