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  1. His yards and results with all those targets is putrid. Much better chance that his targets go way down then he finally does something with them.
  2. I drafted him and then traded some better TEs later thinking Engram was my guy. PFF helped convince me that he was good. I think after his 2nd year (?) they had him rated as the top TE over the second half of the season. Don't quote me on that , but that was the gist of it. I'm not sure how much credence to give their rankings anymore and Engram is a big reason why.
  3. Once you admit that it happened with multiple women, I'd say good luck to you.
  4. NO SHT SHERLOCK. Jesus, read the post I quoted and the person says they didn't care which of the 3 they got.
  5. I think me, and most others, find it hard to believe they think there are 3 qbs worth that much in 1 draft. And I don't think they pick a grade for qbs and blindly follow it. Seems a position where there's a lot of things that go into it and if you're going to overpay massively, you have to find your guy. I have to believe that Shanahan loves one of the qbs and knows the Jets aren't picking them. I actually think it's Lance but we'll see. But the idea that the scouts have super high grades on 3 qbs and they don't care which one they draft seems unlikely to me.
  6. I was thinking that the 49ers tried to deal with jets and when it didn’t happen asked who they are taking. Be hilarious if the jets lied after this trade.
  7. I thought he fell in the draft because he was a flawed qb that panicked as soon as there was any pressure. That's who he turned out to be. Having said that, the 49ers have such a strong team I'd have stuck with him and tried to take the ball out of his hands. They can win with defense and the running game.
  8. Just because you do something incredibly stupid and it works out, doesn't mean it was a good move in the first place. You can't expect to get lucky and make your decisions like that. You just don't get that. And a pro bowl doesn't mean anything. This will be a success if he's a 10+ year starter and top 10 qb.
  9. They panicked, no doubt about it. Even if it was for the 2nd qb off the board I could maybe be convinced. I mean, there was the thread on here a couple months ago showing how many qbs in the first have busted the last few years. This is less than a 50/50 gamble. And they aren't getting the next Mahomes. They'll be lucky to get a top 10 qb.
  10. RG3 years ago, which went down as a horrible trade, but the Rams blew the picks with Fisher. Even that, RG3 and Luck were really hyped up. The 3rd qb off the board here is a big overpay.
  11. I used to gamble for a living, pretty successfully, and it's thinking like this that ensures there's always plenty of losers. Maybe they should have paid 3 first to move down. They could get Mahomes and pay him less money with a later pick. Shark move.
  12. 3 firsts is a fraction of the cost of Watson? I mean this is RG3 trade territory for the 3rd qb off the board. This is Vikings, Cowyboys, Hershel Walker territory.
  13. Darnold reminds me of Winston last year. People overrate him but I don't think the Jets get more than a 6th round pick for him, maybe even just end up cutting him, and he ends up being a backup somewhere.
  14. Some serious incel vibes here. You need some help.
  15. Not too difficult to get someone to testify paying a woman to "get a message" in a national case? Lol, good luck.
  16. But they have 20 some complaints now? These aren't random people unless the lawyer is ######. They had to have given him a massage, there has to be records to prove at least that. Who even has massages with 22 different people? Looks pretty bad for him. Not sure what this means for his future. Maybe a suspension for 8 games to a year? No way is his career over. It's gross for sure but people do way worse every day. PS-I do think the idea that someone complained to the Texans and they hooked them up with the lawyer has some legs. Seems like there was some real bad blood and clearly th
  17. Your ideas make logical sense of it isn't. But the counter argument is that some idiot billionaire doesn't think the rules apply to him, he thinks can do anything he wants, and he's in a pissing match with Watson so has to win the fight. I have a bit of a hard time believing this whole thing is a ploy by the texans, but anything is possible. The whole thing is pretty weird. It also always stinks when people go the lawsuit route instead of going to the police.
  18. Watson is poison right now, nobody is trading for him. Better prove these lawsuits are garbage or he's stuck in Houston.
  19. This thread is like the guy who eats at McDonalds just so they can complain about how bad the food is.
  20. I was 100% expecting the cowboys to sign him because they always pay their players, but 41 million a year? Wow, I don't know about that.
  21. Top 2 for me, the others are hard to rank. I'm just not a big fan of Waller but if you're in a win-now window he's valuable. I'd prefer Hockenson in general though.
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