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  1. Please pick a side. Melvin Gordon for 2019 1.07 and 1.08. Full PPR - 1 per 10 rushing - 1 per 15 receiving. Have Sony and Kerryon, start 2 or 3 RB; 3 or 4 WR. Thanks.
  2. 12 Team PPR which side would you pick AJ Green for Aaron Jones, 2018 1.09 and 3.04. Thoughts on each side.
  3. In this draft, I like Kamara and the 1.11; assuming you have to play two RBs. Zeke is a stud and that line is terrific. This trade has some risk, but opens up a chance for a second first rounder to find another starter. Draft or trade.
  4. Leap of faith, but I'll take Garoppolo/Hill. Like the niners direction and Hill should have an interesting time with Mahomes. Hopefully Hill can get rid of a few of those untimely drops. It would be fun having them on a team. I'm also not too sure that Russell is going to get the help he needs and at this point the Seahawk arrow is pointing down. Opinion could change if the hawks can pull together a decent off-season.
  5. Count me in with taking the picks. Looks like nice draft and could be great if all the pieces fall the right way.
  6. Have been pondering this one and just not feeling either deal. Is Hilton the guy you want to hitch your wagon to? If I had to pick one, option A.
  7. While I'm not a huge Henry fan, I wouldn't do this deal. Who were you hoping to get at 1.06? Henry showed flashes in the passing game and will almost certainly have the backfield this season. It may be worth another look post-draft.
  8. Unfortunately I don't think this is a no-brainer. While he was hurt last year, ruining his rookie year you would be giving up two relatively high picks. His injury history is not great and to not good parts of the anatomy (neck, back and knee). I had the misfortune of drafting him last year, missing on many more productive players. Still have him and would probably be very happy to receive the 2.3 and 2.6. A closer deal would be just the 2.3. Just my opinion of course.
  9. Not too sure how your league drafts, but in our league 6-7 of the first 9 picks will be RBs. Who would you be targeting with the 1.10? Of course there is always a Kareem Hunt or two out there, but it's unlikely that you find an RB that will help you as much as Shady over the next two years. Another potential counter would be to try to get a 2018 2nd in lieu of John Brown. Your team should hunt if you can shore up your RB situation. TE is strong; WR is solid; and QB workable. I think you are on to something with considering Tate in a transaction; particularly since you also have Jones. You have good pieces, so hopefully you can put something together.
  10. Good information. I would do the deal. Hanging onto Jimmy G is looking like a good move.
  11. Based upon your roster and 2018 draft picks, I would do the trade if he would part with the 1.8. Although you may get lucky, I'm not sure there will be much left in the draft in round 4. Would be looking for some WR buy low deals and hope that some of the 2nd/3rd tier rookie RBs land in good spots. I don't do IDP, but think your d-line can use some help. The rest of the D looks good.
  12. Eclipse


    Trying to see a contrarian point of view, but even though I'm not a huge Miller fan, have to agree that this is heavily slanted to Garoppolo side. Crabtree is currently malcontent with destination unknown; Jeremy Hill ... well, not sure what to say there although his o-line was a mess last year. The 1.11 could turn out to be a Kareem Hunt or one of the other backs who are lower choices that we all somehow miss in the early rounds that rock it year 1. Lot of ifs. At this point would only make this trade for the Garopollo/MIller side. Good Luck!
  13. It would be great if you could keep both. Sounds like that is not possible, so I would take Mahomes. This is based on the small sample size of one game, but he looks like real deal. If he is able to emulate Alex Smith's lack of turnovers, you should like that choice. One wildcard is if Chucky can clean up Carr's game. Felt like he really regressed last year.
  14. Nice job pulling a 4th place finish. I like your top 5 receivers, top 2 rbs and Graham. Agree that Dak is passable, but you should hope the Cowboys get a companion for Bryant. Assume you made good use of Keenum. My top targets would be RB (no quality depth), TE (a starter you could flex would be great), and QB (w/Zeke on Cowboys think you need a ham and egg option for Dak). Generally agree with Briscoe on the 7, but may add in Graham (where does he go?) and Sanders (those Bronco QB problems were bad last season). If I remember right, I'm not sure if you are a believer in Sanders at this stage. Good luck next season, you must have set some good line-ups this year.
  15. I like the idea above of 1.01 for Adams; I there needs to be more would try a 2nd rounder. Another option of course is to stand pat. There are a lot of RBs in this draft and depending upon situation, there may be some good situations to consider with the 1.06.
  16. Looks pretty even, but may be a little early to pull the trigger. Doctson situation settled, but not sure where McKinnon lands. These are some nice trades to make if you have a lean or intel one way or another.
  17. Not nearly enough for me. How much and what i would trade would be roster dependent. With that said, it would seem that at least a 1.01 and another 1st rounder this year and another 1st rounder next year. Brown is PPR Gold with touchdowns. There is no reason to think he's not good for at least 3-4 years of top 3 wr production. One caveat, I watch every Steeler game, so that may discount the feedback a bit.
  18. Nice young group. Although I do not know "Super Mart"? Bryant? The bottom three all have sleeper upside.
  19. Bell for me, regardless of his signing status with the Steelers.
  20. Good point on Sanders not being with the Broncos. Would think that would be even better for him, as he can have a little more control over the situation. Also, no debate on the Fuller TDs, just wonder if the 25% rate is sustainable. Good discussion and nice points.
  21. Although there is a huge age gap, I like B. Not sure that Mack will be a starter or showed much with his chances and Fuller is very injury prone. As for 1.12, a lot of uncertainty, unless there is someone that really want that will still be there at 1.12. Shady should have enough tread on the tires for another couple of years and Sanders will be looking to bounce back in a big way assuming that Denver takes care of their QB situation.
  22. I'm going contrarian here. OBJ is definitely a stud, but even with him do you think you can win your league this year? Next year will be interesting for the Giants with a new coach, an aging Eli and OBJ not yet done on a long-term deal. This draft looks strong and with 6 first round picks, you would have some strong pieces for trades. It would be likely be better if this came post-NFL draft or into free agency, but it may not be available then. In the minority, but think I would pull the trigger on this one.
  23. Kamara for me, just from a value perspective. Would expect that Zeke, Hunt and Kamara will end up with around the same range of points (top 5 rb) assuming they all stay healthy. Maybe an edge to Zeke, but the difference between 3rd and 21st is too much to bypass.
  24. Nice team. You had some bad luck this year (Zeke/Bryant, Garcon, Jordy/Rodgers, Hilton/Luck, Cook, Williams, etc.), but congratulations for finishing third. You could stand pat, but would look to see if you can package together some parts to get a more PPR friendly starting receiver. Dez needs help, Jordy is struggling to get separation, Decker has been disappointing -- just think you need a target/catch monster and you have the parts to put something together without negatively impacting your team. I do like Garcon as a surprise contributor if the niners keep Garrapolo.
  25. At 1.05 you are likely missing the "top" 3-4 backs. Henry is lightly used thus far, but has proven to have explosive capability at the pro level. Vrabel should bring a different approach to the Titans. Also, Henry is underrated as a receiving threat. For those reasons and a few more, this is a solid value for you.
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