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  1. Saints and Bucs need a young qb pretty bad, probably not in position to get one but the need is there.
  2. Whatever they do, improving on Gaskin seems to be a given and not that costly.
  3. I always hear this....how many teams have done this successfully? The Chiefs but that's a bit of an aberration. Seems like teams with Brady, Brees, etc have won a lot of playoff games.
  4. For sure. I like Chubb a lot but I watched him drop 3 balls in the playoff game. Really easy balls. I have him ranked pretty high but I understand why others don't.
  5. 99% of the time they don't have different values, they're just looking to rob somebody. Not worth the energy for me to deal with people like that.
  6. I think Chubb is the better runner, probably the best in the league. But he's never going to catch a lot of balls so that caps his upside.
  7. The only thing I’ll argue with is weapons. Better, but Hilton is aging and was poor last year. They done have anything proven after that.
  8. Aren't you the guy that told me they fired the head coach so they could keep Wentz happy?
  9. Flawed qb went from playing with a very good line to a very poor one. You saw the results. After the eagles turned down 2 seconds I'm not sure they trade him anymore. Hard to see anyone paying more. And lets not compare him to Stafford.
  10. Vast majority of time when this place gets riled up for no reason, it’s wrong by miles. Unless Josh Boyce is breaking out this year.
  11. Looks like the shark pool is sure he’ll be terrible. Guess I should put some money on them winning the super bowl in 2023.
  12. Dumb, same thing people said last year when I argued nobody would sign him as a starter. No evidence? The guy has played terrible, nobody signed him last year and the saints played a gadget player over him at qb. Lol, and I’m the biased one. Wake up to reality.
  13. Lol, you're going to hate that Goff contract in a year. They got 2 late firsts. Solid value but they need to find a qb.
  14. I like the Stafford move by the Rams. Colts and 49ers should have made more of an effort imo. Solid by the lions but should be 2 late firsts so I don't think it's amazing value.
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