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  1. CIA Major American subsidized corporations but I am the threat. I am the danger. Just one young dumb white kid with a gun who notices demographics. Better do do something about that. On on the bright side if I am the danger and dumb white kids with guns are the threat. The American military finally comes home. Yay. America gets to kill her brother. One. More. Time.
  2. Wait. It’s been a long time since I posted here. I thought i was was the only trouble maker that hadn’t been permanently banned. I mock the things this world holds reverent but don’t cross the line and still gets called a white nationalist. You up know what that could do for a career outside the altright grifter podcast circle? anyway I digress. You’re thinking of banning politics? This is a good forum. Politics is a big part of it. I understand the need to separate business from the undesirables like myself but who is Tim going to call mean names to? The newbs in the shark pool? Seperation from the free for all was bad enough please don’t make me and Tim have to create a political refugees from footballguys forum.
  3. Scum of the Earth. California with the next best thing to Mexico National gun laws and still some semi white kid shoots up his school. Scum of the Earth these people for not totally disarming all allwhite people. Can’t wait for the totally natural demographic change America is experiencing to bring Mexico’s gun laws Natiowide and the safety and security from gun violence Mexicans have.
  4. Democrats win. Democrats win. Democrats win. Oh. That kind of Democrat.
  5. We got him this time! It’s over. He’s done for. Standing ovation. A woman ambassador got her feelings hurt. And you thought lying over a ####### was a joke.
  6. We aren't always what we thought we were. No I am not a good person. I once asked you where we signed a social compact. I thought I was a good person. I thought people desired my desires. Poland has an expression the communist will never make a fascist of me. Who signed Poland over to Russia? America is tired of war. No. No Absolutely never. Is America tirEd of War. Your lifetime tells you this. D.C. signed over Poland to Communist. Last word. Autocorrect. America is never tired of war. Even if 97% go to Uni and all of them have to die . 3% don't care about being your worst adjective. Racist. Fascist. Better learn a new word. For the American. That secured this World. And has become tired.
  7. How can we keep people from overrunning the southern border? There are plenty of people that come to our worst health care in the World northern border. But they pay for it. How can we keep people from entering our southern border? End birth right citizenship. ( sorry crazy rich Asians. Same goes for you on the West) End non citizen Medicaid payment for your now not an American citizen child’s birth. No ebt cards or wic checks for anyone. Oh yes. No more white people are replaced and white people have to subsidize their Nations replacement. Even white babies. But being the white birth rate is so low we see why white birth rates are so low. Am I the racist here? Or or have I and my fellow whites been the victim of racism our entire lives? Taught to hate ourselves and our Nations while demanded of us to get good jobs that insured Europe’s security and free healthcare and the Medicaid paid births of the vast majority of POC births in America from 1965. A time before I was born. A time before your child was born. Who is the racist? Sorry it always goes back to the word racist. Something you don’t want to be. Ignore every thing I typed. Can not. Be Racist. But don’t stop working and paying taxes so Europe can still enjoy their free health care and Asia can be Asia without America. Africa can be a place where no African American. Save the hoteps been told ya. Africa will even want. America. Is just a pay check. Those longing for freedom have no where else to go.
  8. Just to think. If we met years ago with what I know and what you know a simple question from me asking for a cigarette could lead to such a violent encounter. Hopefully we never meet under such circumstances. And if we do we are on the same side. without the g.
  9. Ah you like vac’n your kids. But tell me. Are you also ok with just anyone picking your lettuce. Or do they also need employees must wash hands before returning to work signs.
  10. Don’t tell me you two are anti vacs. There always seems to be an answer. Who is the source coming from lazy? Who?
  11. It only takes one. To make an impact on your life. Be not dismayed though. You as well. Can take into your care care the child of an immigrant to prove how racist you aren’t. Cause it’s not like that illegal is Russian and white. Sorry I had to go there with all the Russophobia and majority of illegals aren’t Mexicans we have been propagated with.
  12. Hepatitis A tripled in the US in 2018. It is like we aren’t supposed to believe these things. Why is this?
  13. What is It about Trump that we are supposed to despise? Racist? Yes we get it. We are all racist. That’s why America will be white minority in 2045. Yay. What else is it about Trump America should despise? im trying to think of something. Help me out here.
  14. The extra g was a point against someone spreading white nationalist ideology ie free speech and a real white nationalist ie me. I think I linked the article free speech = white nationalist. It’s a article from a legitimate news site. I think it’s name is huff post. I’m sure if you google huff post white nationalist free speech you can find it. anyway I offer my apology to you for that personally. as for our society no. Hate speech is just speech you hate. What you hate doesn’t nullify the constitution.
  15. I can't blame Tim for that one? Unforgivable if not for the foghorn Leghorn memory lane trip. Now I have to apologize to Tim. Damnit.
  16. When have people been worried about more hammer and sickle flags flying in their Unis than Russia? Seriously.
  17. They wouldn't wouldn't have branches to open in China and Mexico and close in America a decade later. Or is that General Motors? Or both?
  18. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/12/central-america-migrants-rape_n_5806972.html As long as Democrats keep the United State border open to anyone who just shows up this is what they support.
  19. 15,000 here. 15,000 there. A Honduran restaurant in every town from California to Virginia is just what America needs. Immigrants start the most businesses they say. But no reports of government grants they get nor how they sell them to families who also buy them with government grants. Diseases you thought were eradicated? No silly American. Not from the World just your lilly white Nation. Before 1965. When America decided it was more important to not be racist than the health of their posterity. And from that time the sin Americans have been taught has been their whiteness and their Nation. They just need to die. Said some Black billionaire not to long ago speaking of old white racists. 1965-today. You are getting pretty ####### old and as you learned in university all whites are racist. This sentiment was repeated lately by a soon to be black billionaire although he also mentioned another group in that rant against old white racists and their slave mentality. A mistake he quickly apologized for. DrOadi Racist-2017 check White Nationalist-2018 check Noticer of things-
  20. I can’t find the post where I was called a white nationalist. Perhaps it was purged in my last exile but this will do. The post right under bankrupting America is funny. Creeping up on 22. 12 zeros and 22. But Trump is bankrupting us. $4 gas. Not reality. Your interest rates doubled. Reality. Back to the white nationalist bit. America was founded by whiteness fleeing its king. Independent. She killed her brother that wanted no more. But slavery you say. Slavery has been an institution from the foundation of the World. But not trans Atlantic you say. The first fascist freed more slaves invading a never before colinized African Nation than Abram Lincoln did. America turned her first immigrants against their homeland and sent them East. But is Trump a fascist? Sorry wrong thread. Back to America. How do we repay 22 and 12 zeros and who do we owe?
  21. This was your response to Trump is bankrupting the Country like he did his businesses. If ObAma doubling the debt the previous 43 Presidents left their children didn’t bankrupt us I doubt Donny will. Unless he doubles that. But then your happy right? It would be funny if they didn’t spend their whole lives telling you they are on your side American.
  22. Remember kids we are the fascists. We love locking those people away. The undesirables The unwanted. The garbage. obama don't separate google image search. snopes.com miscaptioned lolz There was no outrage because cnn msnbc cbs foc nbc aka state run media decided not to show you any kids da in cages wrapped in foil during the year 2014. Not that anyone would care anyway. Just like the nfl and the kneelers. No one really gave a rats ### until trump said something. Then there were lots of kneelers. Lots of things. But no one really cares. Because nothing changes. And no one wants it to.
  23. From our youth we have been taught to laugh at and hate our “whiteness” Who wants to be white? So boring. You have to laugh and or hate at your whiteness because you can’t be racist. It is just not acceptable. Someone here who got tired of me using Russia today as a source said repeal the 1965 immigration act. Didnt he realize that was racist? America just couldn’t stay 85% white 13% black and other. In the mid 60s it was decided America was open to everyone. Ok. Also in the mid 60s America was everywhere. Her military that was. Imperialist. Another evil that you are that must be beat into your head of the evil that you are. American. So white. So safe. Mother America sharpening her wings. Wrapped around her children. No not her children. They were wrapped around African European and Asian children. Keeping them safe. From the Russians. lolz
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