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  1. You don't think a lot of the coaches say these things in private? Fact is nobody would play football period if they were smart.
  2. No thanks, he's sitting on my bench until he has a big game or at least the offense gets rolling. For most teams I'd say somebody has to get the yards and he's easily the best wr they have. But the Bears have proven that isn't the case with them and they can throw for 40 yards as a team.
  3. If you want to follow what everyone else does you can wait until you are sure. Metcalf isn't going in the toilet but there's a difference between a top 8 startup pick and Allen Robinson's career. If I owned him and somebody wants to pay top price, I'd take a real hard look at moving him.
  4. From what I saw on PFF the other day he's been better outside than in the slot.
  5. Not sure he's worth much in redraft but if you have room, he's an okay hold. Lance is a project, all the wrs/tes will suffer imo.
  6. Probably nothing has changed but if you can get top value for him you should considerate it only because I think there's a real chance Wilson leaves soon.
  7. In general I agree with a lot of the opinions of the left, but this idea that people can't speak and say anything without them wanting to get your life ruined is insane. I do blame them for sparking the right-wing lunatics. And yes, this is an incredibly slippery slope where disagreeing with anyone on a major issue and speaking your opinion is reason for people to try and ruin your life. I'm not too worried about Gruden personally, it's just the overall issue of how things are done now. Things have swung way too far and there's way too much power in the hands of the radicals on both sides.
  8. I'm wondering if that's the big reason he's gone. That and he hasn't exactly done a great job running the raiders.
  9. People are getting soft. Unless it's a lot worse than what I've read, firing someone over some dumb comments in private emails is weak.
  10. I get people's problem with it, but it was extremely common a very short time ago. Everybody flips out over a couple of remarks in private emails is getting old imo.
  11. Dropping him is crazy. I understand that he made some screw ups. He can learn, the other guys on that roster are terrible and they run the ball to win.
  12. I feel like I always get screwed over on the Thursday games. Sat Everett and now I'm choosing between a bunch of TEs in the TE30-TE40 range. Hasn't done much for me the last 2 years in dynasty.
  13. I put him in over Boyd. If Higgins was out I probably would have kept Boyd in. Boyd is going to average 50 to 60 yards and you hope for a TD when everyone is healthy. If the Bengals passing game heats up later in the year that could change but they aren't good enough to feed 3 wrs.
  14. Problem for Baltimore is they can't win unless they run the ball extremely well. This isn't the Packers here. If the old guys all fail or are only average, he's getting another shot.
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