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  1. I cut the whole package with a utility knife. It's fun to take the mangled package back to the store if I have to return it.
  2. Big government is no better when it comes to reducing waste.
  3. This is part of my point though. Wouldn't using less packaging ultimately add to their bottom line?
  4. Reese's peanut butter cups with the mini reese's pieces inside?
  5. Doesn't all the other plastic that ends up in the oceans pose just as much of a danger? Serious question, I truly don't know.
  6. Agreed. I don't understand the concept of making a bottle only to fill half of it with air. In an age of process efficiency, and squeezing every last dollar of profit out of a business, it's crazy to me that companies wouldn't make smaller bottles just to save money on materials.
  7. Yes! I utter more profanity opening presents on Christmas morning than I do the rest of the year combined. It's ridiculous! To those saying it's for security purposes, I completely agree. I know some of it is for marketing, some for safety during shipping, and some for discouraging theft, but it's absolutely ridiculous. I just wish people would get worked up as much about this as they did straws. Somebody smarter than I am could save companies millions (billions?) by inventing something that solved for all 3 but still managed to cut down on waste.
  8. I just don't understand how people can get so worked up over straws, but I have heard little to no talk of making changes to this type of packaging. I had not heard of the waste-free packaging on Amazon, but I will be looking for it now that I know it's there.
  9. Good luck to your son and to your family. Clearly, you did something right. Please thank him for his service.
  10. Maybe I just missed all the talk, but where are all the demands for manufacturers to cut out waste that is mainly used to make items look pretty when sitting on a shelf? I'm talking about the ridiculous amounts of plastic, cardboard, twist-ties, clips, etc. that accompanies the actual toy, that goes directly to the trash can or recycle bin upon opening? We're banning straws, but when I open my son's Bakugan, there's significantly more packaging than there is toy. The little dollhouse my daughter got for her birthday had almost a half a cubic foot of cardboard and plastic tie-downs that went st
  11. I was hoping for a completely different link. 😞
  12. Reminds me...I should clean mine out. Probably leaves in there from the last storm. Thanks Leroy!
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