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  1. I'm sure I could figure this out but are we at the 5 week interval where you accept new members?
  2. I don't do dynasty so I've never heard of this guy, but I heard Berry and Rapaport both mention him as possibly being a real factor with Woods out and, honestly, Woods might actually be out for a bit (definitely this week and next.) I looked here and I see some excitement from the dynasty folks, some Twitter excitement, maybe Waldman likes him... I'm thinking about dropping Inman for him in redraft as an upside play and I'd rather be a week early. Thoughts on this guy ROS and forever?
  3. I've posted a couple of other places not to lose sight of Justin Hunter. Total stab in the dark, of course, but he's practicing with the 1's as a result of all this, looked pretty good in the preseason, and is only 26.
  4. It's hard to concentrate on game film when you're hungover.
  5. So, I got an email last night from our CEO, which was sent to all 800+ employees, informing us that one of our founders had passed away yesterday afternoon at the age of 90. She was so instrumental that the building next to mine was named after her. Our Facebook page posted the news, and many members of the community shared a few stories, RIP's, that sort of thing. I work for a pretty large nonprofit that's well known in the area. I woke up this morning to check the FB post and couldn't find it. When I got in this morning, I learned that her condition had, in fact, been upgraded to alive
  6. Not yet, but you're ####### right I'm gonna try that post haste!
  7. Guys, I'm not sure when this evolution started, but I have become a huge rice fan. Mexican rice, Spanish rice, Basmati rice, all of them. In general, I think I just like the cuisine that takes rice in as a partner and respects it. Just had some chicken tikka masala, for example, and the chicken and the sauce that came with it weren't saying, "Oh, it's rice. Sure, you can stay. Just be a side dish and stay in your lane." Nope, they were like "RICE! What's up, buddy? Get over here and swim around in this vat of awesome! Don't be a stranger! Get all up in our business!"
  8. And bringing up the rear is Shinto. Better luck next time, Shinto.
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