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  1. Thanks guys, appreciate the feedback. I've been at it for a few years now but honestly I've never really stuck to one strategy and feel like every week so far this season I kill my bankroll and just hope to get lucky and hit a big GPP. But maybe sticking to mostly cash and playing more of those smaller single entry GPPs is the way to go.
  2. Has anyone ever won a decent sized tournament here? Just curious. I'm starting to move off cash and play more GPPs and just wondering what's the best strategy. If I'm only playing 5 lineups, is it better to enter a $22 contest with 16,000 entries where you can max enter or a $25 single entry contest with only 4,000 entries? Obviously the $22 one has a better payout. Still trying to figure out what the best GPP games are to play though. Usually I enter 1 Milly Maker and a few other $5 or under GPPs, a few of them being single entry ones, and usually only end up making my money back lol. Don't mean to derail the conversation, just looking for some feedback.
  3. 7-0 against playoff teams this season. Beat the #1, #2, and #3 ranked teams in DVOA in the postseason. Facing Philip Rivers, Patrick Mahomes and then Jared Goff, the Patriots defense allowed them to complete just 50 percent of their passes combined (60-of-120). Not much anyone can say about that.
  4. The Chiefs and Rams were the two highest scoring teams in the highest scoring season in NFL history. Time it took them each to score a point vs the Patriots in the postseason: Chiefs: 32:04 minutes Rams: 42:49 minutes
  5. Great teams don't do stupid #### when it matters most, like lineup offsides on a critical play. An all time bad call didn't make Drew Brees throw an interception in OT either. You're an idiot, PERIOD.
  6. Brees sucked the last quarter of the season. Chiefs got exposed by the Patriots 2 weeks ago. The better team won tonight. Eat it Doctor
  7. Yes because we know the Patriots get all the calls in their favor... of course a Squealers fan would say that too
  8. They've done this the past few SB appearances, it's become routine for them. Plus they had a walkthrough on Thursday
  9. Legitimately, I'm surprised that hardly anyone one has talked about Goff's splits this season. Goff in the regular season, when Kupp was in the lineup (10 games): 227/332 (68.37%), 313.4 Y/G, 2.2 TD/G, 0.6 Int/G, 113.0 PR, 9.95 AY/A. That's in the same range as Mahomes and Brees. Goff in the regular season, without Kupp in the lineup (6 games): 137/229 (59.83%), 259.0 Y/G, 1.7 TD/G, 1 Int/G, 83.9 PR, 6.48 AY/A. Goff in the playoffs (still no Kupp, 2 games): 40/68 (58.8%), 0.5 TD/G, 0.5 Int/G, 79.5 PR, 6.70 AY/A. That's in the same range as Bortles and Keenum. In the back half of the season, the Rams have been winning despite Goff, not because of him. Since the start of December, Goff has had two games over 100 PR, his games against San Francisco and against Arizona: two teams who allowed over 400 points on the season who basically had nothing to play for but the top seeds. If it was Brady playing like this, we'd have pundits falling out of trees to deliver their "is Brady finally finished" hot takes.
  10. Jared Goff when kept clean: • Comp%: 72.1% • Yards/attempt: 9.1 • TD-INT: 28-7 Jared Goff when under pressure: • Comp%: 43.4% • Yards/attempt: 6.0 • TD-INT: 5-6 I think the Patriots will be looking heavily at the Lions and Bears games against the Rams from earlier in the season. The Lions figured out how to stop the Rams’ offense, just weren’t good enough to beat them. Vic Fangio saw what the Lions were doing and basically copied it. Eagles also followed suit and had success.
  11. McVay is great, he'll be prepared.. but Goff isn't anywhere close to Mahomes. He's one of the worst QBs in the league under pressure, and once he can't hear McVay in his ear when he's got 10 seconds left on the play clock, he's going to face a tough challenge as Belichick and Flores will throw everything they can at him to try and confuse him.
  12. Tom Brady has thrown the ball 90 times in the postseason. Against Bosa, Ingram, Jones, Ford and Houston. He's not been sacked yet. The Patriots offensive line and legendary OL coach Dante Scarnecchia are killing it.
  13. Mediocre defense? Lol. They just held the 3rd highest scoring offense in history to 0 points in the first half yesterday. Just because they didn't look good in October and November means nothing. The Chiefs vaunted pass rush, who had the #1 pass rush in the league at home, only had 4 pressures all game and didn't get to Brady once. Gonna be a long game for Suh and Donald. Brady has had plenty of experience against Talib and Wade coached defenses. Patriots are that team that gets hot at the right time late in the season and roll it into a Super Bowl win. Patriots 34-20
  14. Just like Kelce ate them alive earlier in the season, right? Also.. basing your opinions off of what Cynthia Freylund think... Gronk has been a great blocker this season, and helped the run game in a big way despite his low production. and don't be surprised if he has a big game against the corpse of Eric Berry. When did AB and JuJu have big games against them this season? They lost obviously but that was more on the offense. Steelers only put up 17pts and JC Jackson locked down JuJu, he only had 40yds and AB only had 49yds.
  15. The Chiefs literally play in Denver once a year because they are in the same division, your argument is weak. The Patriots have won IN Denver the last 2 times they've played there. There are many teams besides the Patriots that have struggled with the altitude there, it's a legitimate home field advantage.
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