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  1. I quoted the post exactly. What are you talking about?
  2. What? Are you sure you should be at a keyboard right now?
  3. It was you. Might have been the "Daily reminder thread" I can find the post if you'd like? I'll leave that up to you. I never turn down a dare. You have about 2 mins to delete before I find it. But it was 100% you
  4. Hey bud, weren't you just complaining the other day about people using the emote? Just sayin'
  5. You know those tags on mattresses that are illegal to remove. Welp. I've got news for you.
  6. Well, Ice Cube just went from about +1000 to +10000000000000000 times a google times infinity today. So we can rule him out. I'm still holding out hope for Zack De La Rocha
  7. Ripping down the confederate statues I do NOT support. They may be a reminder of racism in many eyes, but more importantly, they are a nice reminder about losers and racists getting their asses kicked.
  8. Machine Gun Kelly w Travis Barker cover Killing In The Name with powerful protest images in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBTQFByJWiE
  9. Apparently the woman speaking is an author, it's not "Czarina Harris" - just wanted to clear that up. Her name is Kimberly Jones.
  10. I want to share a few things with my white friends who support the Black Lives Matter movement. I do not wish to engage in arguments either but there are 2 links that I think, for those white people who want to support, instead of trying to be "woke" or brag about it on twitter or re-tweet stuff. This article is a must read. It's very quick as a read and straight to the point and really changed me a lot. Keep in mind, the intended audience is for white folks who want to support the BLM movement - this is powerful stuff: https://sojo.net/articles/our-white-friends-desiring-be-allies (ETA: this article is 3 years old, long before the George Floyd murder). Lastly - for anyone who saw Last Week Tonight and was interested in the entire 6 minute interview with the young lady at the end. I found it very powerful as well. Must watch for anyone who has an opinion, not just those who sympathize with the BLM movement https://twitter.com/CzarinaHarris/status/1269051435259514883 ETA: I came across these things while I was doing research on how to be an ally after protesting in my city all weekend. All I want to do is help, not sit on my ### and re-tweet memes. This isn't propaganda or similar - this is just research if you're like me and want to be an ally.
  11. Heading back out to the protests tonight in Providence. See my last post for how it went and I feel. Will write a report when I get home. ❤️ to all of you.
  12. I protested tonight in Providence RI which was one of the biggest protests in the nation tonight. Protestors were cool. Even 30 mins after curfew the police refused to use any force on anyone. The governor came out after curfew to talk to the people. The police never moved a muscle on someone YET... A. I'm lucky to live in a cool state B. after being recognized and allowed to protest for 5 hours+ people are continuing to try to incite C. At this point it's hard for me to feel bad if you're still out there and have an issue. We had a pre-set curfew, we broke it, the governor came out to the center of the protest to speak POST curfew, but people kept insisting. Also, I'm a huge liberal, but it's time to give the cops and government a break in states like this. cmon guy, we had an awesome night and went home and even post-curfew the cops didnt move a muscle. ETA: Your mileage may vary depending on the state.
  13. Don't think you're missing anything TBH the way you described it here. Let them resign. There was no reason for that. And even if a mistake was a made, there was no reason for 39 officers to walk past him while he was bleeding out of his ####### ear.
  14. It's going well honestly. It's such a small state and so many of the idiots are so spread out it's been a pretty quiet night. And yes, it's a very cool state to live in. Lots of sense of community here. ETA: Because I live in the only city in the smallest state and downtown I can hear everything. I did hear on the police scanner there was a fire at my favorite hot dog place about 3 mins from my house and if that burned down, I'd have probably been in tears or jail right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VojFTGh8GY - In case there's any confusion - we call them wieners, not hot dogs, here. Turned out someone set a trash can on fire outside
  15. If you're looking or it, you'll hear just about everything. No one on a bullhorn was screaming kill all police. I'll let Rush Limbaugh break it all down for me though.
  16. It's un-editorialized reality though (for right or wrong). I'm sorry the truth hurts to see with your own eyes. T&P. Seems kind of snowflakey to not be able to deal with the reality of what's going on. (also this never actually happened, I've had the stream on from start to finish every night from start to finish, you're literally just making #### up)
  17. Honestly as a devout catholic and Republican. I'm going to choose to go against the words of my bishop and priests and their disdain for what our president did, and err on the side of a publicity stunt done by a life long philanderer, thrice married, who likes grabbing women by their #####.
  18. Only good thing about Garden City is there's pretty much one way in and one way out, as massive as it is. Not a lot of places to hide if you get caught in that area looting. Which is a good thing
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