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  1. It's been reported that Russell Wilson's interest in the Bears hinges on the fact that he would love to be a part of management or even ownership in the future. If this is truly the case it allows the Bears to offer him something that would benefit both him and the Bears. Let's hypothesize that the Bears can package something palatable to Seattle. The Bears could then renegotiate Wilson's player contract to minimize salary cap implications while simultaneously giving him a secondary contract as Assistant GM. This type of financial finagling would most certainly cause an uproar,
  2. Probably want to consider Bears week 3 as well. Playing at Arizona, but Cards have looked horrible on offense.
  3. Maybe if we stopped calling him Johnny and called him John it would wake him up to the fact that he is no longer a child but a grown man.
  4. Yes, the NFL has a much higher skill level. However, I will not ascribe the term "injury prone" to a player who has no history of such just because he plays similarly to someone else who had injury problems. According to you he is guilty not even before a trial, but before being arrested!
  5. honest question How many games do you expect him to play on average a year? I would say 12. Honest question, how many games did he miss in college due to injury?
  6. Gotta go 8. Vikings will pull the trigger on him and they'll be rewarded. Manziel is far and away my top rated QB this year.
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