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  1. Think it's normal,have seen them in multiple games.
  2. I think they have cameras in them to use like goal line pylons.
  3. Imagine if someone caught an 80 yard TD on the first play of the first game. Now that would be a helluva pace 😂
  4. Is it just me or do these line sets look extremely tight?
  5. Bears have a good young kicker on their practice squad I'm sure they'd trade 😎
  6. I like the taunting calls, players like that always irked me.
  7. That guy talking to Gooddell looked like a young Larry Bird
  8. Syreing this on Peacock rather than over the air. Not getting any local commercials, just a "Be right back" screen 😋
  9. Waaaay too early overreaction - Bucs will miss the playoffs
  10. A jet fly over in a night game is like one at a dome...useless
  11. Patriots and Steelers should swap disgruntled receivers 😎
  12. It's been reported that Russell Wilson's interest in the Bears hinges on the fact that he would love to be a part of management or even ownership in the future. If this is truly the case it allows the Bears to offer him something that would benefit both him and the Bears. Let's hypothesize that the Bears can package something palatable to Seattle. The Bears could then renegotiate Wilson's player contract to minimize salary cap implications while simultaneously giving him a secondary contract as Assistant GM. This type of financial finagling would most certainly cause an uproar, but it should be allowable and defendable under current CBA rules. This would also open new doors for players to move into NFL management positions. A new world awaits, will the Bears and Wilson make history?
  13. Really. That's why he transferred, didn't want to be a backup.
  14. Well, didn't need that. Maybe we can get a wideout that can stretch the field vertically now.
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