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  1. Hmm, thinking back now, I think I found it listed under another category. Maybe USA Sports? I think it was under NFL package but maybe they moved it? I'll try to check it when I'm at home and get a chance.
  2. Mine had disappeared. I backed out and refreshed the listing and it was back on there this weekend. And the national channels (ESPN etc) perform pretty well. The regional channels are hit and miss. It was much better when I first installed a few weeks ago. I'm guessing more people have joined and it has really bogged down their service.
  3. good piece on immunity (vaccine, natural, and hybrid): COVID super-immunity: one of the pandemic’s great puzzles Differences between the memory B cells triggered by infection and those triggered by vaccination — as well as the antibodies they make — might also underlie the heightened responses of hybrid immunity. Infection and vaccination expose the spike protein to the immune system in vastly different ways, Nussenzweig says. There is some evidence that people who received both jabs without previously being infected seem to be catching up. Ellebedy’s team collected lymph-node samples from mRNA-vaccinated individuals and found signs that some of their memory B cells triggered by the vaccination were gaining mutations, up to 12 weeks after the second dose, that enabled them to recognize diverse coronaviruses, including some that cause common colds. A third vaccine dose might allow people who haven't been infected to achieve the benefits of hybrid immunity, says Matthieu Mahévas, an immunologist at the Necker Institute for Sick Children in Paris. His team found that some of the memory B cells from naive vaccine recipients could recognize Beta and Delta, two months after vaccination Extending the interval between vaccine doses could also mimic aspects of hybrid immunity. In 2021, amid scarce vaccine supplies and a surge in cases, officials in the Canadian province of Quebec recommended a 16-week interval between first and second doses (since reduced to 8 weeks). As breakthrough infections caused by the Delta variant stack up, researchers including Nussenzweig are keen to study the immunity in people who were infected after their COVID-19 vaccinations, rather than before. An individual’s first exposure to influenza virus biases their responses to subsequent exposures and vaccinations — a phenomenon called original antigenic sin — and researchers want to know if this occurs with SARS-CoV-2. Those studying hybrid immunity stress that — whatever the potential benefits — the risks of a SARS-CoV-2 infection mean that it should be avoided. “We are not inviting anybody to get infected and then vaccinated to have a good response,” says Finzi. “Because some of them will not make it through.” The red above addresses the question I have. If you are vaccinated, then get an infection (even if no symptoms), are you now TeamHybridImmunity? I guess that's what they're trying to answer.
  4. Was there a code or limited time offer? It looks like 70/yr if I'm looking at the right one. kemoiptv dot tv?
  5. I think I might give this one a shot too. SportzTv/JC Media had all the regional channels too which I liked. HyperSonic which I gave a shot this last month, has some regionals but not nearly as many. And I've had bad buffering with it, and it seems really slow to load in general.
  6. A drunken man who had been reported missing spent hours with a search party looking for himself, report says
  7. Regular Coinbase for me. Click Assets. Search assets and type in (or scroll the list and look for) SHIB. Click Buy button. Profit.
  8. Mine had a quick link over on the right "Introducing SHIBA" etc.
  9. Your number in line: 1978 for the /1500! Will wait it out! ☘️
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