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  1. I called today and they told me that I was pre-emptively given Sunday Ticket Max for free in 2021 as a loyalty award. I'm not sure I believe it yet, but she said it was for 2021.
  2. And can I stop getting popups that ask me to subscribe to things I'm already subscribed to (and logged in, by the way)?
  3. I'd been working on another chica that I've known for two years, hoping to see her on Sunday. I couldn't get a straight answer out of her for two weeks, and after I got back from lunch I sent her a message asking if we were going to see each other or if I should make other plans. Not the best move, and she ended up blocking me. But I didn't really care, as I needed her to #### or get off the pot so I could move on down the list. But this was at 3pm and didn't leave me much time to set something else up, and as it happened it fell through with the other two chicas I was hoping to get together with. It seems both of them thought I was staying for more time. In the end it might have been good that I didn't work things out, because around 7pm I decided to check the AA app regarding my 8am flight home the next morning, and low and behold there was no flight. Nothing on the app. I logged onto the website and searched my record locator, and it did not exist. I called the reservations number and the automated system scheduled a call back between 3-4 hours. So much for my evening. They called back around 10:30pm and found that the system had automatically cancelled my return based on the cancellation on the way down to CDMX. My 8am flight was now booked, and she was able to get me on the 6am flight. I got off the phone at 11pm, went to bed, and got up at 2am to be at the airport by 3am. So by the time it was over, my 3-day visit to Mexico City really ended up being about a day and a half. I got lucky, and also ate some amazing food. But in the end probably not worth the (hassle, stress, money) trip.
  4. Heh heh... I knew that would get a rise. Nothing crazy though, I usually bring Bath & Body Works lotions. A great product that they are typically unaware of and don't have access to. They are a big hit.
  5. Definitely a fair point. I just like the "convenience" of a checked bag and I'm usually lugging around a backpack with my laptop in it (though this time I brought the backpack and left the laptop at home). That and I've never wanted to have to worry about what I can or can't bring in a carry-on, what amounts, etc. I typically bring some gifts for girls that I'm going to see that wouldn't get through.
  6. Having an issue with this right now. I think I've had one for a long time without really realizing what it was, but it's flaring up and is really a pain (and gross). I think I want to get an -ectomy and get rid of it, but I guess I'll give it a week or so to see what happens before going to the dr.
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