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  1. Mayo cheeser convert here but we just got a new 4 Slicer from Kohl’s for like $50
  2. Also you’re going to want to transfer from Coinbase to a 3rd party wallet like Blockchain then to the book. Transferring from the exchange direct to sportsbook can get your account shut down also make sure to check for a signup bonus, you’ll probably get 100% bonus on first time bitcoin deposit i know some guys are using Gemini instead of Coinbase as well not sure if you can do direct exchange or not with that
  3. Yeah although @otb_lifer was the one that really put in the major work in those and he left too
  4. Got a nice steak torta off a food truck the other day. Love a good torta
  5. I thought it was longer but didn’t have exact notes, and yeah, 2 weeks seems excessive, but it is what it is
  6. He made a comment about not going to Chuck E Cheeze for the pizza or something like that in a thread where a guy was complaining about dudes creeping on his teen daughters at the mall
  7. Lengthy ban, last I heard he didn’t really see much reason to return
  8. Hmmm I usually go with a Porky Pig reference here...maybe a regional thing?
  9. There’s a few genuine LOLs but most of them read like excerpts from Readers Digest
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