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  1. still only 5 targets, he’s touchdown dependent at this point.
  2. I mean short gains are fine if they at least move the chains. Seems to me there should be more emphasis on picking up first downs in fantasy among offensive skill players and less/none on number of receptions and carries.
  3. I just realized that he will be facing a secondary that PFF ranks as dead last in the NFL for week 1, the Colts. Considering that AJ Green will likely draw attention from the free safety Hooker in that one, I’m liking Ross to exploit what should be a lot of one on one coverage. I just sat Henry in my lineup and plan to fire up Ross as my Flex play for week 1.
  4. Just got him in trade for Garoppollo (start one qb, still have Rivers and Trubisky). Hoping for a breakout from the speedy 22 year old.
  5. You forgot to mention his tremendous historical propensity for injury as a risk.
  6. I shouldve taken him in our dynasty draft, had a chance, looked at him briefly but didnt. I just made a strong offer to the guy who did take him though, going to take a chance as my team needs more young playmakers.
  7. Both Arob and Gabriel are SPARQ freaks too.
  8. I, too, see the young Aaron Rodgers comparisons. I just traded Goff for him in my dynasty league, whose value is heavily tied to Gurley imo.
  9. top trade is terrible. Moves all the way back from 1.03 to 1.07 for 2.07 and basically nothing? Gives up taking guice, penny or Michel for that??
  10. Zero evidence that Chubb could ever be effective as a receiver out of the backfield, which greatly limits his ceiling in most leagues. Given his devastating injury history his floor is substanital, too. And yeah he had a strong year last year but still nowhere near the preinjury efficiency that he had before and was outplayed by Michel who boasted 1.9 yards more per carry, receiving yardage and with one more rushing touchdown even than the larger chubb.
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