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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-says-trump-acted-sooner-coronavirus-all-people-alive
  2. Maybe he meant his own lies.
  3. I just have to laugh at the bolded. Is there anybody from this family who didn't go to this anti-muslim school?
  4. I've never said this nor do I believe it. And I don't even see how the 2 are related.
  5. It's their choice to saddle themselves with dept. Nobody forced them to do it.
  6. In a start 2QB 12 team startup, where would the 1.1 (Lawrence) go?
  7. Look into the resale market. It could save you a lot of cash.
  8. Think it's a great deal for the Lions. And while I think Goff isn't very good lets see what he can do next year without McVay chirping in his ear for almost the whole play clock. Play Goff the whole year, if he stinks you wind up with a good pick. And if he's good, the Lions luck out.
  9. Question from a newb. How do you find out this info?
  10. Did you watch the version where he's following a floating taco with his eyes?
  11. Clipped this from a post from last year from TheWinz. Anybody know how many entries into the subscriber contest this year? 2019 - 12583 regular season entries vs 3057 post season entries (24%) - 4 Jan was first WC game 2018 - 15080 regular season entries vs 6782 post season entries (45%) - 5 Jan was first WC game 2017 - 13484 regular season entries vs 6679 post season entries (50%) - 6 Jan was first WC game 2016 - 14869 regular season entries vs 6284 post season entries (42%) - 7 Jan was first WC game 2015 - 13634 regular season entries vs 5522 post season entries (41%) -
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