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  1. What is the reasoning on Chris Conley being so low? I can understand the 50s or 60s, but 84 seems particularly low given his upside.
  2. I don't care what the situation. Deangelo for Dez is a terrible offer. The exact kind that belongs in this thread. No way. Ever. Should you trade Dez for Deangelo.
  3. This reinforces my opinion that people should put more weight into when players are not activated for games. I thought it was a huge red flag when Michael was inactive for so many games, and others disregarded that fact, saying it was reflective of him not playing special teams. This can be seen in the lack of success of many highly touted players. The ones that immediately pop into my head are Justin Hunter and Robert Meachem. If a team thinks so little of you that they don't even bother activating you in case of injury that's a huge red flag, and it should not be shrugged off.
  4. This Roy Williams critique reeks of monday morning quarterbacking. Yes, in hindsight it is easy to say Williams wasn't a great talent, but when he came into the league he was considered a Top 5 rookie pick by virtually everybody.
  5. Last time I heard something like this Jerry Jones was proudly proclaiming the Cowboys' first round pick was Roy Williams.
  6. No and your last line is the real answer. Sherman was fired for incompetence so there's a new OC in town.The writing is on the wall for Moreno. They did not sign Moreno to a one year contract to make him the starter. He is Lamar Miller insurance. As it is for Miller. Team don't sign RB's for $3M as insurance. Disagree. Teams don't sign rbs for 5-8M as insurance. They pay 3M on a 1 year deal for insurance.Spin it however you want, the signing of Moreno was an ominous sign for Miller's future.
  7. You make a solid point about roster size. I am by no means saying Miller is unrosterable. He has done enough to warrant a roster spot in most dynasty leagues. If he were cut in my 19 player roster league, I would pick him up if even just to try to trade him. That said, I believe his perceived value is still higher than his actual value, given that you have a owner in your league that is still holding out hope based on his age and measurables. I doubt he will ever amount to anything, and would be looking to move him. That doesn't mean cut him, but I am definitely not buying him either.
  8. If I owned Miller I would be looking for an owner in my league like you who is still holding out hope, and use him to either move up in the draft or attain as high a draft pick as possible, which I would imagine is the 16th overall or later. He might serve as good trade bait or an add-on for the Moreno owner. If you "wait and see" I think you will be holding on to a guy that has zero value next year. The ideal time to trade was last year when his hype was through the roof.
  9. This. Like many, I thought Richardson was a can't miss prospect, but it is clear that he is now an example that there is no can't miss prospect, much along the lines of Charles Rogers, Ryan Leaf, and Curtis Enis.
  10. This thread should serve as a history lesson for future fantasy players. There were a ton of red flags for Miller yet some people get so blindly caught up in measurables, most notably speed, that they cannot help but buy in to the hype. Not to derail this thread, but Christine Michael strikes me as someone whom this lesson could be applied to.
  11. Not to mention Sproles' large role on Special Teams.
  12. Ok, but what about this? Any ideas? I didn't realize they could still save money by cutting him. His usage in Minnesota is now even more mind-boggling.
  13. Parsons usually has the most ridiculous rankings.
  14. You do realize he had 4 catches for 66 yards after the Colts had taken the lead right? Yeah, but the switch to Brown in the second half was all predicated on Richardson's ineffectiveness in the first half. The second half game plan to catch up carried over once Pep saw how it was working. Plus, it was a tight game until the end. They really didn't have the luxury to sit on the ball. The game plan doesn't just go back to run heavy once you catch your opponent. The second half adjustment of Brown in and TRich out, and Pep's playcalling did wonders to get Fleener in space. If they go back to Richardson for 2 yards and a cloud of dust to start the next game, Fleener will disappear again. Until they go back into catchup mode. You think with the state of the Colt's defense they are going to blowout a lot of teams? I don't. IMO most of their games will be close, or they will be trailing, like last night. I don't see them getting way ahead and running clock very often.
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