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  1. I was much in the same line of thinking last summer. Till more and more people I know started coming down with it. Young folks. A few of those didn't make it. A couple were my age or younger. Healthy. Normal people. No underlying conditions. Even those that didn't need hospitalization, there were a good number that had awful symptoms (fatigue, cramping, no taste and smell for MONTHS, etc.). Of course, there are a good number I know who had it early on, had no issues, mild or no symptoms at all. They're also now susceptible to a second infection. I read something a little while back, after my "
  2. my Pels quietly dismantled the #1 team in the league last night We pretty much dominated the game the entire time despite some heroics by Mitchell. We tried our best to choke it away mid-way through the 4th, but held in there with some clutch buckets and some :gasp: defensive stands. Fun when you're on the winning end of those close ones against really good teams. Whew!
  3. They're getting hammered today because they had a special run of packs coming out ($99 limited runs). They stated there was bot activity affecting the server so they postponed till at least tomorrow (Friday) morning.
  4. THANKS!! I got in ONTX at .63 (posted in here for you sharks! ) so I'm holding, but I don't have much in it, so no biggie if it tanks. But have enjoyed watching it ride up.
  5. From just buying packs and selling your "pulls" or did you flip moments that you bought on the marketplace?
  6. It's not the video that matters. These are just electronic trading cards, simply put. There are several digital card products (Panini has one, Topps has/had eTopps, etc.) This one just happens to be NBA-focused and it happens to be videos and it happens to be on blockchain.
  7. I actually signed up for the beta a long time ago, but didn't ever try to purchase anything when I got the notices But yeah, in regards to the bolded above, it's no different than the serial numbered inserts they put in card packs these days. The lower the bottom number, the higher the value usually. And if you can get the #1 or the last # in the series, or the player's jersey number, then you've got yourself a premium in most cases. Just wait till they come out with the 1/1's (or maybe they already have some?).
  8. Obvious Pels homer here, but can you explain why it's so silly? I'm intrigued at why you think it's the silliest pick. Have you looked at Zion's numbers this season? And who he's put them up against?
  9. I thought about it before the shot. Went with same arm. Mild soreness, but it seems to be less than the first one. The shot itself was nearly 100% pain free. So maybe it just hit in a little less sensitive spot this time.
  10. I honestly didn't know what to expect after polling those I know over the last 4-6 weeks. It's all over the place, and as I stated above it's about 50/50 on some effects (flu like symptoms, low fever, fatigue, etc.) vs. no effects (other than arm soreness, 100% have had that). I very rarely get sick (*knocks on wood*) and have never had the flu or a flu vaccine, so was very curious to see how this affected me. So far, so good.
  11. Walked in to re-schedule yesterday and ended up getting dose #2 on site around 5PM. As of this post, no effects whatsoever, other than sore injection site.
  12. was just listening to a beat writer on a radio show and he was at the game and said the official call (which your vid mentioned as well) was "throwing the ball with force" Ref got his feelings hurt apparently.
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