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  1. I have a cpap - one of the best things I’ve ever done was get one.
  2. I’m only going to see Aladin if Gilbert G is the voice of Iago...... and we know that ain’t happening
  3. Looks like Hansel Robles might be worth keeping arounD for a little while.
  4. Whoa let’s not go crazy with this stuff any one of us would have done 4 seasons ago talk.
  5. I think the whole retirement discussion and should he stay or should he go discussion is worth having...... but not really what the thread was supposed to be about.
  6. I don’t think he considers it retiring money. That said he’s a fairly frugal guy. He would easily live in a simple 1BR living on Natural Light and vodka and a golf membership to the local public course and make the money go a long long way.
  7. Yeah I don’t think they hate each other but they are admitting to not being happy. They aren’t running out the door just yet and they are going to work on it is what I’m told. If they do break it off he isn’t looking to flat out screw her over. He just doesn’t want her walking away with “half Eddie” thus the line of questioning.
  8. Thanks for the feedback all. Learned a few things. I’d put it at less than 50% they end up with a divorce in the next 3 years despite “the talk” last night. They are both good people stuck in a rut is what I’m getting out of it. My buddy isn’t looking to screw her over or walk away from the kid but heard such horror stories from other guys getting destroyed in a divorce he wants to protect himself a little.
  9. Looking for some advice for a friend. And yes, this is a Alias for a semi known poster here and it really is for a friend, not me thankfully. Close friend of mine had “the talk” last night with his wife of roughly 8 years. The theme being “what the heck are we doing”. She’s unhappy, he’s unhappy - they have a kid together so “it’s complicated”. Neither one is iminantly ready to run out on the other but it was an interesting conversation to say the least. 2 or so years ago my buddy (the guy) lost his second parent and inherited somewhere in the neighborhood of north of $1M, which in Maine where they live is enough money to never work again, he’s 43. Now to be clear if this breaks bad he isn’t going to pick up and leave the wife and kid on the street. He would pay off what little of the House they own and leave them the place, that’s not a question. He does however have an issue with leaving her mid hundreds of thousands to go with it. So we are at the point of the old FBG joke “start hiding money”. other than getting a counciler and trying to save the marriage (which was what I recommended) does anyone have any advice to prepare for said event? he asked about taking out a huge chunk of cash which I advised against as any forensic accountant is going to rip apart. I suggested hitting up the ATM for a thousand a day and getting a gambling habit.
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