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  1. I'm a Hawkeye fan and a couple small things: 1-people do not understand just how good an athlete this guy is. He set a bunch of athletic records at Iowa. He is right there with Njoku. 2-injuries have held him back. I will expect 12-14 games from him each year so that is a definite drawback. 3-as a person people love the guy. I'd expect jg and he to develop a friendship as people just like him. It can't hurt. 4-he is an excellent excellent blocker. He will be in on all goal line snaps regardless. nothing important or earth shattering but always good to know more about players
  2. In terms of a pick or multiple picks, what is Amari Cooper worth in ppr?
  3. In ppr would you guys value CHristian McCaffrey or Amari Cooper more?
  4. What did the first three picks look like? Why did you value him over the guys you passed over?
  5. I haven't read the whole thread but I will say around 15 years ago Joe Bryant sent me the book the case for Christ. Since then I have given my life to Jesus. The book, for me, wasn't a huge factor in this but I have not forgotten the kindness that this act shows. Thank you Joe Bryant.
  6. 14 team ppr QB, rb, WR, TE, def, flex, flex, flex, flex team a receives Kenyan Drake, 1.14 team b receives devonta freeman
  7. Just my call but I believe Gesicki will be a bust. He cannot block at all and drops too many balls. I think Goedert will be a very good NFL TE but not a top notch FF guy. He may end up a top 7-10 guy but he is too good of a blocker to be used in the passing game the way he needs to be. i could be wrong but I don't see a top FF TE this year.
  8. 14 team Ppr One of the best teams in the league with a deep and young roster gave up: AJ Green and Case Kennum for Sammy Watkins and Trey Burton. Team that gave up Watkins/Burton is probably a lower level playoff team this year. thoughts
  9. Noah Fant, TE Iowa. He will declare. Super prospect.
  10. What rookie pick is Kenyan Drake equivalent to?
  11. He placed him at 7-8. Tiers means nothing, just that I have him lower.
  12. I respectfully disagree. I have Fournette in a tier and a half above Cook. RB 12-15
  13. What do you guys think his value is? A mid first?
  14. Competing team gave 2018 1st, Jeremy Hill, Willie Snead for Adrian Peterson and Chris Thompson from a rebuilding team.
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