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  1. I'm starting Mike Davis over him, but that's in a league where I'm the favorite and already have a big game from some Cowboys in the bank. Davis feels like a better floor, but if I was in a 50/50 matchup I'd probably go with Ty'Son.
  2. (Whispers) Roughly 99% of the people playing fantasy just want some quick advice for their fun hobby. If everyone who isn't cross-checking predictions gives it up, sites like this cease to exist.
  3. I'm rolling with him today, due to a lack of options. Prepared to eat a low score, but the upside is there if he gets anything close to a regular workload.
  4. Leaning to using Pollard over a pile of not-great flex options in non-PPR: McKissic, Snell, Ito Smith, D. Harris, JuJu, Gus Edwards... what a mess. But I'm in a matchup with a better team and think Pollard has the highest ceiling, even if he could also do next to nothing.
  5. What's his contract status? Any chance he's back in a big role in KC?
  6. Same choice here and just don't have the guts to bench Watson after all this time.
  7. Glad to see but can't see him sticking around, game is over and he's getting killed back there.
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