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  1. I'm planning on upgrading my 360 to either a 1 or a PS4. I'm a light gamer-mostly Madden, NHL, COD, and Battlefield. I also use my current 360 to stream Netflix, HBO Go, etc. Now that the price is same, anyone have any opinions on which way I should go?
  2. I don't follow Casserly closely, so I don't know how reliable he is, but his excerpt doesn't inspire much faith. Flacco, Eli, and Stafford over Wilson? Yikes.
  3. I recently traded him for Andre Johnson. So there are people willing to pay the premium. Andre Johnson isn't really a premium asset in dynasty. I saw that trade and contract league helps a little, but Andre's holdout is a legit one. Kubiak being gone doesn't really help the cause either.
  4. Start 2 RB league, not TE premium or anything. Give Le'Veon Bell Get Heath Miller, 2015 4th round rookie pick
  5. I think Foles' rookie season is being underrated by a lot here. He stepped in with no practice and into a dumpster fire situation (no McCoy, OL decimated, etc) and performed pretty well for a rookie. Definitely not like Luck was a lot better than him rookie year. Foles could regress from last year and Luck could improve and Foles would still be comfortably ahead. I think Foles is the no-brainer choice in redraft.
  6. Reed and whom else?Ertz and Wright.Ah, Wright slipped my mind as a UDFA. I would disagree that Ertz severely outproduced him, as they put up similar stats.
  7. He had more yards than Gonzo, Gates, Witten, and Graham did in their rookie seasons. If anyone was expecting startable numbers from him as a rookie in a committee, their expectations were ridiculous in the first place. His rookie year was fine. Once Gresham is shown the door after next season he should be a perennial top 10 guy at his position. He could even do it next year depending on how much he improves and how heavily they feature him. I think he's a fine investment for the future. The hype last year was ridiculous though. Right or not, expectations were set remarkably high... Hence my bu
  8. I love when Sports TMZ Rotoworld has spelling errors in their "analysis".
  9. Wow, the Pats upgrade from Talib to Revis, and will get a 3rd round pick in 2015. Unreal. BB playing chess.
  10. Foles ahead of Brees in any dynasty league is crazy. Agreed. I can't see how a more productive, younger player is ranked ahead of Brees.
  11. Vick's college career completion percentage was 56%. Manziel's was 69%. Manziel's hands are also over an inch bigger, which is important for QBs.
  12. Is it really that cold? I live in MA right now but might be able to relocate to Nashville next year. I hate the winters here.
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