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  1. This thread inspired me to put on my 80s rock playlist while working this afternoon. Good stuff.
  2. Just found this thread. Great list and thread so far. Thanks for doing this, Tim.
  3. Of course she is. Why is that ridiculous? I think most married couples make major life decisions together. Also, not sure why only the Saints make sense. Miami just missed the playoffs and IMO would have easily made it with Wilson at QB, and appear to be a team on the rise. The Raiders would arguably be a playoff team with Wilson instead of Carr. The Jets would admittedly be a bit of a stretch from a competitive standpoint, though they do have a new coaching staff.
  4. Despite @Milkman going on and on about how Rivers was the guy holding Tyrell back.
  5. Looking over this list, I'm not seeing a strong correlation between these highly rated seasons and fantasy (or NFL, for that matter) success for these players. I realize the jury is out on a few of the recent players, just something I noticed. Any thoughts on that?
  6. Could not disagree more. Is this a serious or sarcastic post? The Chargers need OL, OL, OL. Then more OL. Then they need CB and pass rush. Then huge gap to everything else.
  7. CDC Focused on Rx Opioids While Fentanyl Deaths Soared 1,040% More evidence the Government opioid hysteria is misguided and harmful. At this point, I have to view it as knowing and willful, though I don't understand the motivation. The evidence is there for anyone to understand if they care to and devote even 15 minutes to it.
  8. Would be nice to have a larger icon to identify threads posted in. The small star can be difficult to identify, especially on a phone. I seem to recall that this happened with a previous upgrade and was fixed/improved.
  9. You can do this now. Go to the bottom of the page and select the theme you want.
  10. You can't really hold out anymore, not anything meaningful. Exactly. Was about to post the same thing. The new CBA pretty much eliminated it.
  11. Agree. They also seemingly still have faith in Penny, who should be healthy. Not saying they can count on him to be a workhorse, but if they are going to count on him to be a meaningful committee member, it reduces the likelihood of signing another workhorse.
  12. If they didn't get that out of watching their own team play for the past 8+ years (8 for Telesco), I seriously doubt they had a revelation watching the Super Bowl.
  13. That was my first reaction to this post as well. In part because this thread is partly about Belichick, who was the DC on those Giants teams, which won primarily with defense.
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