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  1. I believe I tried to give such descriptions far in the past and ended up in a timeout.
  2. Well I said it might devolve. What's so creepy about it? Meeting girls and telling you guys about it.
  3. Mostly through Tinder. The two girls I went to dinner with a couple of Sunday nights ago, I know them because I rented an apartment from the one (actually from her boyfriend at the time). They're all interested in different things, I guess. If they tell me they're looking for something serious then I usually don't pursue them. If they tell me they're open to the possibilities or just want to go with the flow then I see what's up. When I started talking to Vanessa in May she said she didn't want a boyfriend, so she's near the top of the list. Maria told me she was just interested in meeting people. She seems a serious girl though, so I'll just take it as it comes. But I'm not putting out any vibes to any of them that I'm looking for a relationship or telling them anything to that effect. If the time comes to make some kind of decision if I want to move forward with any of them, then I'll have to do that. There are plenty of chicas interested in money (we call them interesadas) but they are pretty easy to spot. I don't want to deal with any of that, but if anyone wants to go that route then I say enjoy. My theory is basically that when it comes to women, you have to have some kind of advantage, right? Something that gets their attention or makes you interesting. So being a gringo is your advantage here. You're different, you're foreign, you're "exotic," you have a sexy accent, you represent some sort of "value." The other thing that I absolutely love down here (in case you haven't noticed) is that they are way more open about age. Unlike silly American girls, the chicas here recognize that guys their age are complete idiots and they want someone more mature, with goals and vision in life. They find older guys more attractive and interesting. Not all women, to be sure, but a whole lot of them.
  4. Finally met up with Vanessa last night. Oh my goodness. 18 years old, better than her pictures, amazing body. Hottie. Spent a couple of hours together at the mall. Walked around a bit then sat down and talked for a while over a couple of milkshakes. It took her a little while to warm up, but by the end she was posting pictures of us to her Instagram and WhatsApp. I wasn't exactly sure how well things went, but after she got home she wrote me some very complimentary things and definitely wants to get together again. She's been pretty flirty with me in the past, and she's not shy at all with the pictures and statuses she posts in general, so hopefully this will end up going somewhere very fun. Dana was supposed to come today from Cartagena, but she wrote to me last night about some more problems, so I'm saying the chances are slim. Maria's birthday is today and she's going to be with her friends/roommates. I told her we should celebrate tomorrow or Friday and she agreed. So the plan is to go to a nice restaurant that she's been wanting to try.
  5. It is, but the payoff is worth it when it does pay off.
  6. Well my Friday night date, Vanessa, cancelled on me too late to make other plans. I'd go through the whole story of what supposedly happened, but it's typical Colombian b.s. that only can happen here (it's literally like herding cats). Saturday night's date with Maria was nice. We basically just went and got dinner and spent a couple of hours together. Didn't get a kiss, but didn't try either, and didn't really invite her back to the apartment. She seems like a serious girl, so I'm just going to go at her speed while exploring all the options. A friend of mine, Dana, was supposed to come from Cartagena today to visit. She's a 24-year old virgin who has expressed some interest in the past of having me show her the ropes. But she made it clear that there would be no funny business while here. She has been teasing me a bit though, so who knows. But anyway, she wrote at lunch and said she can't come until Wednesday now because of blah blah blah. It's like I'm in my 20's dealing with some of this chica b.s. But hey... it's like I'm in my 20's!
  7. Thanks, GB. My first week is almost over already
  8. Was able to sign up online for the gym yesterday. I showed up without my passport and they were a bit agitated with me lol. They let me come in and use the equipment but I have to bring my passport the next time to finish up my membership. Tuesday/Wednesday chica (Vanessa) was still feeling bad yesterday but told me that we'd see each other Friday (tomorrow) for sure. She said that she really wants to see me but that she's nervous. I'm not sure I buy it. If you saw the statuses she posts, you certainly wouldn't call her the shy type. Maria, the girl from last Saturday night, pointed out to me that this Saturday is "Amor y Amistad" day here in Colombia. It's sort of their Valentine's Day, although they've kind of started celebrating that day as well. So I said then we should see each other on Saturday and she agreed.
  9. Amazingly enough, all cylinders fired properly last week. I made all my connections and arrived around noon on Friday, and my monitor made it also. My ex SIL's friend picked me up at the airport and drove me to the apartment. After getting everything situated, we went to try an American style barbecue place that I only recently found out about. It was actually pretty good, and I'd classify it as "authentic." After that she helped me do some grocery shopping to stock up the apartment. Having only gotten two hours of sleep the night before, I was pretty much wiped out by 7pm and in bed by 9pm. Saturday I went over to the mall to buy a plan for my Colombian phone ($11/month unlimited), then went to check out a new gym located there. Decided I would probably sign up on Monday. Saturday evening I met up with a cute 19-year old who I've been talking to since February but didn't have an opportunity to meet when I was here at Easter because she was out of town. We walked around the mall, got something to eat, then went to a bar nearby for music and drinks. We each had 3 beers and a big cocktail and it was a lot of fun. I got a kiss at the end of the night so no complaints from this old man. She's been writing to me every day so we'll see if that goes anywhere. Sunday I struggled for 2 hours trying to get my Sunday Ticket Max going on my laptop. I've never had an issue before when I've been on VPN while out of the country. I called DirecTV twice and they were no help, the one lady basically told me that "they" are getting smarter with things like VPNs. Then inexplicably, 20 minutes before kickoff it just started working. I was unable to connect to the page at all prior to that. So I'm nervous about next week, but at least I got week 1 in. SNF and MNF are available on the cable channels here. Sunday evening a girl I know was at the mall with her friend and they wanted me to get dinner with them, so we met up and walked to a Mexican restaurant nearby. I've never been to a good Mexican restaurant in Colombia, but I tried the tacos al pastor and they weren't bad. This girl, Mary, had told me a couple of years ago that she liked me, and we had made out, but then she later ended up blowing me off for another guy and gave me the "oh you misunderstood, I meant I like you as a friend" routine. But she and her friend are fun and we had a really good time at dinner. As I was getting out of the taxi to head into my apartment building she said she loved seeing me again *eyeroll*. She's been writing to me every day since I got here and today said we need to go out more often. Monday I tried to sign up for the gym, but they said I had to sign up and pay online. I tried to do it on my phone while at the gym, but it kept giving me an error. I said can't I just pay you right now? But they said nope, has to be online. I keep meaning to try it from the apartment but haven't done it yet. There's another gym nearby and I might walk over there first today to see if I get the same crap from them. The first gym is probably a better more popular place though. I wasn't able to get anything going with a chica, but I can't have dates every day. That would blow my budget lol. Not much yesterday, I was supposed to have a date with a chica but she wasn't feeling well. She wrote to me today and said she still feels bad, so on to some other targets. I've been hitting Tinder and Bumble hard and have a few new prospects to go with all the old ones, so we'll see how it all shakes out. Everything in the apartment is great, the internet is working well and I'm on my third day of working from here with no issues *fingers crossed*
  10. They officially published the new policy this past week, and I'm leaving on Friday for 7 weeks. I worked out a deal with the lady regarding the apartment. Two bedroom place in the best spot in Barranquilla, basically right across the street from Buenavista Mall and everything I need within walking distance. I've stayed there twice before and it's a nice and comfortable space. She recently upgraded the internet and even had a technician come out to check everything again. All supposedly working fine and 80 mbps. Still too expensive, but actually the best price I could find in that part of town (which is the most expensive). I bought the flight that leaves earliest and arrives earliest. But I've got two very short layovers, and since I'm flying American I'm guessing I won't make the original arriving flight (MIA to BAQ). But that's part of the reason I'm starting early in the morning anyway, so if nothing else I'll be able to make the last flight from Miami. I've been throwing things in a corner for the last couple of weeks and now just trying to get everything packed up. Hopefully after this first go-round I'll have a better idea of what I need and what I don't need for the next time. Putting a 21-inch monitor in my checked bag and crossing my fingers it doesn't "disappear."
  11. It's going to be shorter than originally planned, just 6 weeks, but that's ok. If this goes well, I'll head back down for two months in January. I got on Airbnb yesterday evening and the apartment I've wanted is reserved for a week right in the middle of the dates I'm looking at. So that's annoying. I've been looking around today and haven't come across anything as good for the same price. Prices in Barranquilla freaking Colombia are higher than they should be (of course I'm looking in the best part of the city). There's one apartment that I've stayed in a couple of times that I like, but the internet sucks and there's no dryer (I know, first-world problems). Also, the landlady goes on and on about the electric bill and turning off the A/C when leaving the apartment. I figure I'm going to be working in the apartment and running that thing all day and night, and I don't want to have to listen to her.
  12. Update: (insert weeks of delays, lawyers, and folly to bring us to the present day) I spoke with my boss yesterday and he said that he hammered out the policy with the lawyer, then presented it to the CEO and HR manager. They approved it and everything is a go! 17 weeks after kicking this off. He said he needs to put together a company meeting for next week to announce the policy and it will be official
  13. 53 and single. Might I suggest South America?
  14. I don't believe that's true. It's true that they didn't need her vault to win, but they didn't know that in the moment.
  15. I called today and they told me that I was pre-emptively given Sunday Ticket Max for free in 2021 as a loyalty award. I'm not sure I believe it yet, but she said it was for 2021.
  16. And can I stop getting popups that ask me to subscribe to things I'm already subscribed to (and logged in, by the way)?
  17. I'd been working on another chica that I've known for two years, hoping to see her on Sunday. I couldn't get a straight answer out of her for two weeks, and after I got back from lunch I sent her a message asking if we were going to see each other or if I should make other plans. Not the best move, and she ended up blocking me. But I didn't really care, as I needed her to #### or get off the pot so I could move on down the list. But this was at 3pm and didn't leave me much time to set something else up, and as it happened it fell through with the other two chicas I was hoping to get together with. It seems both of them thought I was staying for more time. In the end it might have been good that I didn't work things out, because around 7pm I decided to check the AA app regarding my 8am flight home the next morning, and low and behold there was no flight. Nothing on the app. I logged onto the website and searched my record locator, and it did not exist. I called the reservations number and the automated system scheduled a call back between 3-4 hours. So much for my evening. They called back around 10:30pm and found that the system had automatically cancelled my return based on the cancellation on the way down to CDMX. My 8am flight was now booked, and she was able to get me on the 6am flight. I got off the phone at 11pm, went to bed, and got up at 2am to be at the airport by 3am. So by the time it was over, my 3-day visit to Mexico City really ended up being about a day and a half. I got lucky, and also ate some amazing food. But in the end probably not worth the (hassle, stress, money) trip.
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