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  1. Note that the headline is incorrect, at least in my view. 11 teams have better odds, so IMO that means the Chargers are tied for the 12th best odds... the author ignores where there are ties ahead of the Chargers to say they have the 9th best odds, which IMO is a bizarre way to characterize it.
  2. Sure, but IMO it's a big gamble valuing Adams as WR1 or close to it. His value will take a huge hit whenever Rodgers leaves him, whether that it this offseason or next. I find myself wondering why various rankings still have Adams ranked higher than Brown, Jefferson, and Metcalf. How many people here would draft Adams ahead of those players in a startup tomorrow?
  3. The startup league I will be drafting next month has unusual requirements: SF, but with drastically reduced QB scoring; PPR with TE premium; and large starting lineups (96-108 RB/WR/TE starters per week). Stock dynasty rankings don't really reflect this kind of league. I'm wondering what methodologies others use for unusual league formats like this. Do you just rely upon a tool that enables entry of scoring system and lineup requirements, like Draft Dominator or similar tools? Or do you have other approaches?
  4. I realize it is anecdotal, but my Mom is a huge Jeopardy fan, and was a huge fan of Alex Trebek. She doesn't follow any sports at all, and had no idea who Rodgers was when he first came on the show. She thought he was an excellent host for the show and would be happy for him to become the long term host. She is the type who goes on fan sites for shows she likes, and she says the fan base for the show liked Rodgers.
  5. I’m not saying this in a disparaging way but it seems odd to do SuperFlex and then devalue QBs - but maybe that makes it even more interesting? I think the intent of the commish was to actually make the player to start in the SF position an actual choice, not a nobrainer to always start a QB, but I think he went overboard. I sent him some feedback that may influence changing the scoring a bit. For example, looking at 2020 regular season in this format: Number of 30+ point games: WRs - 40 RBs - 21 TEs - 6 QBs - 2 Def - 1
  6. I know some do not value PFF grades and statistics, but I do. They aren't perfect, of course, but I find them to be a good representation of my impressions of how these two players performed last season. Comparing Johnson and Hill in 2020: Offense: Johnson - overall grade 78.4 (4th highest on team) in 265 snaps, receiving grade 81.2 (4th highest on team) in 170 snaps, run blocking grade 53.0 in 91 snaps Hill - overall grade 55.0 (30th on team) in 147 snaps, receiving grade 53.7 (16th highest on team) in 100 snaps, run blocking grade 64.7 in 47 snaps Johnson
  7. They don't need the HOF QB. The retired HOF TE is obviously Gates, not Witten. As for disappointing 1st round RB who gets cut, how about Gurley in a return to LA? I'm stumped on the past his peak HOF WR.
  8. I appreciate his work but some comments on the Chargers projections: He shows the Chargers with 4 RBs, 4 TEs, 1 FB, and 7 WRs, all playing 15-16 games. That is 1-2 too many roster spots for these position groups... I think they keep a max of 25 offensive players and a minimum of 8 OL. This does not show QB3 Stick. I think the Chargers should release him at cutdown and put him on the practice squad, but I'm not confident they will do it. If they don't, that is another roster spot that would take away a skill position. IMO the most likely scenario is that drafting WR Palmer pus
  9. Yes, Superflex, but QB scoring severely devalued to try to even out position value. For example, in 2020, Allen was top QB and #12 scorer overall in ppg (ignoring Dak since he played less than 5 full games). My first thought was that I should draft Mahomes, but he finished #14 in ppg in 2020 and #26 in 2019. So it is not as clear cut as it might be in other formats.
  10. I have a startup dynasty draft in June, and it uses the third round reversal format. I have never participated in a league that used that format, and I happened to draw the first pick, meaning I will have 1.1, 2.12, 3.12, 4.1, ... I'm not sure I like this draft position, and am contemplating trying to trade out of it. Curious to hear about others' experience drafting in this format, and preferences for draft slot in this format.
  11. No thanks. I appreciate Ingram for his time with the Chargers, but I can't imagine they can sign him for a true bargain price. Would rather they sign others at value prices.
  12. Is this really true? I thought I remembered someone posting last year to point out that the primary RB was very predictable game to game. It was different guys due to injury, but predictable. Can anyone verify that?
  13. Posted this morning: 2021 Chargers Roster Thoughts - Post Draft TL;DR - Offense seems set. I think they have 3 remaining roster positions to solve on defense: Need to add a veteran free safety Need to add 1-2 IDL player(s) May need to add a pass rusher, particularly if Staley's second OLB is a guy who stands up on the line and plays as an edge player... or could this be Fackrell? ...or, if his second OLB is more ike a 4-3 WLB, may need to add a more traditional LB, whether OLB with Tranquill and Murray playing ILB or ILB to enable Tranquill or Murray to play WLB...
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