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  1. I thought about it before the shot. Went with same arm. Mild soreness, but it seems to be less than the first one. The shot itself was nearly 100% pain free. So maybe it just hit in a little less sensitive spot this time.
  2. I honestly didn't know what to expect after polling those I know over the last 4-6 weeks. It's all over the place, and as I stated above it's about 50/50 on some effects (flu like symptoms, low fever, fatigue, etc.) vs. no effects (other than arm soreness, 100% have had that). I very rarely get sick (*knocks on wood*) and have never had the flu or a flu vaccine, so was very curious to see how this affected me. So far, so good.
  3. Walked in to re-schedule yesterday and ended up getting dose #2 on site around 5PM. As of this post, no effects whatsoever, other than sore injection site.
  4. was just listening to a beat writer on a radio show and he was at the game and said the official call (which your vid mentioned as well) was "throwing the ball with force" Ref got his feelings hurt apparently.
  5. I think they have to at this point to try and drive down the waiting list times
  6. Yep, literally just spun the ball around another player to get it to the ref. Now, he had gotten a warning for something else earlier in the game, but he must have said something when he spun it is all I could figure. Or the ref just had it out for him.
  7. Was supposed to have mine Thursday, but waiting on a re-schedule. A good many of my co-workers have gotten it (almost all were Pfizer, a few were Moderna) and I'd say it's about 50/50 on reactions. About half ran fever and had fatigue/headache/nausea type symptoms and the others had just some mild fatigue only.
  8. right?! Jeeez, but WHAT A GAME!! EPIC comeback for my Pels! Still can't believe we pulled it off after we have choked away so many. Adams being out definitely changed our look on the floor, and it took them until third quarter to figure out a new game plan. Outstanding work by Josh Hart and he energized the rest of the crew I think with his hustle. I was still not super confident that we'd pull it off even when we forced overtime. I'll say they gifted Tatum a no travel call on his game-tying shot. And still not sure why Reddick got ejected, but it might have been the catalyst we needed to turn
  9. Well, I hear you, and am more on the side of buying in that not, BUT, and this is and has been the hesitancy with this since it's inception, along with all the other cryptocurrencies, it could literally disappear into nothing tomorrow. That is the risk. It just comes down to what you believe and if you are willing to stake a good chunk of your own assets on that belief. Idk. Just one man's semi-informed opinion.
  10. Man, this is hard to assess the risk, for me. I have some cash on hand I could put more into. (I currently have <$1K BTC acquired). I don't know what to do here. Put 50% of it in? All of it? None of it? Ugh. Life is hard.
  11. Worst - that hospital/doctor's office disinfectant scent
  12. Should they? Yes, IMO. Our team is better when he's in the game. Will they? I don't know. Sadly, probably not.
  13. Oh, you're right. TY. My reading comprehension needs more coffee this AM.
  14. Yes. Awful. So frustrating to watch. SVG took Zion OUT of the game and it immediately went downhill.
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