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  1. Did I miss the Reserve Pack dropping today? I reserved the other day, but now it's showing sold out and where it says "Join drop" is grayed out. Or has the site been down and it hasn't started yet? also there's a release 34 reserve pack up. Maybe they had issues and moved it over, and just haven't notified yet? ETA: they must be working on opening it up... now the main page has it showing, but click on the link and it says " AIR BALL! The page you’re looking for can’t be found. Let’s try this again, shall we?"
  2. For us, I know of about a dozen that I can think of that had it back during the spring/summer. Most were asymptomatic. A couple were down for a few days with flu-like symptoms. But there was one that, along with her mother, had worse effects and both are STILL having issues (the awful sensory taste/smell issues), almost a year later. That one incident out of my small anecdotal sample size is plenty enough for me to get my kids vaccinated. But to each their own.
  3. You may still get in. I just happen to see the live stream thing when I got "in line" and the guy from Top Shot was saying there would be people who may have found a way to get in the line, but when it came time to buy, if they didn't have the 2 moments required in their collection, it wouldn't let them purchase, i.e. they forfeit their spot in line at that time.
  4. Dammit. Wasted my $20 last week
  5. lol go figure! I think they only show the last 100 listings on 130point Hmm, I haven't run across such a listing, but would be interesting. Might be a business idea!
  6. yeah, and there is already a large amount of ridiculousness I see stuff like inserts from LAST year. Not serial numbered, not prizms, just a plain old insert. But hey it's a PSA 9! What I do is usually make a stack of ones I think would be valuable if graded. Then go back through that stack to scrutinize them for grading flaws. I have about 4 or 5 cards that have made the cut currently, that I think I will be sending in. I think I'm going to give StarStock a try and submit for grading through them.
  7. what @comfortably numb said 130point is great when it is working, but it seems to be down a lot. I think they get a lot of traffic. for Ebay just search for your item in the search bar, then once the results come up, down the left side (if using website) there are filters you can select with checkboxes. Just check "Sold Items" and it will show you the recent sales of items like yours
  8. I was going to recommend the Ruger 10-22 as well. There's lots of different customizing options and excessories. With the right ammo, they can be competition-grade accurate as well, up to 100 meters or so. I've used them in competition (scoped, offhand silhouette shooting up to 110 meters). With the right ammo (and not always high-priced stuff, you just have to test out different brands and even different lots within brands), they will shoot an inch or less grouping at that distance. Much tighter within 50 meters. Besides, that, they are just fun guns to shoot and plink around with.
  9. That sucks. Remember, the shot does NOT introduce COVID into your body. It just makes it think it's there to make your body launch defense mechanisms. Because of that I'd say chances that the shot caused the kidney issues are very low. I read an article this week about how there are more and more doctors reporting new patients who had either asymptomatic or light-symptom COVID now showing larger problems in the last few months. COVID attacks many bodily systems and potentially does damage that may not be detected until later. I guess basically, it's creating future underlying conditions. If I
  10. Good call! Got my 2 Cabreras in this weekend. Just checked sold values and they're going for 18-25 each. One of them looks to be pristine. To grade or not to grade. lol Might just sell the other, then I'm freerolling basically with the other one. Any of the others look good?
  11. This is for an ATV, but couldn't find the Electrician thread, so this is as close as I could get... I have an old hand-me-down ATV (99 Honda Fourtrax). I've purchased some LED lights to supplement the stock headlights which aren't very bright. My question is... The kit came with a wiring harness, switch, etc., but can't I just splice into the existing headlights, where they'd all work off of the stock headlight switch? Or would that possibly overload the wiring for the stock headlights? TIA
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