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  1. That last Ukranian goal was a thing of beauty. Start at 1:20 if this link doesn't do it automatically.
  2. Trump is a vulgar pig who hurls personal insults at people hourly. That fat, spray-tanned raccoon deserves everything that's said about him and more.
  3. She can make a much better living telling lies as a direct employee of Fox instead of an indirect employee of Fox. Trump might not even bother replacing her, at least not with any plans to hold briefings.
  4. If this has been discussed in this thread already, apologies but I'll take a link. Going to Scotland/Ireland in September. I'll be in Glasgow on the 20th and 21st. Manchester City is 2.5 hours by train and it just so happens that they host Brighton on the 21st. I'd like to go and want to see if anybody has advice on the best way to buy tickets, how far in advance I'm able to buy so I can plan around it, etc.
  5. Who knows what this out of control maniac would have done if this wasn't being recorded. Link to article
  6. The internet doesn't seem all that impressed with the announced expansion, which will have an extended main quest, human NPC's, and battle royales to see who becomes overseer. It's not enough to get me to buy it, I don't think. Link to article but Twitter's more fun right now.
  7. Did they have any #######' laser beams? Eta: so, we're censoring the fake bad word now?
  8. Went to #11 last night. This first goal, schtick aside, was pretty awesome: Musa to Jahn
  9. no hats, no weed, yes beer, no sports teams unless it's weird like the Hanover Pudwhackers or something.
  10. Subscription deceleration? But like 1%. This seems like an overreaction because they also upped guidance. I'm tempted to jump in here after hours before the algos correct.
  11. Yep. Part of making this work would be a way to properly vet participants. There's going to be people and gigantic corporations who game systems all the time, regardless of what it is. And there's nothing on earth that will solve everything on earth. The questions around homelessness, as I see it: Are current systems working? Are the current large scale approaches to homelessness working? What do I mean by "working?" Is "working" just a meal and a bed, or is it systemic change to alleviate the conditions that lead to homelessness to begin with? Are my tax dollars better spent paying for a one-night stay, or investing in programs that treat the whole person/family so they become self-sufficient and ultimately return the favor they received, and more, back to society? I think moving away from throwing money at temporary fixes that don't drive permanent change into Housing First, or other evidence-based practices, makes sense. I also understand that anecdotal evidence of bad actors holds a lot of sway. I also think it's very cynical (you're not doing this, just saying) to think most people would rather not sustain themselves. There are some, sure, and maybe we end up paying for them, too, but most people have pride and a will to make it on their own.
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