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  1. https://www55.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=45994&O=07&F=0011 The team has all of their draft picks.
  2. I was 100% sure he was joking and you were missing it. Interesting.
  3. Looks so weak this year. Spoiled by recent classes I guess.
  4. Well in the good old days you had 12 channels and couldn't watch most games so good news.
  5. https://www55.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=45994&O=07&F=0001 Take a look at the team and rules. We cut down to 25 in the offseason. Goes back to 34 after cutdown is over. Team has 1.05 and all picks.
  6. The packers can do whatever the want. Rodgers can go play somewhere else if he doesn't like it, which is where we are at. People seem to have such a big problem with him wanting out. I've worked with terrible managers (which may or may not me the case in gb). Trust me, if I made over 20 million a year I'd go work somewhere else pretty quick. I understand not wanting things like the nba, which has turned the sport into a joke. But the idea that you're tied to somewhere for years is silly to me too. They could get a ton for him, he doesn't want to be there, they apparently didn't want him
  7. Denver is incredibly obvious for one. Might be the only one that's an upgrade. Others are probably similar or small upgrades. Adams is great but the rest is basically terrible for receiving options. Line has been good but showing cracks, could implode with age and injuries.
  8. A lot of packer fans really hate him. People really hate someone who may be smarter than them but definitely think they are. Seems that's the big problem in gb. Of all the problems with some of the athletes, doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world. Seems like it's time for Rodgers, the team and the fans to move on. None of them seem to be getting along.
  9. Hurts could be out by next year. Jackson will be there a long time. Pretty simple.
  10. Gordon doesn't worry me at all. One year road block at worst. The broncos qbs are pretty terrifying though. Not a death sentence with bad qb play but it lowers the ceiling for sure.
  11. I drafted AJB everywhere. I'm not touching Bateman before the late first, probably later. Good pick football wise for the Ravens. But for fantasy, you're probably looking at the team with the least throwing yards in the league for a few years. Just no ceiling. Hard to wait 5 years and hope he becomes a free agent and signs somewhere else.
  12. Oh man, they drafted his replacement. Everyone knew that was the beginning of the end. Its that simple. Packers and there fans are very stupid to think any different. Time to let Love take over.
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