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  1. Not so sure about that. I'd think about a 2nd for him, although I play IDP so that helps. Chase definitely killed his value. Maybe it comes back a bit if they start throwing for 300+ yards a game but he's a bit of a roster clogger atm.
  2. Well either stand up to the owner and don't pick him or make the best of it and give him a chance when you do. I find your stance pretty funny. I also find it funny that anybody thinks Watson is strolling back onto the field. I could easily see him not playing this year or next. There's 22 women against him, they aren't all lying. This is going to take a long time to resolve.
  3. He gets so much hate for a young qb coming of a bad injury and no offseason, and now 2 full games into his second season. Bud, it's not exactly a tradition of great qbs in Washington, I'm sure he could compete with Jay Schroeder, Mark Rypien, Alex Smith, Jeff George, Rex Grossman, Jason Campbell, and Gus Frerotte.
  4. I own DJ Moore, I love him. I have great rbs in a dynasty and he's my best wr and Darnold scares the crap out of me. He's been brutal the last 3 weeks. On the positive side he's the only one other than CMC that demands targets at all but still I'd move him down 10ish spots. Looking quite solid otherwise.
  5. Honestly, for a rebuilding team Chase is a top 5 value. He's only going to go up during the season and offseason. It's decent value if you like Javonte and Sutton. But for me Chase is 100% a sure thing and Sutton and Javonte are question marks. Can't blame you for taking it but I don't like moving someone like him in a rebuild.
  6. Not saying I'd take Ryan, and bringing him in halfway through the year is a terrible idea, but look at Tannehill's numbers in the playoff games. He's been brutal.
  7. Nah, a lot of posters on here have been calling him terrible since he was drafted and they just keep looking for a way to be negative about him. One of the greatest rbs in history, he's insanely underrated.
  8. What a bunch of whining in this thread. Hope you guys sold him cheap.
  9. Even a couple of years ago the number of posters on here that said he wasn't physical and wasn't good is exceptional.
  10. I don't care what anybody says, it's all lining up for the Penny tidal wave. I'm not 100% kidding. Carson is always hurt (ironic I know) and Collins is on waivers every year.
  11. You don't think a lot of the coaches say these things in private? Fact is nobody would play football period if they were smart.
  12. No thanks, he's sitting on my bench until he has a big game or at least the offense gets rolling. For most teams I'd say somebody has to get the yards and he's easily the best wr they have. But the Bears have proven that isn't the case with them and they can throw for 40 yards as a team.
  13. If you want to follow what everyone else does you can wait until you are sure. Metcalf isn't going in the toilet but there's a difference between a top 8 startup pick and Allen Robinson's career. If I owned him and somebody wants to pay top price, I'd take a real hard look at moving him.
  14. From what I saw on PFF the other day he's been better outside than in the slot.
  15. Not sure he's worth much in redraft but if you have room, he's an okay hold. Lance is a project, all the wrs/tes will suffer imo.
  16. Probably nothing has changed but if you can get top value for him you should considerate it only because I think there's a real chance Wilson leaves soon.
  17. I'm not a fan of Thielen. I'd have him behind Pittman.
  18. In general I agree with a lot of the opinions of the left, but this idea that people can't speak and say anything without them wanting to get your life ruined is insane. I do blame them for sparking the right-wing lunatics. And yes, this is an incredibly slippery slope where disagreeing with anyone on a major issue and speaking your opinion is reason for people to try and ruin your life. I'm not too worried about Gruden personally, it's just the overall issue of how things are done now. Things have swung way too far and there's way too much power in the hands of the radicals on both sides.
  19. I'm wondering if that's the big reason he's gone. That and he hasn't exactly done a great job running the raiders.
  20. People are getting soft. Unless it's a lot worse than what I've read, firing someone over some dumb comments in private emails is weak.
  21. I get people's problem with it, but it was extremely common a very short time ago. Everybody flips out over a couple of remarks in private emails is getting old imo.
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