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  1. Thanks, I was wondering about Azul and have had it on my list for a while.
  2. What are some games that are fun for 2 players (adults) and also fun for more than 2?
  3. Definitely interested in hearing more about the Oculus Quest 2 as well. Especially how well it works if you wear glasses.
  4. Is Telestrations fun with all adults and no kids?
  5. You need a working phone line to use them, correct?
  6. Good feedback. Thanks, looks like high yield savings it is.
  7. Two questions. 1) what’s good place to keep your emergency funding? Looking at Ally high yield savings 2) If you had 25-30k to park for a year, what would you do with it?
  8. Let’s get some offseason discussion going. I’ll be disappointed if they resign Markakis for RF instead of acquiring a better hitter. Also hope they trade Julio and add a better SP to slot in at #1 or #2.
  9. Any guidance on new 2ds XL v. New 3ds xl? I’ve read that most tire of the 3D quickly and don’t even use it so 2ds seems to be way to go.
  10. Like to get a game for the family for Christmas. All old enough where age isn’t an issue. Not serious gamers. Bang the dice game, Codenames or One Night Ultimate Werewolf’s? Pandemic and Exploding Kittens have been hits.
  11. Didn’t think I needed to tell you how to determine your own list. As for me, looking for family.
  12. Anyone got good ideas on what to buy others for Christmas? What’s on your own list?
  13. Despite the poor 40 time, Johnthan Banks should go soon along with some TE's.
  14. I never understood this. Contra is one of the easiest games ever. After awhile I could run through it multiple times without dying as a kid. Only the Hanger was semi-tough, and only at first. I'm calling BS here.. major BSI never got to that point myself, but I beat it several times without the cheat codes. I need about 100 lives to beat that game. I have it on my hacked Wii and played it a few times... generally i need 2-3 continues. of course, i lack a lot of the patience required. that's the thing.. a lot of those games required patience How dou hack a wii and how do u get the games on there?coolest thing i've ever done hack wise.... http://www.wiihacks.com/ http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-faqs-guides-tutorials-only/96886-guide-softmod-any-wii.html it's not easy, but you can do it. Then you get the proper emulators and can play the games from sites like cool Roms. You can do the same things on your android tablets or smart phones with apps that do the same thing. You can emulate PS1 games, SNES games, NES games... tons of fun! After googling, I found Letterbomb. Does this look like the same thing? Letterbomb Hack Looks much easier
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