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  1. It’s a hedge in the sense that Arod looks to be without at least two of his top receivers, and LK is the one among the bunch he has who does stand out against a defense that isnt all that great this week. I dont know exactly what I have with LK at this point, but everything he did on Monday night was just in the 4th quarter alone. If he goes for over a hundred yards and 3 TDs this week I will be double kicking myself if he’s on my bench with Arod playing against me.
  2. Exactly. Look at what he’s done to the 3 top wideouts that he’s faced in the last 3 weeks. Chark, Mike Evans, and Amari Cooper were all brutalized. I love Arob just about any other time, but not this week. My opponent also has Rodgers at QB, so it’s a bit of a hedge for me as well in case he has a big game.
  3. I’m thin at receiver right now with Adams out. I have him in my lineup this week ahead of AJ Brown and Allen Robinson (vs. Saints/Lattimore).
  4. This is a bit tricky, but I have to imagine that if he suits up he will be getting a good number of snaps. I will play him against the lowly Dolphins if that’s the case over James White.
  5. I don’t really understand the polygraph part. She never filed criminal charges against him, so when would a polygraph exam have come into play? Because filing civil charges/suing somebody wouldn’t involve a polygraph. I’m thinking maybe her lawyer required one before he would take her case?
  6. I needed a qb in a bad way after watching Trubisky’s lack-of-improvement Thursday night, so just forked over a sizeable asking price for Brady in my dynasty league. The potential for huge numbers is there though with AB, Edelman, and Gordon (and possibly Gronk in the second half if lucky). Obviously there’s some risk in some of these names but the Pats have decent looking depth as well.
  7. Nothing AB has done compares to the transgressions of Tyreek Hill, and he was just awarded a massive extension. We’ll see. If anyone can keep Antonio Brown’s behavior within certain bounds though it’s BB. And if he cant the Pats likely wont hesitate to cut him and bite the bullet on his signing bonus.
  8. So Miami now has what, 4 first round picks and four second round picks in the next two years?
  9. Definitely...hey Derrick, time for your “random” drug test.
  10. He did nothing with the touches that he received during the first half of the year (in two of the first 6 he had 18 carries, one of which was the jaguars, same team he blew up last week. Week 3 against them 18 carries for only 57, last week 17 carries for 238 and 4 TDs ), barely averaged 3 yards a carry and how many games did it take for him to score his first touchdown this year? Seven!! Zero out of 90 carries and a handful of targets to boot. And now this. I packaged him in a trade to get james white, essentially gave him away for free. Bad, but not as bad as it seems though as I would have been eliminated from the playoffs had i not had white that one week, as it stands now it looks as though I’ll be advancing to our title game. Then again, I possibly could have gotten White without even including Henry in the trade.
  11. Small sample size though and I think last week had more to do with game flow than anything else as the Steelers were killing it on both sides of the ball in the first half before momentum totally did a 180 in the second half on both sides. Jackson looked good but Ekeler has a more convincing track record overall in the pros, and is also the better athlete overall (comparing combine/pro days). I think he handles Cincy with relative ease.
  12. No, I wouldnt have. It was idiotic to risk his health in a game where he came in ailing with a chronic knee and hamstring and wasnt even needed to begin with, let alone to continue to ride him in the second half when the chargers were already cruising to an easy win. I nearly benched him for James White coming into this game over my concern of just this sort of thing happening early in the game. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/772636-gordon-remains-iffy-do-i-play-him-regardless/
  13. It was dumb to play him to begin with in a game where he was already ailing and in which he wasn’t even needed. I’ll be surprised if this isn’t a serious injury.
  14. still only 5 targets, he’s touchdown dependent at this point.
  15. Of course now theyre down 16 so may abandon the run like they did last week. Though it’s not like that worked out for them.
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